Amsterdam – A Photo Diary

Amsterdam Photo Diary

HEREAmsterdam Photo Diary

I recently whisked my Mam away to Amsterdam for a weekend adventure to not only celebrate Mothers Day, but her 63rd Birthday which fell at the same time too.

We went on a DFDS Mini Cruise for £79 (£99 including transfers) and spent a few hours just wandering round central Amsterdam…. There’s not many words to go with this post… and not many photos either as we just enjoyed having some quality Mother Daughter time… and a few naughty giggles at the shop windows!

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I’m leaving….. on a jet plane

I’m leaving….. on a jet plane

Hello Lovelies, 

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know how excited I’ve been of late to go on holiday, well it’s today! Huzzah!

Mr Tramp and I are jetting off to Italy, quite literally as I speak (joys of scheduled posts eh!) and then as soon as I am back, I am away for work so I have tried to get as many posts lined up as I can to keep you all entertained!

Luckily the apartment has wifi so I should be able to check in on Twitter so feel free to follow me for hideously cheesey holiday snaps of hubs and I gurning away round Italy!

We are flying out form from Heathrow T5 so I have been ‘allowed’ to shop at the Mulberry shop as long as Mr T can spend some of his birthday pennies in Mappin & Webb, World of Whiskey and the Cigar shop. Boys *rolls eyes*

Anyways, I shall leave you all while I go stuff as much pizza in to my face as I possibly can 😉