Waist Training – 5 things you didn’t know

Waist Training Dress

I absolutely adore the 1950’s. Oh those nipped in waists and waspish silhouettes… ah, my heart beats for those gorgeous dresses! If you can remember back to when we renewed our wedding vows back in Vegas, I had a 50’s fit and flare wedding dress and under it I was wearing a beautiful black corset that my dear friend Ashley had made for me in the past. I just wanted that cinched in waist…. and as I resemble an apple on a lollipop stick, it was very much the result I wanted.

I walked with more grace, my posture improved and I felt more put together. Corsetry isn’t for everyone but thanks to the rise and rise of the Kardashians, everyone is talking about waist training but do you know what it is?

If you wan’t to be more Dita Von Teese than Mr Pearl… read on.

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