Luxury Leather Luggage by

Luxury Leather Luggage by

Hello Lovelies,

I’m sure if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know the dilemma I have been having with buying new travel luggage right? I am looking for the most perfect pair of tan leather holdalls / weekend bags. Finding these bags has been next to impossible and believe me I have trawled luggage shops and brands.

I want something quite masculine as I like classic, clean, simple shapes, styles and lines and as Mr Tramp will have to use these and a lot of the bags I have found have been a bit too girly.. Or in a lot of cases, insanely too expensive. I’m just not a fan of frou frou “girly” designs or overbearingly monogrammed designer luggage covered in labels and brands. I don’t begrudge spending money on good quality luggage that will last me a life time but looking at some of the high price range luggage in stores it just simply hasn’t been up to the quality I expect to reflect the price.

Feeling a bit dejected, I started to Google for mens leather bags in the off chance I found something appealing. And boy am I glad I did!, based in Bath, is a unique website offering a HUGE choice of bags for men. I am in leather luggage heaven here. So much so I found myself emailing the owner of the company to tell him how happy I was to have found his website.

David and his wife started Blokesbags 3.5yr ago to deal exlusively in the niche market of man bags. David himself always carried a bag whilst working as a newspaper editor and realised one day people stopped mocking him and starting asking him where he bought it.

Having built their own website from scratch, the company now stocks almost 500 different styles of manbags from beltbags to holdalls and a myriad in between. David sources each product for their design and practicality with their beautiful holdalls ranging from £34.99 to £700.

I think the stigma of carrying a ‘handbag’ has rapidly dropped with the increasing popularity of laptops and ipads. Men need to carry their stuff around just as much as us ladies so why not buy yourself a spiffy manbag rather than a dull black laptop bag or sports rucksack!

I know I had a lot of Twitter support from people looking for the same kind of luggage that I was, so I hope this is of some use. Mr Tramp is already eyeing up a few stunners to replace his naff laptop bag and old briefcase!

Would you ever consider thinking outside the box and looking at ‘mens bags’ or are you all about the girly?