Bare Minerals Master Class evening

Bare Minerals Master Class evening

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to write this up or not.. but here goes, its a long wordy one, without pictures so grab a coffee!

Last week, I, along with the lovely Daniella ( and Ellie (, was invited to the Bare Minerals Master Class event. What an amazing pleasure it was to be invited to a press event & Master Class held in the north east of england.. We need more stuff like this without having to go to that there London!

We arrived at the venue to be greeted by the wonderful Kate & Anne from B.M who got us seated and gave us some champagne (Orange for me, booo!). Once settled we got to take a look at the new skin care range from the brand as well as meeting Sarah Jane Froom, who, let me tell you… is quite possibly the most warm, engaging person I have ever met! What a wonderful brand ambassador to have!

Let’s face it ladies, we have all been presented with these “big wigs” before and they have turned out to be so far up their own bum it was unreal… not with the wonderful B.M ladies. SJ was a delight.

We looked at the new products, chatted like old friends and then got to sample the pure Active Soil Complex which has over 70 micro minerals packed in to it and makes up the key ingredient to the new B.M skin care line. The Active Soil Complex has been found to have more antioxidants than famed high level fruits such as Blueberries or Pomegranates. I have to say, I was a little bit frightened to try the yellowy syrup but on sniffing it, it smelled like Appletize and had an odd smokey/peaty taste that isn’t all too disimilar from Islay Whiskies. Nice to know I was putting a little bit of goodness in to my tummy… which would nicely counter balance that nommy little cakes we were about to eat!

I had a few stand out favourites of the skin care line and I can’t wait to get my paws on them… it might instantly make me beautiful (miracles DO happen y’know). I have blogged seperately about 2 that I now have, but out of the products on display, I absolutely loved the Renew & Hydrate eye cream. A beautifully rich, soothing thick eye cream that I am pleased to say had no scent that I could detect which is fab for sensitive eyes. I had no redness or flare ups after I dabbed it around my eye aream but it did leave a delicate soft shimmery sheen which I felt perked my eye up… especially after the 10hr work day I’d already done! The perk of this cream is you can definitely apply it over AND under make up making mid day touch ups on tired eyes a walk in the park.
Listening to SJ talk through these products it was clear that not only was she promoting the brand, you could tell she had a passion for the products and not just reading a lack lustre script. It certainly made a refreshing change!

After an introduction to the new products, we were whisked through to join the other ladies for the Master Class. We took our seats, fuelled with more champagne (OJ again for me!) and indulged in the most delicious tiniest cakes the department store (Fenwicks) makes! Yum!  For each attendee to the Master Class, we were given a blank personalised make up plan for the B.M MUA to record our colours and preferences on for future reference, a day glo pink pencil (mine lives on my desk!), and a beautiful pink friendship bracelet which Daniella and I had only minutes before been admiring in the Links of London concession. Really nice touch as all the ladies who were attending were already massive B.M fans, it was sweet for them to ‘get something back’ for their brand loyalty!

SJ worked her make up wizardry on a willing volunteer and Daniella and I both couldn’t believe how stunningly natural the lady looked. The volunteer was in her late 50s and she just looked so radiant and groomed. Such a great transformation with minimal products.

From the master class, I only picked 3 key points from the master class :
1. Perfect contouring
For the perfect contour shape, use a sweeping B and E motion across the face. I was quite sceptical of this until I watched SJ do the actions on the volunteer and you really could tell where she had defined the face. Not as harsh as contouring under the cheek bones in its effect, but still very noticeable and subtle.

Abysmal Paint skills but you get the idea?

2. 3 tips to look younger
– Brows : Make sure brows are defined, tidy and framing your face in a shape to suit you
– Conceal : Concealing and highlighting the areas either side of the bridge of your nose and under eyes can brighten your face and make you look younger
– Blusher : The perfect toned blushed for your skin, the perfect finish (matte / lustre / shimmer) and the correct application can do wonders for your make up to make you look younger.

3. Juicy Pout
To boost what you got, lightly buff a concealer or foundation over your lips when applying make up so that when you get to apply your lip products, you will have a clearly defined cupids bow and have an ethereal glow around your lip line which will enhance your kisser.
These might seem like things you’d already think of but you’d be surprised at the people in the audience that clearly hadn’t though / learnt these tips!

I realise this post is a bit waffley but I know a few of my lovely followers on Twitter had asked for a write up of the event so here it is!

We followed the Master Class with a B.M ‘Make Under’ which was nice and relaxing, although a little bit scary to let someone else take over my make up! Eep! As a result, I found a new lipstick and blush that I can’t wait to get back to the counter to buy!!

B.M apparently launch a new product almost every month and have regular Master Class sessions through out the year and across the country. If you can get yourself to one of these classes, I thoroughly recommend it. Great fun, interesting and the cost of the class is redeemable against products you (inevitably) buy!

I must add, Daniella and I finished the night with Cuban cocktails in a pub local to her.. Of course mine was a non alcoholic lychee mojito but we managed to get 2 £5.95 cocktails for £4… I need to go out with this lady more often!



  1. 14th September 2011 / 6:11 pm

    Thank you for posting this, you are very much right about it being exciting to have an event like this in Newcastle. Generally its London, shame I couldnt make it sounds like you all had fun!

  2. Katie
    22nd September 2011 / 4:44 pm

    I hope this is the start of many x

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