Philip Kingsley giveaway reminder

Philip Kingsley giveaway reminder

Hello Lovelies,

Don’t forget, you have just 7 days left to enter my awesome Philip Kingsley giveaway.

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Japonesque – The perfect concealer brush

Japonesque  – The perfect concealer brush
Hello Lovelies,

I am a bit of a bugger when it comes to using things for their intended purposes. I like to find new and inventive ways to use things, just to be a bit different and get the very best results. I like to use a thin angled foundation brush to apply setting powder under my eyes and along my brow bones rather than to apply foundation!

With that in mind, I’d like to tell you all about my new find, the perfect concealer brush from Japonesque!

The brush itself is marketed as an eye shadow crease brush, from the shorter handled travel line. 

You can see from the shape of the brush that it is bulleted and not like most other concealer brushes…. That is what I love.

This brush can handle just about any kind of concealer you throw at it, liquid, gel, stick forms, the lot. I find the finer point perfect for really dabbing on small amounts of cover on to small areas and then conversely the angled sides give great application to larger areas.

I find the pointed tip of the brush also gives great reach and application to areas such as around the nostrils and in the inner corner of my eyes. It’s the perfect multi fit shape.

The brush is so versatile I always then run the tip in to my MAC MSFN to then set the concealer.

The brush quality itself is also really good. The ferrule is nice and strong and well glued, the bristles are tightly packed and feel lovely against the skin with no shedding. The handle, with it being classed as a short handled travel brush, is nice and thick yet compact. It is perfectly usable on a daily basis, none of that pathetically small useless tiny brush size here!

You can buy the Japonesque travel range in Boots and John Lewis. This brush is £12.75 in Boots and on offer, if you buy 1, you get the 2nd brush half price – brilliant!!

Have you tried Japonesque brushes? Do you use things for a purpose it wasn’t intended for? How do you apply concealer?


New! Cherry Batiste Dry Shampoo

New! Cherry Batiste Dry Shampoo
Hello Lovelies
Well lookie here, look what I found hiding away in my local Boots. Cherry Batiste! 

I tweeted about it on Tuesday night with glee at finding something so cute in the can and cherry flavoured (looove cherry prints and smells) and it turns out a lot of you lovelies had never heard of it, seen it or knew it was coming!

I thought that was a bit odd as the furore surrounding Batiste Wild was quite widespread. Wonder if my Boots have done a woopsie and stocked it out too soon? Who knows.

The can is a beautiful ditzy cherry print and the smell… well it isn’t as cherry-ish as I would have liked, I can’t really detect much of a cherry smell to it but it is sweet and fruity and that’s good enough for me!

As I’ve mentioned before, being a bit of an ‘alt girl’ and rockabilly fan, anything with a cherry print on gets the thumbs up with me so this can will take pride of place in my bathroom along with her new partner in crime… Batiste Wild.

Will you be trying Cherry Batiste? What is your favourite scent?

Boots Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Cream

Hello Lovelies, 

This is a Holy Grail product for me.
It takes a lot for me to say that but I never leave the house without a tube of this. There’s one in each of my cars, handbag, desk at work, desk at home, make up bag, bathroom, bedside table.. You get the picture!
Whilst I don’t suffer with your typical spots, I suffer a lot of reaction flare ups. When my facial skin comes in to contact with something it doesn’t like such as perfumes, products etc it goes mental and breaks out in to nasty red itchy lumps.
I suffered with this for a long time untreated and then I started to try anything I could think of and nothing worked. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this, and it’s non ultra predecessor that I had success in calming down my flare ups.
Using this creamy gel as a spot treatment (geddit?!) you can target the product on to the affect areas for a hit of calming. In about an hour it has reduced the redness, taken the itch out of the area and started to work it’s magic on healing it up.
Being a hypersensitive skinned lady this really has been a godsend and has joined the ranks of my arsenal. It does work super well on ‘normal’ spots as well.
It’s best applied under make up but you can lightly dab it on over the top, if you use a bit too much it does go a bit cakey with any powder but a little works wonders.
For less then £5 ( £4.07 for 25ml, currently on 3 for 2) I won’t be without this gem and it’s quite often on special offer too so stock up!

Have you tried this before? What spot fighting treatments do you recommend?

Avene Tolerance Extreme moisturiser

Avene Tolerance Extreme moisturiser

Hello Lovelies,

I am in love with the Avene Tolerance Extreme moisturiser. Let me just get that out there right now! It’s awesome.

Tolerance Extreme is a moisturiser specifically designed for hypersensitive and allergic skin. It contains the purest ingredients without any potentially irritating additives < Sounds good right?!

I use this moisturiser night and day and have not had a reaction to it at all. It soothes and nourishes. It feels quite a thick cream when you apply but it soaks in well and leaves skin feeling moist all day without that clammy feeling you sometimes get.
I let the moisturiser soak in for about 10 minutes before I apply my make up and I have no issues with application.

This is the 2nd item from Avene I have tried and continue to be impressed. The Eau Thermale is still a god send and I’ve just started to use the cleansing lotion. Been using that for about a month and I’m getting on well with it. Looking forward to trying more of the range seeing as I have had such positive experiences so far… which is rare for me and my H.S skin!
Unscented, unpretentious and readily available in Boots. If you have sensitive or hyper sensitive skin, I really recommend this moisturiser.

Have you tried Avene before? What do you use on your sensitive skin?