Sheer Cover Duo Concealer aka make up bag floozy

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer aka make up bag floozy
Let me show you my most reached for make up bag item.
This is the AWESOME Sheer Cover concealer due in tan / medium. It’s a 2 shade solid concealer duo.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have an obsession with tv shopping info-mercials. Mostly because I get up before the majority of Sky tv channels ‘switch on’ for the day so I am bombarded daily with adverts for skin clearing products, ab toning contraptions, food manglers and of course Sheer Cover. My favourite advert has to be the Guthy Renker Sheer Cover advert. Not only because I have a girl crush on Alyssa Milano (I blame Charmed!) but as a big fan of mineral make up, I love their powder. It certainly does cover up red cheeks.
I use this every single day, without fail. It is looking very sorry for itself at the minute but don’t feel too sorry for the poor pot, it gets more action than anything else.. It’s a bit of a make up floozy in my house, it gets action with all my foundations! – Eeesh!
I suffer a lot of allergy reaction breakouts and red patches on my cheeks and I absolutely love how this duo tones down the redness on my cheeks and blots out any blemishes without fuss or hassle.
The creamy consistency of this concealer means it is applied super smoothly and it requires the bare minimum of re-work to get it settled on the skin. I’m guessing it goes on so effortlessly so that it helps the Sheer Cover powder stick to it for longevity.
The colour of the duo obviously won’t match everyone elses skin tones but it does come in different colourways. The slight yellow tone of this one really works well to eradicate the reddness in my skin… certainly more than any of those poxy murky green colour correctors have done in the passed… and trust me I have tried them all!
I had previously been struggling of late to find a good concealer. My liquid tube of MAC Select Cover just wasn’t giving me anywhere near enough coverage and I didn’t like having to build it up as I felt a bit caked. I don’t like the thick waxy, draggy application from bullet based concealers and I find concealers that come with a wand to be a bit too chalky and lacking in coverage – certainly all based on my skin type and preferences of course.
I’m currently mixing the shades on each use and the reason it looks so mauled is that I lightly pat it with my foundation brush on both sides and then gently buff in to the very high colour areas on my cheeks before applying my lightweight foundation. It doesn’t make me look or feel caked with make up, but it does give a great, natural feeling level of high coverage. The texture of the concealer also seems to double up as a great primer, keeping my foundation and blush in place to cover the high colour.
I’m so so pleased I tried the concealer duo and it will definiately become a repurchase when I finally (and sadly) destroy this pan. It has lasted me about 6 months so far of daily use because you literally do just need to show the product to the brush to get a good amount of coverage. 
My only gripe is the price, £17.95 is a big pill to swallow, even though I know the quality, consistency and colour is perfect for me. Ho hum, cross to bear!
If you are iffy about buying a skin tone reliant product online without swatching, Sheer Cover offer a 60 day money back trial so you can rest assure you can send it back for a different tone.
You can buy the Sheer Cover Concealer Duo in the following way…
Don’t forget, Sheer Cover are taking part in the 30 days event in September – You can read about their huge give aways HERE  


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  1. 1st September 2011 / 8:41 am

    I’ve had a couple of sheer cover products in the past and I’ve loved them, I keep getting sucked into new products and brands and often forget about my old faithfuls.

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