Review : Clynol Play with me powder

Review : Clynol Play with me powder
Holy Grail big hair?

After a few luke warm attempts with the Umberto Gianni back comb in a bottle, I happened upon Clynol’s ‘Play with me’ powder and WOWSERS!

I sprinkled a little bit across my crown area and lightly massaged in and couldn’t believe the sheer volume it gave! For work I like to wear my hair pinned half back, ploofed up and fastened with a flower. I usually have to do a tiny bit of teasing / hair spraying and then push the hair up to pin it in place.

Not with this bad boy! Full matte volume and texture in seconds! I did smooth over the top layer with my tangle teezer just to make it a bit neater for clipping back but its perfect!

It leaves the hair with a very obvious producty feel to it but it’s not visible in the slightest. I think you might struggle to quickly run you fingers through this, but then again, who runs their fingers through the roots of their hair when wearing it volumised? It’s normally mids – ends then get the finger treatment!

I have a gig coming up and I think I’m going to straighten my hair poker straight and then really floof up the top layers with this powder for an, excuse the typecast “emo / rock chick” look.

I can see this being a very definite re-purchase, although at around £10 per tin it runs a bit pricey. It will of course depend on how long it last really as I don’t think I’ll use this every day, just to mix things up. I do believe Osis and Lee Stafford make their own similar version but I haven’t really checked out reviews of those yet!


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