Clarins Multi-Active Jour Day Cream

Clarins Multi-Active Jour Day Cream Review

Do you apply a facial sunscreen all year round or are you just a holiday kinda SPF gal? I used to be the latter but thanks to more awareness being made of daily moisturisers with SPF that aren’t uncomfortable to wear, I have been a convert.

The Clarins Multi-Active Jour day cream has broad spectrum SPF20 and applies like a dream.

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Dr T’s Supergoop! Acai Fusion Lip Balm

Dr T’s Supergoop! Acai Fusion Lip Balm

Hello Lovelies,

On a recent trawl around Space N.K, I found myself drawn to the Supergoop! display after seeing it crop up once or twice on my Instagram.

As I’m new to the brand, I thought it was safest to start with a lip balm. Retailing for £8 for 0.5 fl oz at Space NK and elsewhere for around the same price.

Presented in a clean and fresh white tube, the cute cartoon like logo for Supergoop! Stands out along with the bold yellow stripe. This is mirrored across the rest of the brands products I love the packaging and branding as some tubes can be minimalistic and look cheap or too busy and tacky. I think Supergoop! Have pitched it spot on… my personal opinion of course.
Not only does the lip balm have an impressive, mostly, natural ingredients list, the balm also provides an SPF30 protection thanks to actibe sunscreens within the balm. The balm itself is of a pale pink colour with a light coconutty, fruity smell which delicately lingers on the lips. The consistency, on application, entirely reminds me of applying a silicone face primer in that it smooths on effortlessly and smoothly and doesn’t feel heavy or tacky. This isn’t a surprise as one of the ingredients is a silicone, albeit quite far down the ingredients list.
I find this balm lasts on my lips a fair old while, giving soothing, hydrating moisture and slip to my lips which makes it great as a lipstick base or a delicate balm to wear over the top. If you prefer a balm product that you can feel on your lips or get a higher gloss shine from, this probably isn’t the product for you. If you are after an almost undetectable, light balm which doesn’t interfere with lippies or need touching up every half an hour… this is definitely for you!

Thanks to the weather in England at the minute, I haven’t really had call to test out the SPF qualities but I shall definitely be taking this little gem on holiday with me in August as I know I’ll need some SPF protection for my lips in the heat as my lips always get very dehydrated, no matter how much water I drink or product I use!

£8 for a lip balm may seen excessive to some and it is, but I am a firm believer of buying quality and I would not hesitate to re-purchase this. I will also be hunting out more of the Supergoop! Brand and see how it sits with my hypersensitive skin.