Fit not Fat 2012 Challenge

Fit not Fat 2012 Challenge
Hello Lovelies, 
As some of you may remember, I embarked on a healthy living plan last year called Fit not Fat… I even coined that name myself!

Well I did quite well on it, making healthy choices and increasing my activity. Sadly over the winter months my work load drastically increased with both the day job, the business and finding time to write lovely little blog posts for all you lovelies! Add to that the dark nights, cold weather and well you can guess the rest… the care and attention slipped slightly.

As a bit of a back story, I lost over 6 stone when I got married and did it in about 6-10 month (I did some maintaining!) and now I’m back on the diet bandwagon. Previously I had lots of success with Weight Watchers but the plan just doesn’t fit with mine and my husbands lifestyle at the moment so we have moved on to something new.

We don’t gorge on takeaways and convenience food, we do eat pretty healthy, lots of veg and fruit and make all our meals from scratch but obviously not healthy enough eh!

On Twitter, I was recently speaking to the most beautiful Kellie (@bigfashionista – go check her blog out, it’s all kind of awesome) and we were comparing our coping methods for getting through the tough weeks. Kellie said she felt better by chatting about her weight loss journey on her blog and I said I quite felt the opposite. I feel it’s easier to deal with those tough days when you NEED to have 2 packets of crisps if no one knows you’re dieting to give you crap.

This got me thinking over night and I thought I’d give it a try, talking about my diet journey here on my website.
I am following the Slimming World Extra Easy plan as I find it fits my lifestyle perfectly.
In my first week I have lost 7lb. I realise this isn’t going to be attainable every week but I would like to aim for 4lb a week as I have a LOOOOT to lose!

Other than good health I have picked 2 motivation points to spur me on on my journey. I don’t have a set weight I want to be as I think it’s just figures and numbers but I do have a dress size in mind and I’ll stop once I reach it.

Motivation point #1 : Husband has promised to get his first tattoo when I lose 5 stone (a fair target, and a long story)

Motivation point #2 : I’m going to New York in October and I plan on being a lot skinnier so I can fill 2 suitcases with new clothes (Don’t tell the husband please ok?)

Motivation point #3 : If I reach my personal goal, I’m going to buy myself a new Mulberry handbag. I could buy one now but it will be more rewarding to challenge myself right?

My weigh in days are Thursdays so I shall try to remember to keep you all posted

Are you following a New Year Diet? Have you done Slimming World before? Want to be motivation buddies to keep each other going?


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