The hunt for red hot… hair.

The hunt for red hot… hair.
Don’t even ask me why the I had The Hunt for Red October in my head. The mind boggles.
I’ve been on the hunt for a set of wide straighteners for a while and I am quite anti GHD so i’m doing research and trawling reviews for some suggestions of alternatives.

One that keeps cropping up is the Wide Intelligent Digital Argan Styler. After reviewing the Diva Big Hot Rollers HERE, I was so impressed, i’m going to track down the Argan infused irons at my local Sallys to try them before I buy.

That’s the perk of Sallys and Salon Services… they have a stock of irons and curlers you can try before you buy. This is super important to me as I refuse to buy hair tools that i’ll theoretically be using every single day without trying them first. I’ve fallen foul of difficult tools before so I’ve definitely learnt my lesson!

Has anyone tried the Diva Pro Styling range? Can you recommend some wide straighteners that are NOT GHDs?