Dresses, Dresses and more Dresses!

Dresses, Dresses and more Dresses!

Hello Lovelies,

If there is one thing I can hand on heart say I “waste” my money on, then it’s buying dresses. Being a tomboy I rarely get the opportunity to wear them other than special occasions yet I still can’t resist buying yet more pretty dresses.

I have a collection of beautiful 50s retro dresses that would put most fashionistas to shame but I just don’t wear them….

All this is about to change my lovelies! I am making 2012 all about the year of the dress!!

It started on Boxing Day actually… wearing a pretty little retro spotty tea dress for our family lunch. I was expecting to get jeers but no one even noticed I had it on… it made me think this wasn’t going to be so hard after all!

Fast forward to today, 1st February and to date I have bought 5 dresses since Boxing Day. Excessive? Possibly. Variety? Certainly. Bargains in the sale? OH YES.

While on my hunt for dresses, I found myself browsing on www.freemans.com looking at their selection of pretty dresses. There was a choice for everyones tastes it seemed with hundreds to choose from! Where on earth do I start!

I have plenty of evening dresses and special occasion / formal dresses that I do wear but this is all about the day dress. I need to branch out so here is my pick of the prettiest day dresses from www.freemans.com

Oli Short Sleeved Ruched dress – £40

I love the colour and cut of this dress. In a way, it really reminds me of the Kate Middleton proposal dress. Would make a great choice for work.

Closet gathered neck peplum dress – £49

I adore this colour, it’s gorgeous isn’t it? This screams Mad Men style retro glamour to me, I’d save this for meetings at work when I really want to impress without going OTT!

Closet full skirt belted dress – £49

Skater dresses really seem to flatter my shape, it clings and accentuates my chest and then skims over the bits that don’t need accentuating. This would be perfect in the summer with sandals, or with thick tights and a cardie for cooler days. I’d buy this dress in every single colour they have such as red and printed

Closet cowl neck belted dress – £49

How gorgeous is this? It’s got a slight grecian feel to it but you could easily dress it up or down for work or play!

Chillytime Sleevless Bow Dress – £30

Peter Pan collars are a really big trend at the minute and without sign of going anywhere, it’s a great dress to embrace that trend. I think the picture does NOT do the dress justice and it would look miles better without leggings! Very retro style which really appeals to me!

AJC Stripe top dress – £25

This just says summer to me. I’d wear it with cute little red ballet flats. Would be a great dress for sight seeing on holidays too as it’s short enough to keep you cool but covers you up a little more for visiting certain countries.

I hope you like my showcase of my favourite day dresses. You’ve probably already noticed they’ve all got a bit of a retro vibe about them and that’s fine by me. I love that if you shop with a keen eye, you can buy items from the mainstream to fit an “alternative” fashion style.

Freemans has come up trumps for me with their day dresses and they also cater for all us plus size lovelies by going up to a size 32 so you are spoiled for choice at very reasonable prices!

Now…. where has my husband hidden my bank card…. Katie needs to SHOP!!




  1. 1st February 2012 / 10:39 am

    Hi my lovely…

    How about pictures of you in the dresses, so we can see just how well they flatter your (guessing hourglass) shape xx

    • Katie at www.ladyfromatramp.co.uk
      1st February 2012 / 10:46 am

      This is just an overview selection of my favourites. As and when I buy them I’ll OOTD them x

  2. 1st February 2012 / 7:47 pm

    oh wow, loving loving loving the pink and black dress
    so flattering
    reminds me of a ballerina almost
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  3. 1st February 2012 / 7:52 pm

    I love the sleevless bow dress is so darling, and you could wear it in like a kind of girlie doll way (lace and light pinks) or vamp it up vintage style xxx

  4. 1st February 2012 / 9:25 pm

    Such gorgeous dresses and I quite agree that with the right eye you can find any sort of look in any size….looking forward to seeing some of these on you if you buy them!

  5. 1st February 2012 / 9:49 pm

    Nice dresses especially liking the 3rd one 😀 I love wearing dresses to work so much easier than deciding what bottoms to wear then what top to match it with!

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