British Skin Foundation launches Molly the Mole

It’s summer and everyone likes to soak up those sunny rays but taking care of your skin and checking your moles is incredibly important which is why I am posting this release from the BSF.


Hi I’m Molly the Mole,

Nice to meet you! Skin cancer can come at any time so it’s important to remember to check your moles regularly. I don’t mean moles like me, but the ones on your body. Most skin cancers can be cured if they are detected early so here are my top tips to checking your skin:

  • Check your skin regularly for changes to moles or a patch of skin.
  • Ask a friend or family member to check areas you can’t see easily such as ears, scalp and back.
  • Look out for moles or patches of skin that are growing, changing shape, developing new colours, inflamed, bleeding, crusting, red around  the edges, itchy or behaving unusually.
  • If in doubt get it checked by your GP or dermatologist.

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You can buy a Molly the Mole wristband designed by Martha & Hepsie for just £2 and help to spread the skin check message with your friends and family.

The money raised from the sale of the wristbands will go to skin cancer research as part of the British Skin Foundation’s It Takes 7 skin cancer campaign.

You’ll also find me on special gifts with a percentage of the sale going to skin cancer research.

Find out more about the It Takes 7 skin cancer campaign 

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Stay skin safe!

Love Molly x

Molly the Mole was designed for the British Skin Foundation by Martha & Hepsie who wanted to show their support for skin cancer research & awareness after their cousin was diagnosed with a melanoma. Buy Molly for £2 here:–mole-british-skin-foundation-wristband-by-martha-and-hepsie.aspx