Bye Bye Frizz

Bye Bye Frizz


Today, I am booked in for my first Brazilian / Keratin blow dry and I can’t wait.

I don’t have too much issue with my natural hair being curly as such so i’m not wanting it for it’s straightening powers but for helping fight frizz on the ends so I won’t have to heat treat my hair.

I’m also excited to see how it copes in high humidity for stopping my hair frizzing out in to a giant fuzz ball.

It will be perfect for my holidays and those odd balmy days we sometimes get in to September where it’s still a bit too warm to wear a big winter coat, but it’s still raining… y’know those days? They play havoc with my hair!

And to follow in line with the lovely Monica Gellar monster hair, my husband has threatened to lock me in my room if I try to calm it with a baseball cap or seashell braids… that’s love isnt it!

I am going to the appointment today with a little trepidation. I don’t want to have huge expectations and be disappointed with the results but after speaking to the lovely Louise from Get Lippie on Twitter (@getlippie) about her experiences of having the treatment, I think i’m prepared.

The only thing that really puts me off is the no washing hair for 4 days… it’s not even like I can tie it back during those 4 days either! I bloomin’ hope I can get away with some Batiste on the roots to tide me over! eep!

For information, I plan to review my treatment and salon visit but I am in no way affiliated with the company. I purchased my treatment via a deal on Groupon : £59 – Conditioning treatment, cut, blow dry and brazilian blow dry.





Heads Up : Sheer Cover gets generous!

Heads Up : Sheer Cover gets generous!

I hand on heart say the Sheer Cover duo concealer is my absolute most favourite of all time (blog review coming soon!) so I was absolutely over the moon to read in this months Cosmo magazine that they are getting involved with the return of ’30 days of fashion & beauty’ event.



Every day during the month of September there will be some kind of competition, discount of giveaway with a fashion & beauty theme! How nifty is that!

Every Tuesday in September, the wonderful Sheer Cover people will be giving away free make up ( and WEN haircare with is also amazing!) – who wouldn’t love that?

Sheer Cover Random Acts of Beauty!

Every Tuesday in September, Armand and the Sheer Cover team will be scouring the streets of the UK giving away free beauty products, mini makeovers and other beauty gifts to ladies that need a treat!

To celebrate 30 days of Fashion & Beauty, leading mineral make up brand, Sheer Cover are taking to the streets of the UK and treating women every Tuesday in September! With the help of celebrity makeup artist Armand Beasley, the ladies of the UK will be given Sheer Cover and WEN haircare beauty treats as well as mini makeovers and gift certificates for spa treatments.

Find out where the Sheer Cover team are – follow on twitter @beautinews and find us on foursquare

Also visit to see Armand in action giving Random Acts of Beauty to the ladies of London!

 Will you be hunting them down to try?