Avéne Thermal Water

Avéne Thermal Water

I work in an office for the vast majority of my day and my poor sensitive skin is subjected to a constant barrage of heating, air conditioning and the tight prickly sensation associated with both.

Once I have applied a full face of make up, it’s not really practical to keep applying a thin layer of moisturiser to keep my skin replenished. In the summer and on hols, I do like to keep a can of Magicool near me to cool myself down but I had never thought about using it year round.

On a recent trip to Boots, I was cruising the skin care aisles for new gems and thought I’d finally bite the bullet and try the Avene Thermal Water as they now stock a smaller handbag size can for £3.15.

Reassuringly, the can says ‘soothing, anti irritating, Sensitive skin’. I was keen to try the Thermal Water over a normal water spray becase your skin is a key part of the process of the body ridding itself of acids and other nasties, some facial skin flaws such as lumps, rashes, boils and spots can be attributed to the these such acidic baddies. Balancing the PH level can be a way to counter balance this onslaught.

The blurb on the can says the following :

This spring water’s unique and constant composition give it soothing and anti-irritating properties which have been acknowledged by numerous scientific studies. Avene Thermal Water is used to actively treat a range of skin disorders.. Tested by Dermatologists, it is particularly suitable as essential care for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic skin.

Now this spray will never replace the use of a good moisturiser but for top ups and refreshing during the day then I absolutely love this. I haven’t used it as a final step in cleansing yet as the can suggests but I do carry the small can around with me for work and in my bag. It just gives a brilliant perk and pick me up to tired skin. During a recent mammoth shopping day, it was nice to take 5 minutes out for a coffee, have a quick spritz of the Avene and then hit the shops again with renewed lustre!

My often tight, hypersensitive skin has certainly thanked me for the soothing moisture bursts during the day. I think I am a little bit addicted to treating my skin with it now!

I have definitely found a desk / handbag gem and I can’t wait to try out the rest of the Avene range. I’d recommend this to anyone, sensitive skin or other wise.

Have you tried Avene before? What should I try next?