Decembers Boudoir Prive / Jolie Box

Decembers Boudoir Prive / Jolie Box
Well seeing as I’ve been struck down with both tonsilitis and the dreaded lurgy back to back, nothing brightened my day more than when my postman just dropped off a little parcel for me which just happened to have my December Boudoir Prive box in it.

As you may be aware, Boudoir Privé has aligned itself with it’s french arm to sit under it’s new name of Jolie Box. Along with the new name came a new design concept too. I must say, I prefer the new dark box, the new wrappings and the new product insert card. It feels more high end and not patronisingly pink.

In this Christmas box, I have to say we have been spoiled, truly. If this is a sign of what is to come in 2012 with Jolie Box then bring it on.

The box contains 7 items, with 2 being full size and worth more than the box itself!

OPI Gold Shatter (£10.50)
The blurb : Apply over any dry nail lacquer to create a stunning “shattered” effect
My thoughts : Over the moon to see this. You may love or hate the shatter effect but you can’t argue that including a full size OPI isn’t good value. You could always gift it out.

Mitchell and Peach  Shower Wash 50ml (£4.50 approx)
The blurb : An invigorating shower wash containing natural English honey, Vitamin E and Wheat proteins
My thoughts : Great little travel size that’s actually generous enough for a few uses. Will go in my travel bag. Sadly i’m so blocked up I can’t smell it!

New CID Cosmetics I-gloss Baby Doll – (£16)
The blurb : Light up lip gloss with mirror for a non-sticky, long-lasting and high-glam shine.
My thoughts : Gorgeous soft, neutral pink gloss, it isn’t sticky and gives a super high gloss look with a smattering of micro glitter flecks that don’t feel grainy.

I-gloss on the left, Jane Iredale on the right

Jane Iredale  24 Karat Gold Dust (£8 approx)
The blurb : A multi use shimmer powder in shade Rose Gold to apply to cheeks, eyes, lips, body and even hair.
My thoughts : Gorgeous rose gold powder. Buildable colour with delicate glitter shimmer too it. Not too in your face. Looks gorgeous on it’s own over the lid with a black liner or even dotted on to the lips for extra glam over the Baby Doll lipgloss. Beautifully soft, finely milled. Great bargain for £8.

Yon-Ka Vital Defense 
The blurb : Anti aging prevention, antioxidant and anti pollution cream to help the skin to preserve its youthfulness
My thoughts : I think I will pass this on to my Mam, anti aging products are not something I really focus my attentions on…. yet.

Bonus items
Kusmi  Detox Tea 125g tin (£11.90 approx)
The blurb : A delicious blend of Maté, chinese Green Tea and lemongrass, full flavoured with lemon.
My thoughts : I’m not a huge fan of either green tea or lemon tea BUT, I have been so ill lately maybe I could do with drinking some of this to clear my system of ickyness! Mr Tramp is a tea fiend so this will no doubt go down very very well with him. Will be interested to see how it goes as we are always looking for new and interesting Tea companies (I’m obsessed with Earl Grey)

Joliebox Concealer Brush
The blurb : Designed for blending concealer, the pointed tip provides precision for small imperfections whilst the flat side smoothes cover across larger areas such as under the eye
My thoughts : For a free brush, this is pretty soft and supple. Fits in to the hand quite nicely so could be a great addition to a handbag make up kit or travel bag. Would be cool to see if Joliebox bring out any more ‘bonus’ brushes so that we can collect a full set of them!!

All in all, I am really impressed with the contents of this box. The Jolie Box presentation really does make it feel so much more high end.

Are you a subscriber to Boudoir Privé / Jolie Box? See anything in this box you like the look of?



  1. 17th December 2011 / 10:12 pm

    Might look into these boxes in new year, so many to choose from
    I wouldn’t know which to pick :-/

  2. Katie
    17th December 2011 / 10:16 pm

    I’ve tried them all but now I only subscribe to this and Glossy box

  3. 18th December 2011 / 1:52 pm

    I still haven’t received mine this month 🙁 but this looks so good 😀

  4. Katie
    18th December 2011 / 8:09 pm

    For £10 + postage, I can’t complain!

  5. 21st December 2011 / 7:37 pm

    Loving the content of tho month’s box…just patiently waiting for Mr Postman to deliver mine

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