Shoe lust with Hunter Millbank

Shoe lust with Hunter Millbank

Hello Lovelies,

Seeing as we are now passed the Glorious 12th, thoughts of autumn and appropriate footwear start seeping in to my subconscious.

While perusing the Hunter website as per usual, I spotted the most amazing shoes I have ever seen. Not entirely practical for me standing in a field knee deep in mud for hours on end BUT, bloody smart for rainy September afternoons.


I am absolutely OBSESSED with the neon pink Millbank Hunter boots. A cross between a baseball boot and a welly, the Millbank has neon, rubber AND studs. Who could resist that?

At a handsome £89.00 available from Hunter, I think I will be snapping these up come pay day!

These are also available in other neon colours


Do you like these? Yay or Nay?