Lingerie from Liz McClarnon

Lingerie from Liz McClarnon

Hello Lovelies, 

I will openly admit I fail pretty badly at wearing match underwear every day. Most days I’ll be lucky if they are the same colour let alone anything else.

Every so often I splurge and treat myself to some new pieces to see me through. It’s usually spring and autumn… pale light for spring and summer and dark richer tones for autumn and winter.

I saw these pieces from the new Liz McClarnon underwear range for Fashionworld and fell in love. I have one of Liz’s designed swimsuits so I have made a wish list from her new line which contains a red tartan set and a white swallow print set.

Tartan Balcony Bra – £24
Tartan Briefs – £12
(Also available – Tartan Plunge Bra)

Bird Print Bra – £24
Bird Print High Waisted Briefs – £14
(Also available – Bodyshaper)

This wish list serves me well as it’s my 8th wedding anniversary soon and 8 is meant to be Bronze, Salt, Linen or Lace… so let’s hope Mr Tramp takes note of the last two eh!