Shoe lust with Viva La

Shoe lust with Viva La
I have what you would call sturdy calves. Always have, probably always will which makes shopping for boots sometimes frustrating – I’m looking at you, Evans “Wide Fit”.
I recently took a hit and tried some boots from the internet, taking a chance on not being able to try them first but the risk paid off.

My Viva La Diva Shearling Biker Boots from Simply Be are absolutely FANTASTIC! They are perfect under work trousers now the weathers turned and because of their cool double zip feature it gives you that little bit of expansion for either even wider calves, tucking jeans in or that cool urban loose floppy boot look people seem to like right now.

I can’t find any decent pictures online of the black pair, so I’ve included a screen shot of the brown boots to show you the double zip effect, with the inner zip fastening the boots and the outer zip altering the calf size -GENIUS!

I got the boots from Simply Be, not entirely realising Viva La Diva had their own site and company. It wasn’t until they tweeted me a link to these next AMAZING shoes. Simply Be had tweeted some beautiful party stilettos but as I haven’t quite mastered them, I grumbled that I wanted some super glittery wedges and hadn’t seen any anywhere… hey presto.. I am now in LOVE. 

Look at them! Just look! I am actually in shoe heaven! I keep hinting at Mr Tramp to buy them for me for Christmas. I would just put them on and sit and look at them for hours, marvelling. Damn my magpie syndrome!!

I’m so impressed with the full Viva La Diva website, I’ve been trawling round it making some of my top picks for next purchases!

Viva La Diva Stud Cowboy Boots (Boo, only left in size 9  🙁 _)

Ugg Kensington
I seem to be on a winter boot kick, a kick with a theme too.. very similar styles!!

I am also presently testing out a few different high street stores ‘wide fit’ wellies and researching online retails to hopefully bring you lovely ladies some nicer alternatives to wearing none or slouched down regular fit ones! I know I desperately need a new pair so I hope it benefits others too

I had been looking on Simply Be for nice ones for myself but I think I will give Viva La Diva a try too!
P.s I am not affiliated with Viva La Diva, I just love my new black boots so much it made me dig round their site for more goodies!

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