Wardrobe Wednesday – Steal the celebs style!

Wardrobe Wednesday – Steal the celebs style!
I’ve noticed lately a little bit of a mini resurgence of Peter Pan collars after they’d waned a little from the last blast, was it earlier this year? I’m trying to think now! Maybe they didn’t vanish but I did notice them missing from shops for a wee while.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spotted more celebs wearing Peter Pan collared dresses. It totally reminds me of Alexa Chung and her cool laid back preppy (yet sometimes masculine) style.

Recently Fearne Cotton herself featured a Peter Pan collared dress in her line for Very.co.uk too. Tulisa from X factor has been spotted in one her self lately too, a very budget friendly Miss Selfridge version at £37!

Now not being your average size 10, I wondered how i’d be able to translate this trend to suit my shape and there, as usual, were Simply Be right on the edge of the trend with the Peter Pan Collar Dress (£40)
From my inspiration pictures, I took the black dress from Simply Be and made 2 outfits. I’d wear the black shoes and carry a little Gucci inspired quilted chain bag for work or more classically formal events while i’d whip out the awesome funky leopard print shoes and oversized clutch for a girly night out, christmas party or something similar. I’d most definitely wear thick black tights with both looks, which is different to all my inspiration pictures but it is winter after all!!

Do you have a favourite celeb style you like to copy?


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  1. 3rd November 2011 / 3:23 am

    Of course i have , i love alexa chung’s style
    even though she gets clothes for free but at least she knows jow to style them herself
    keep up the great job
    great post
    come and say hi
    Always following&commenting
    The Dolls Factory

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