Naked eyes?

Naked eyes?
 I’m a contact lense wearing, sensitive skinned, glitter obsessive, fake lash wearing, black eyeliner loving ex goth.

This is a combination which usually sends eye make up removers running for the hills.. or sending me running to the bathroom to bathe my poorly burning eyes! I just can’t win.

I need a super sensitive yet very hard working product to remove glitter, liner, primer and bits of icky lash glue.

We’ve all looked like this after the end of a mental night out…. haven’t we? Or is it just me?

I’ve been expanding my collection of late trying to find a happy medium. The gorgeous Laura’s post over on her blog HERE about her experience with Klorane has set me off on an even bigger quest to find that perfect remover.

One that popped up on my radar was a product from Jason’s. Jason’s products are animal cruelty free, as natural as possible and pioneering their natural products since 1959.

Their Quick Clean pads are jam packed with active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Cucumber. The cucumber alone will be lovely and cooling / soothing on those tired little peepers at the end of the impending Christmas Party season! The pack also contains 75 pads which is HUGE compared to most alternative offering.

I haven’t yet tried these but they are on the top of my shopping list I have to say!! They sound FAB!


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