Fit Not Fat – Gym Routine

Fit Not Fat – Gym Routine

Hello Lovelies,

Thought I’d do a little update to my series. You all know I’m on a diet and I’m doing VERY well, exceptionally well considering actually I’ve only been following it for 8 weeks.

I have dropped dress sizes and have been complimented on the changes. I personally can’t notice them yet but when people do, I can’t complain!

I am a firm believer of changing your lifestyle will result in longer lasting results rather than these “quick gains” such as diet tablets or shake supplemented meals. Everyone I know who has tried them have piled the weight back on with vengence! Thankfully when I lost 6stone to get married, I haven’t put it all back on so there’s proof you can keep it off!

Anyways, a few people have asked what my exercise plan is so I thought I’d share it with you. It is totally prescriptive to me and possibly not even the best of what I should be doing but I came up with it with a dear friend who just happens to be a personal trainer and i’m happy with it for the time being.

I go to the gym 5 days a week and then do home exercise on the 6th day and have an try to have an active day out of the house on the 7th.

I am usually at the gym for around 90 minutes which includes changing and winding down time too. 

Recumbent bike – 10 miles – setting 4 – I use the recumbent bike to warm up and raise my heart rate. I find this a better way, for me, to warm up as I find running or stepping straight away to be too jarring after spending 10hrs sitting at a desk. I can however jog 5k without dying.

Vertical stepper – 300m – setting 5 – I get this over and done with as soon as possible as it really knackers me out, I don’t like it but it’s certainly showing on the tone of my thighs. No pain no gain!

Cross Trainer – 2 mile – stride 23 – I use this to jog without any strain on my knees and switch between forwards and backwards motion and alternate including the arm movements and not for a variety.

Seated leg presses – 50lb – 10 minutes – I am trying to strengthen and condition my knees after years of injury and I am finding these presses to be really helping. I don’t count how many reps I do but I spend a good 10 minutes doing these.

Chest press – 22lb – 5 minutes – Ever keen to toning up the arms this is am area I’m trying to work on 

Shoulder press – 22lb – 5 minutes – This is hard work!

Lateral pull down – 44lb – 5 minutes – I oddly find this one the easiest of all the upper body work out. Apparently this means I have a strong back… and feeble arms!

I then cool off with 14 minutes on the toning tables, 2 tables at 7 minutes each. I actually look forward to this part as it’s a nice relaxing period and I either read a little or catch up on business emails in peace and quiet via my phone!

I don’t use the rowing machine at the gym as I find it hurts my lower back which is very tempremental at the best of times. I do however try to do a gentle rowing session at home on my rowing machine if I cannot make it to the gym. Failing that, day 6 is always Zumba or Personal Training session.

The 7th day is usually a walk in the country side or along the beach.

I could probably do a lot more high intensity but for my current lifestyle and personal issues, I am more than happy with my regime and it is really showing in my general fitness and tone of my body.

Do you go to the gym or have an at home fitness regime? Tell me your routine, I’m interested to find out


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