So long to Sandra Dee …..

So long to Sandra Dee …..


I’m a HUGE grease fan and I’m feeling ever so Sandy today as I’m saying bye bye to my mega blonde and toning it down… in fact, maybe I’m going in reverse, from the spandex clad hotty (I wish), to the poodle skirt wearing plain? Now there’s a thought.



As a natural dark blonde, I have been lightening my hair to almost platinum for years now. It suits me and I just keep on going back to it. I’m a DIY dye-er. I never just dye my roots, I’m a bugger for just re-doing the whole lot… trashing my hair in the process. It’s only in the last year or so that I have finally trained myself to only dye my hair every 3rd month… as opposed to every 4 weeks. The dry ends of my hair thank me for this but I know the damage is only getting worse. This is where my long lasting love affair with deep conditioners has sprung from.

I am also hairdresser phobic. I can’t bring myself to pay £100 to get a cut and colour when I could dye my hair myself perfectly well for £5 and get my mother to trim my ends. Not very classy I know, but when you change your hair colour as many times as I do and always revert back to blonde, £100 a time soon mounts up to a re-mortgage! LOL!

I have slowly come to the decision that to get my hair as long, healthy and glossy as I want it to be, I need to start taking the time to go to the hairdressers and get it sorted out. So today is the big day……

I have an appointment at Salon M in Newcastle with Kaelie to have my lovely blonde locks toned down to a caramel, honey blonde shade. I can’t describe it but think Cat Deeley, Jennifer Anniston and Fearne Cotton.

In theory, root re-growth won’t be so bad… if I get scared and want my blonde back it won’t be too much of a hard job to lift it, and after a good cut and restyle I will have some movement and shine in my hair ready to grow it out to Rapunzel lengths!

I’m telling myself it’s all part of the journey to becoming ” a grown up ” or at least a fat hippy with healthy hair!

On to the hideous before and after shots!!


Before  (this is as straight as I can usually get my curly twirly hair without straightening)



The lighting in my living room probably isnt the best but my hair is near enough to white on the mid – ends but the roots are, shall we say multi tonal (Read : orangey and rooty).


A nice gratuitous in progress shot!





And after almost 3hrs…. voila!





Ok so admittedly the pictures are pretty crappy… damn lighting! The roots are coming out a bit gingery and the ends too ashy but I assure you its all one colour and looking spiffy!


Not masively different but natural enough without it being ‘brown’. Just what I was looking for!


To top it off, The Wife bought me an amazing black sequin vine band, will look amazing in a messy bun.


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