ASOS Bobbi Brown Box


ASOS Bobbi Brown Box

I know I am not the only one that is a sucker for a deluxe size sample. Right? I fell out of love with subscription boxes as I felt they lacked true value for money so when I spotted the ASOS Bobbi Brown Box, I had to snap it up.

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Beacon Alpacas

Beacon Alpacas

Driving round the beautiful Hambleton Hills in Yorkshire you’d not expect to come face to face with  pack of friendly Alpacas on their daily stroll would you? Thanks to Beacon Alpacas, that is exactly what you can sign up for. We recently took part in an Alpaca Walk and now we are trying to work out where to keep one…..

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Christmas at The Body Shop

Body Shop Christmas Selection

Last year, I was obsessed with The Body Shop’s Glazed Apple collection and this year they have pulled out the stops with their festive offerings for 2015.

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A unique Christmas gift from The Book of Everyone

The Book of Everyone Deluxe Review

I love gift giving and there’s nothing more appealing to me than finding that perfect, unique gift for a loved one.

When I was a kid I loved those personalised books you’d get about Santa and had your name inserted throughout. Imagine my joy when I found adult versions.

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Showing the Love, with Links of London

Hello Lovelies, 

I’m just dipping my toes back in to the website water gently. If you have read my previous post about facing adversity, you’ll know why. Please do take a second to read it. I know I don’t usually post such personal content but I felt brave.

I wanted to show you what I recently gave my Mam though. I bought her the 20-20 Interlocking necklace from Links of London. I searched high and low for a sentimental gift to give to her to symbolise our changing family unit, love and solidarity. Flowers didn’t seem right, and she’s not the heart pendant kinda woman.

Each of the interlocked rings is made up of 3 thinner rings to mirror the Links of London logo but they are so fitting for our situation. On one side, the 3 rings could be for me, Mam and Dad and the other interlocked ring is for me, Mam and Paul… both solidly interlocked, for me and Mam.

So you see, I couldn’t find anything that was any more compellingly perfect for the gesture I wanted to convey. The sales girl, in the House of Fraser in Gateshead was an absolute sweetheart too which made the whole buying process that little bit more special. As usual with Links products, the presentation was gorgeous, which made the giving of the gift that little bit more magical.

Thanks to starting my new job, waiting for 7 weeks to be paid and going on holiday, my funds are somewhat depleted and I only had enough to comfortably buy her a necklace, because lets face it, £125 for a silver necklace is expensive, but hell, my Mam is worth it and certainly deserves it. Once I get paid, I think I will go back and buy myself one to match too. 

She absolutely loves it and filled up when I gave her it, she was touched by the sentimnetality. Mission success!

All my love


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