Recycling Clothes for Cash

Recycling Clothes for Cash

Hello Lovelies,

Every year I stock up on armfuls of capsule items to see me through the hotter months. I say this every year but it’s usually as I’m packing my holiday case I discover all of last years favourites too. My summer (and winter, and spring, and autumn) wardrobe choices are fit to burst and I need to take this in hand!

Locally, we have clothing drive initiatives that enable you to bag up all your clean, decent but unwanted clothing and sell them on to the company, by weight, who then re-appropriates them in many other, better ways. My Mam recently took about 30 bags of my Dads old clothes to the place and got a whopping £60. It was hard work though lugging all those bin bags in and out of the car and in to the place. 

I have a spare bedroom full of stuff to get rid of and dreaded the thought of taking it all out in the car in several trips to the clothes recycling place.

This is when I discovered, the place famous for recycling your unwanted CDs, now also deals in recycling clothing. Fantastic eh!

Not only does musicMagpie give you a fair and decent price for each item rather than by weight, they also offer couriered collection which is just what I need. No hassle of lugging bags around which is ideal if you don’t have a car! I know where I shall be sending all my clothes for recycling now and I don’t even need to leave the comfort of my own home – PERFECT.
Well done musicMagpie.


Now…. All I need is for someone to help me come and scan all 1,000 CDs I have to get rid of. Any takers? Please??? No? Damn!