Holiday Beauty?

Holiday Beauty?
At this time every year, I go in to holiday overload in the run up to mine. I have a little holiday count down on my phone and as it’s not roughly 4 weeks I am just about at bursting point with excitement (Yes… like a small child)
Yeah, I’m going here! Eeee!
I am currently engrossed with blog posts & youtube videos of peoples holiday wash bags and holiday make up bags. 

It always amazes me what people take on holiday as an essential. I don’t know if it’s because on my only summer holiday of the year I strip back on personal grooming or whether these other people are a bit OTT with holiday grooming?

For a beach holiday, I wouldn’t dream of wearing make up during the day, and on a night time i’d also never put on a full face of make up. Bit of bronzer, slip of lippie and a dash of eye colour an i’m done. For all these make up bag videos I watch I genuinely wonder if these ladies wear full foundation and slap whilst they are away. I also never take all my good make up, meltage, damage, loss… I stick with a very tried and tested range of basic staples and then add colour items to this to jazz it up.

This isn’t by all means the exact list of what I’m taking but it probably will be. On laying it out like this it does look a lot, but it’s very conservative compared to most I’ve seen!

And don’t get me started on body products… In the last few videos I watched for beach holidays…. the ladies were packing exfoliators, face masks, fake tan, 5 different perfumes…. lordy!

I suspect if I was going on a city sightseeing holiday i’d take a different selection of product, but maybe I’m the odd one for only taking the bear minimum of products so that I can spend the least time to look holiday-presentable whilst i’m away.
I’m also transfixed by all these in-flight beauty articles. Have these people never flown with a package tour operator full of lairy stags and hens,crammed in to a hot, stinky miniscule cabin? It’s not exactly the best environment to remove make up, put on a face mask and PJs and then relax for 5hrs. Have you ever actually seen anyone do this? The closest I get to in-flight beauty is a lipbalm and wet wipes for hands and cooling down hot sticky necks and some eye drops for my lenses.

I like the idea of removing your make up at the start of a long haul flight and then re-applying at the end because I always feel slimy and icky, but really, in all my years I have never seen anyone following these so called ‘experts’ advice. Isn’t it hard to take your full on skin care routine with you in your clear baggy?

Do articles like this fuel womens need to up the holiday grooming or am I just making myself sound like a slobby tramp?

I would actually LOVE this year to try out some of the in-flight beauty tips just as a point of comparison to know what it’s all about. I’m on the hunt for these so called marvellous products that I need to make myself more presentable

What do you think? Do you take a lot of beauty products away with you, or like me do you tone down your routine? 

I’d love to know what you all think and what you’re holiday must haves are.




  1. 9th August 2011 / 9:24 am

    I take very little if I go to a Hot country just lip balm with an spf, tinted moisturiser with an spf and mascara. If I’m going to a cold – warm country I take my UK makeup bag which contains everything! x

  2. Tiny D
    16th August 2011 / 9:46 am

    I am one of those people who remove make up before a long haul flight. I always try (usually without success) to sleep on long flights so I try and make the whole experience as much like going to bed as it can reasonably be when in an upright seat with no legroom. Only difference is I can’t usually be bothered to reapply it afterwards-at least not until after I’ve slept and had a shower.

  3. Katie
    16th August 2011 / 4:02 pm

    I’m really actually looking forward to seeing how I get on, this holiday, trying to be good and removing all of my make up on boarding the plan!

    I’m researching the best nourishing moisturising products that I can cover my skin in too to benefit from the long haul flight!

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