Hair Hero – Clynol Repair Instant Keratin Filler

Hair Hero – Clynol Repair Instant Keratin Filler

I am in love with this little bottle of magic.

Not only does the Clynol Repair Instant Keratin Filler smell AMAZING but it leaves my hair feeling fortified, stronger and less prone to breakage on the ends.

From wet, I spray liberally over the mid to ends of my hair and massage it in to the very tips before blow drying. I then give my hair cheeky spritzes whenever I put my hair in a bun or messy top knot. It feels like it gives me hair a bit of added oomph on the ends and when the ends are being held with a band, they could do with all the help they can get to stop being snagged.

I have noticed a definite improvement on the ends of my hair, making it easier to run my fingers through after rough drying and even straightening as I suffer with naturally dry coarse curly hair.. Which gets regularly abused with peroxide and often heat.My hair feels thicker all the way to the tips (which are raggedy and need a cut!) without feeling snaggly and ratty. Fab product for my hair, smells divine and is reasonably priced, it’s got to be worth a try hasn’t it!

You can buy the Clynol Repair Instant Keratin Filler from for £7.90 with free delivery

Have you tried Clynol. or a Keratin Filler before?


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