How to make healthy choices when eating out

Healthy Choice 2


As you probably already know, I write for a food magazine (Taste Magazine) as well as my weekly Food Friday features here on the website. As much as eating out is great and fun, it sometimes becomes a chore when you are trying to eat sensibly or follow a diet plan.

I dine out regularly as part of my work with Taste as well as client meals and work events let alone date nights with the husband. As much as I am always mindful and try to make a healthy choice, it can be damned hard, especially when your host or chef is watching over you wanting to get your reaction on a risotto with a life times supply of cheese or the triple cooked in beef fat fries. Thankfully I don’t have a sweet tooth but it’s hard to say no!

I know it’s something other people struggle with to, so the lovely Rebecca Moore has kindly given her suggestions on how to be healthier when dining out!

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