Is it too soon for another holiday AND chcolate?

I know i’m only just back from my last holiday but I’ve already found myself right back on the travel websites trying to find a mini break for October for our wedding anniversary, little bit of mild sun and some luxe treatments would be lovely after the mammoth tiring site seeing trip to Cuba!

October also plays host to National Chocolate week… who knew it had a week dedicated to it?! I’m admittedly not a chocolate lover (crisps please!!!) but I quite like the thought of relaxing back in to a bath of melty warm gooey chocolate. Odd huh!
Wahanda seems to have hit the spot with a run down of chocolate based treatments… in the sun!
 Wonder if I can convince my husband to book up, I want to try them all!!
Its National Chocolate Week!
Celebrate on the Indulgent Island of Gran Canaria
Chocolate week – seven spectacular days dedicated to the delicious decadence of all things sickly sweet, succulent and sugary is almost here! October 10th – 16th sees another annual arrival of undoubtedly the best week in the year, giving us an excuse to gorge on sumptuous, delicious treats without feeling guilty! But if you feel like indulging yourself in all things chocolate but without the calories, why not whisk yourself away to Gran Canaria where a selection of spas are celebrating with an array of special chocolate treatments.
Only a 4 hour flight away, the sultry Spanish island of Gran Canaria, enjoys a microclimate averaging 24 degrees all year round and boasts some of the best spas in Europe, with affordable prices. Anyone looking
for a getaway to leave them glowing with good health and looking radiant will find all they need and more in Gran Canaria’s
luxury spa resorts. The Gran Canaria Spa, Wellness & Health Association can offer tailor-made packages to ensure that your getaway is the chocolate dream you’ve always dreamed of…  Why not try one of these indulgent cocoa treats…
Chocolate Dream (60 min) – This treatment will leave you feeling as though you are in paradise…A chocolate paradise! Highly recommended and ideal for refreshing dry skin, this indulgent treatment contains a complete exfoliation of the skin followed by a body wrap and light massage with an application of nutritive cream de cacao. Extra heavenly with the chocolate scent to set of those happy vibes, as chocolate is known to improve your mood with all those feel-good chemicals it contains. 

Choose from a variety of chocolate treatments including the Chocolate Massage (45 min). Body Peeling with chocolate (30 min) which is a luxurious exfoliating treatment. Chocolate Therapy (90 min) a fabulous corporate treatment and the Caressing Chocolate package (1 hr 30 min) which includes, chocolate peeling on the Hammam, chocolate mousse wrap and a slight massage with chocolate cream.
Chocolate Therapy (60 min) – Let yourself get trapped by the anti-oxidizing properties of chocolate. The chocolate therapy includes cocoa oil and sugar exfoliation, and a wrap in almond and chocolate, followed by a relaxing massage and a hydrating chocolate cream application. No doubt it is a sweet temptation not recommended to diabetics.
Corallium Chocolate Fancy (75 min) – The treatment consists of a peeling with salt from the Dead Sea and warm almond oil which is applied on the whole body eliminating dead skin cells and leaving the skin prepared to receive the sublime sensation of warm chocolate. Afterwards a massage is applied poring warm chocolate on the body through the therapist’s fingers with specific relaxing movements to the sound of Arabian music created especially for this occasion. To complete the treatment, after a cleaning shower a hydrating chocolate cream is applied and the result is a skin enriched and seduced by chocolate.
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