Fangirl Friday : When Fashion met Friendly…

Fangirl Friday : When Fashion met Friendly…

If someone asked me which brand I think embraces Social Media the most, there’s only one answer. Masato.

Not only are Masato’s designs simply beautiful but between Masato and Mike, their online Twitter interaction with followers is just exemplory. Their @masatostudio account gives an honest and open insight in to the world of fashion, designers, the trials and tribulations and a little sneak peek at the secret life of a designer. Most of the tweets are done by Mike, Masato’s partner, but it really challenges the misconception that all fashion insiders are snooty and aloof (we’ve all thought that, come on admit it!).

And to top that off, for further awesomeness, Beverly Knight has been dressed by Masato for her current tour and has appeared at events in the designs. Beautiful lady, beautiful voice, BEAUTIFUL dresses.Masato designs for Ghost and has worked with Giles Deacon.. with those credentials who wouldn’t be impressed.

So, after so many people complain about brands social interaction with fans and followers, I take my hat off to you @masatostudio. You are a gem.

I highly recommend my lovely followers to check out Masato because if you are looking for a slinky gorgeous outfit for party season, you can’t go wrong here.

Here’s a few of my favourites from the A/W collection… now… where has my husband hidden my bloody bank card?
 I think this dress has a lovely vintage feel too it, and with the right accessories and make up would make the perfect outfit with a rockabilly / 50s twist.

Look how snuffly this looks! I love that is accentuates the models beautiful curves. You could easily wear this day or night, jeans or with a dress! Versatile pieces can be worn year in and out.

And finally, my very favourite piece is this top. As i’m a huge fan of vintage / retro / rockabilly fashions, I would definitely team this with  mid calf pencil skirt, a natty little pill box hat and a slick of my very favourite Rockalilly London lippy. You’d catch a sneaky peek of the tattoos on the back of my neck tattoos… it would cover the top of my arms (that I hate) and still keep me looking quite modern.. yet so thoroughly vintage.

I guess that’s one of my favourite pastimes, interpreting modern, cutting edge fashions to suit either my plus size arse or my addiction to vintage.

What brands do you think have great social interaction?

p.s I am in no way affiliated to the brand, I just truly love the clothes and their lovely friendly tweets.

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