Shopping the sales 2011

Shopping the sales 2011
Even though I am officially off work in my day job now till the start of January, I still have lots to be doing to keep me busy for my own company as well as all those inconvenient family get togethers and oh y’know PRESEEEEENTS!! Combine being so ill over Christmas and super busy, I just don’t have time to physically get to the shops. Partially glad about that as I hate crowds but I do feel like I miss out on lots by not going to the shops but hey ho!
I’ve been hitting the sales online and I can’t wait for my parcels to arrive!!  Thought i’d give you a run down of what i’ve bought… so far, I was even shopping online at 8.30 on Christmas Day!!

I absolutely love this cute little necklace by Mathias Chaize.. it’s a bit of an in joke between friends and family (i’m not REALLY evil!) but I felt £65 was a lot of money for me to pay as i’m not a committed jewellery wearer unfortunately! When I saw it was half price… I thought it was a sign to buy it… so I did!

I think these are a nice classic looking boot and will be perfectly fine under trousers or with jeans tucked in and the leather / suede contrast will make them nice and interesting for with a skirt. Bargain.

Image from Google / Temptalia

I’m looking forward to this, i’m a sucker for a nude, thanks to my dark lips. I’m hoping for high intensity pigmentation!

No picture of Femme but its labelled as a bright coral pink.

Described as a pink berry red, judging from the swatches, I think it will suit my complexion perfectly!!

Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment for Damaged Hair was £12.75 paid £11.45

Thought i’d finally give this a try, the reduction is tiny but every little helps!

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Gentle was £14.50 paid £12.33 (available for £12.00 from

I’m super excited for this one to arrive after looking at swatches. This could be an ace colour for me!


I also picked up a trip of superdrug lipbalms for £1.99, some knickers and a stash of Topshop make up that wasn’t reduced so i’ll do a seperate post on that once it arrives.

I’m still on the hunt for a new leather handbag and purse but not seen a single thing I like! Grrr!

What has been your biggest bargain or favourite buy?


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