Review : 17 Mirror Shine On – Nudist Peach

Review : 17 Mirror Shine On – Nudist Peach
Now before we start, I’ll apologise for the fuzzy photos, seems I have had a distinct absence of my beautiful EOS 1Ds but the hub keeps leaving it at work where he has been using my camera…. anyways if anyone would like better pics I can set about snapping some more later.

After reading all the furore and hype over Beehive, I thought I’d better take a look at these Mirror Shine On lippies in Boots.

I was more drawn to Nudist Peach because it was a slightly orangey red toned neutral brown and I do love my good old neautral browns. It is by no means a peach colour, but from the orangey red caste to it, I can see how it leans towards that. 

I am loving the bright blue metallic packaging with the pink 17 logo. Very bright without being gaudy… also it makes finding it at the bottom of your bag much easier as it’s so shiny… which if anyone had seen the size of my handbag and the amount of sh*te I cart round, you’ll know how much of a bonus that is, for me at least!

In the bullet, the side that doesn’t touch you lips is quite a satin finish but on the side that you apply from, it is transformed in to a super shiny glossy side, hence the name Mirror Shine. You certainly do get high shine once it’s applied!

The colour in the bullet by no way translates to the colour pay off you will receive from the Mirror Shine On lipstick but then again I knew what the product was like before I bought it so it was no surprise.

When swatched on the back of my hand it is a beautifully soft delicate glossy pinky neutral brown. I can see a bit of reddy brown, then in another light it’s definitely a pinky brown then in another it’s a light neutral brown gloss. It’s a very complex colour on the swatch I must say and for £4.59 it works as a great light lippie.

10 double swipes on left, 1 double swipe on the right

I do have quite dark pink lips to start with so when I don’t have a lip base on, it gives me a barely their pink brown tinge to my lips – my lips but better – with a beautifully soft gloss effect without being sticky or claggy.

It’s a perfect colour for summer touch ups or with natural make up as it’s obvious you are wearing a product but it’s neither heavy or over done.. And re-application without a mirror is an absolute doddle. It feels so glossy and moisturising on the lips which I love, especially in the recent warm spell we’ve been having. It does however have a slight “cheap” taste and smell to it… I’m sure you’ll know the one I mean…. The one that you usually get with super cheap lippies.

I have been using this more as a tinted lip balm than a normal lipstick due to the lack of pigmentation compared to a normal lippie but it’s perfect for that. Quick slick brightens my face through out the day. It also looks great as a refresher for a longer lasting lip stain, I wear it over my Revlon Just Bitten to moisturise.

For £4.59 I’m sure there are products that would deliver similar results at possibly a cheaper price, say perhaps from the Natural Collection range, but the winner for me is that 17 always has some kind of special offer on if you make a purchase… and that truly is the only reason I bought this (Free Eye Dazzle Dust!).

You can buy the 17 Mirror Shine On lipstick in the following ways : 

Instore – £4.59


  1. 13th August 2011 / 1:41 pm

    I bought this the other week after seeing it on another blog and i absolutely love it! Like you say its a my lips but better colour. I like the Mirror shine lippies as i’m not normally a fan of lipstick but they’re not overly lipsticky (if that makes sense!)just like a non sticky lipgloss really.

  2. Katie
    15th August 2011 / 4:32 pm

    They’re definitely a gloss in a bullet form really aren’t they?

    Makes reapplication on the move a doddle though

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