Igora Senea Shampoo & Conditioner

Igora Senea Shampoo & Conditioner

I have suffered with a sensitive scalp for most of my life, it can sometimes get so painful it breaks out in to sores if I change my hair spray or shampoo. I have to be very careful and conscious of what I use. I have to ring hairdressers in advance to find out what shampoos and products they use, it gets that bad.

At 28, it’s something I deal with and take in my stride. When my scalp flares up I find a couple of washes with T/gel really soothes it and calms it down but I have found that sensivtive scalp shampoos only ever fit that bracket. There’s no senistive + colour, sensitive + smoothing etc and I’m yet to find a good sensitive conditioner either. Well, one branded as such anyway.

I was recently offered to try Senea Shampoo and Conditioner and I thought it was worth a try. You can buy Senea at www.escentual.com too which is handy!

The shampoo is delightfully scented, it actually reminded me a little bit of mens shower products which pleased me as I’m not keen on floral heavy girly scents. I found myself having to use a bit more of the shampoo than I normally would to wash my hair but it did leave it feeling squeaky clean. I have experienced a lot of ‘gentle’ and ‘sensitive’ shampoos don’t really give that super clean feeling and when you load your hair with products, it’s nice to know it feels super stripped. The scent of the shampoo does linger on wet hair but as soon as you use a different conditioner or styling product once dry the smell disappates so if it’s not your cup of tea, you don’t need to worry.

I have to admit, I wasn’t blown away by the shampoo. I thought it was pretty average. No, my scalp didn’t itch, but my £2 Herbal Essence doesn’t make my scalp itch either. The only upside for me was the smell and the fact that I felt my blonde hair felt a little more cooler toned and less brassy, and as this is a colour saver shampoo it was nice to know it’s good for my colour. It is however worth mentioning that for it to be a combined colour saver AND a sensitive scalp product then it is a great combo to have in your bathroom.

The real gem in this duo is the conditioner. I am in love with it and can’t get enough. It not only has the same divine smell as the shampoo, it nourished and conditioned my drier processed tips perfectly.

I recently went away for the weekend and after forgetting to pack my usual leave in sprays / serums / treatments for post wash, the only products I had were the Senea S+C and I can hand on heart say the ends of my hair have never been sleeker, shinier or smoother. It was effortless to straighten my hair and the irons just glided through my lengths. For a normal conditioner, with no kind of heraldic claims I was blown away. Truly. Of course I am not recommending you skip the heat protectant phase but just sharing my experience!

I highly recommend this conditioner for anyone with coloured, over processed ends as it made them so slinky! My only downfall is the size of the tube. I know I’ll be using this for every wash so it would have been nicer to see it in a bigger size for the price but hey, you can’t put a price on amazing hair right?

I think for the size of the bottles versus the price, I will not purchase the shampoo again as I feel other shampoos work (for me) just as well, but the conditioner will definitely be a re-purchase…. and a back up purchase too!

You can buy the Igora Senea Shampoo HERE for £7.75 and Conditioner HERE for £8.70

Have you ever tried a sensitive scalp shampoo and conditioner? What would you recommend?

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