Happy Halloween! In honour of Halloween Hotties!

Happy Halloween! In honour of Halloween Hotties!

I love Halloween, it’s a perfect excuse to let the inner child AND inner goth out to play once a year… as opposed to my early twenties when I was a goth 24/7!

As I’m working a super super long day today I don’t get a chance to play dress up so it seems a bit of waste to dress up the house too. 

We did settle on a little pumpkin that Mr Tramp took over with man duties and carved. He then unleashed the inner David Bailey in him to take some snaps!

When you think of Halloween figures, all the “good” characters are all men. In horror or spooky films, there’s a definite lack of iconic female roles! After spending a week thinking long and hard and grilling everyone I know, we have come up with a list of iconic Halloween hotties.. whether its from a scary horror film, a popular costume choice or just something spooky… here’s in the Ladyfromatramp Halloween Hotlist…

 And finally, the most bad ass female icon I could remember growing up… the fearsome Sarah Connor from Terminator (which I was a little bit frightened of!)

Do you have a favourite iconic Halloween female?

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