How to be more mindful every day…

Saving for Travel

In today’s digital age, the practise of mindfulness has become less and less prominent in people’s lives. More-often-than-not, and especially at work, we ‘zone-out’ or switch onto auto pilot.

My go to relaxation is reading, I read for at least 30 minutes a day, without fail and I know that no matter how hectic my day is, I have a block of time where I focus on nothing but the story.

Failing reading, I put on some loud music and dance around like Andrew W.K until all my cares have gone!

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Finding your inner peace

The Rockies Colorado

I’m still in that post holiday zen chilled out bubble as 3 weeks out of the office with minimal online time and no stress was just what I needed.

I’ve had a few doses of negativity and drama since I got back but I have found it so easy to just cut it and the guilty offenders out of my life instead of fretting about it. I think I have the holiday to thank for that as I don’t want anyone to bring down my relaxed mood!

It seems like I am not the only one wanting inner peace and to minimise stress levels so I have some super handy hints and tips from todays guest – Rebecca Moore

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