Batiste Nude Powder

Batiste Nude Powder

I love Batiste dry shampoo spray. I use it solely on the root area of my fringe. I like the texture it gives my fringe and despite my hair not being dirty, it seems to absorb the oils from my forehead skin and hands…. And I also absolutely LOVE it because it tones my roots down when I’m inbetween dying! That’s the best bit for me to be honest!

The only downside is that rate of knots that I go through a can. When you think a can is £2.99, I use one of those a month, meh, maybe I’m too over generous with my applications, I don’t know. I even tried the Superdrug own brand and I honestly felt like my hair felt greasier after using it! Yuk!
The Nude powder is very easy to control, you can either tip a little bit in to your finger tips to work in to your hair, or use the fine tip nozzle to apply a very light dusting directly to the roots, leave to settle as usual then work through.

I am absolutely loving the non aerosol version. Admittedly it’s not as quick but I can lose an extra minute to potentially save me some money every month!

To say I love the Nude powder… I have just been and bought a tiny handbag sized batiste which are currently on offer in Boots for £1 (with 5p of every £1 purchase going directly to Macmillan Cancer). Will either keep this in my travel bag or in my actual handbag for touch ups at home.

I think I am a new convert to non-aerosol Batiste… no scent too!!!



  1. 11th September 2011 / 1:01 pm

    I did wonder about the non aerosol version. You say its good for disguising your roots, what colour is your hair naturally and dyed?

    Found a dry shampoo in poundland the other day. Havent tried it out yet but like you say going through them can get expensive! x

  2. Katie
    17th September 2011 / 3:06 pm

    I tried the Superdrug versions and they made my hair feel 10 times worse, ick!

    My hair is light blonde…. its naturally dark blonde but as it’s dyed so light the roots do look dark when they come in. Nicely blends.

    I haven’t even scratched the surface of the bottle yet.. very economical. Hopefully they might bring out non aerosol versions of the coloured ones too!

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