Kate Spade 2016 17 month agenda

Kate Spade 2016 Journal

I live my life by my planner. If it isn’t written, or even taped, clipped or shoved in there, it doesnt get done.

It’s my philosophy that if I have to carry something round all day every day with me, it might as well be bloody pretty. Right?

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World Domination with Eccolo Notebooks

Plans for world domination

I can’t resist awesome stationery. When I spotted this notebook in TK MAXX, I couldn’t resist it as I am always planning my world domination. One day I’ll get there!

Eccolo is an American company based in New York with offices in Florence, Italy…. the home of incredible leather.

TK MAXX is always a great place to pick up cute and unique little bits of stationery but you can buy Eccolo books from other online websites.