Secret Santa goodies….

Secret Santa goodies….

Hello Lovelies, 

I hope you all had a most rocking Christmas, I know I certainly did! I’m finally getting that much needed relaxation time.. not that i’ve done one single relaxing thing like but you know what I mean!

I know a lot of people are quite against Christmas present haul posts but you know what, it’s my website and it’s my rules! I like reading them because i’m A. nosy and B. They actually tell you a lot about a person.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have been taking part in MoneySupermarket’s Secret Santa scheme. A selection of bloggers were each given a token amount and a name from a hat to buy presents for.

I lucked out, I had the fantabulous Rai from BlargleFargle (go, go check her website out now!) I was a bit worried that i’d get paired up with someone who’s style was totally different to mine which can lead to a bit of a present panic but I had nothing to worry about!

My lovely gift from Rai was a pair of fingerless mittens, an Anatomicals handcream and, drum roll please, a Ciate Velvet Manicure set.

Now, Rai must be bloody psychic because she hand picked (geddit?) these goodies for me just after I had my nail extensions done to try and perk up 2 very rough looking abused paws! Perfect timing!

The mittens are perfect, with my nails being so long, I struggle to find gloves for my already long fingers so these haven’t left my coat pocket since I received them!

The Anatomicals hand cream is delicious, it smells of light and fresh grapefruit which is a really comforting change from the other “winter” fragrances that fill the shops at this time of year. As with all Anatomicals products, look passed the gimmicky names and you are treated to a rich, thick luxurious handcream that sinks in fast and nourishes those pesky dry bits! It’s a nice neat sleek size so this shall be living in my handbag!

And moving on to the piece de resistance, the velvet manicure kit from Ciate. I wanted to try this since it was launched but seeing as my nails were much shorter, I never got round to it. Again, perfect timing Rai, thank you! In a gorgeous navy blue colour, this will look great as an alternative to black nails so I have been saving this as a treat for New Years Day manicure! I will do a full review on the kit once I have used it.

I have been spoiled with these gifts and like I’ve already said, couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’d like to thank Rai and MoneySupermarket.