The Lion, the witch and the big ass cupboard

Most of my spare bedroom is dedicated to my love of handbags and amassed collection of surplus beauty supplies.

As it has been such a dreadful rainy day I decided to have a shopping trip to my big cupboard if tricks in the room.

In it I managed to find some colour depositing shampoo, a brunette shampoo, a breakage defence lotion, some conditioning paste and a shine oil spray. Talk about win or what?

I have washed my newly primped hair in Trevor Sorbie Brunette Shampoo, admittedly it was in the previous packaging incarnation (its been that long since i was brown) and then followed it up with a nice buttery dose of John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Conditioner.

As an extra dose of moisture and repair, I followed the instructions on Pantene Breakage Defence Lotion as a final treat.

Once it’s dry I will be using Body Shop Coconut Hair Shine which is great for smoothing over flyaways and dry ends as a more natural serum alternative. Smells nommy too!  For super sleek updo’s I will be using Proclaim Glossing Polish. Now I have found this to be predominately to be used by ladies with afro hair but as its a silicone based product, it doesn’t do any thing other than make it look shiny. On caucasian hair there is a very very fine line between the right amount and too much. It makes your hair like an oil slick if you go too much. Great for an up do when you don’t need it down and looking clean…. if you get my drift?

This should tide me over nicely until my Bonacure treatment and my Wella Lifetex. EEEE I’m so impatiant I want it to arrive now, i’m super excited!


A mini make up haul

I work away from home 5 days a week so I often find myself trawling round the beauty aisles of whatever shop I can find nearby.  Thursday night it was Superdrug’s turn here in Seacroft, Leeds.

I was initially after some Sleek! Compacts but this branch didn’t carry the line. Determined not to go home empty handed I stocked up on 4 eye shadows from the MUA Make Up Academy range.
I am unsure if they were on special offer or not but I paid £1 per shadow and I am very impressed for such a “budget” item.

  Above : Shade 1 – Pearl, Shade 3 – Pearl, Shade 10 – Pearl & Shade 20 – Matt

The shades don’t have names, just numbers but it does list what kind of finish they have with it, Matt, Pearl etc. They are really quite highly pigmented and have a nice soft smooth finish once on the skin that doesn’t drag as it’s going over the lid, it has a nice amount of slip whether using finger foam pad or brush.
Swatched on my hand, maybe they don’t look as vivid as they would on a paler skin, I’ve just got back from Africa so I’m pretty tanned. I could always see how they compare on my husbands pasty white hand (yes, he went on hol too, but came back lily white!)

I gave them a quick wipe off with my other hand and the residual pigmentation is quite good on all but the pearly white, but as i’d be using it as a highlighter i’m not too fussed on that. Good that the darker colours impart some colour after a quick rub though. 
I chose these colours as I love the grey smoky eye look but I don’t want to lug my good MAC make up around when I’m on the road so something cheap is easier to replace.
I’m not disappointed at all!! Really good quality for £1, and no ill effect on my super sensitive eyes either!

I gave them a quick trial on my eye as soon as I got them and I was impressed, going to give them a full work out this morning before I go out. I will post the look later on.

This brings me on to my quest for false eyelashes. I am after some that look long and full, but not too OTT for day time wear. I already have quite long lashes (they lack some lustre though) so fake ones need to be really quite long to make an impact. As my sensitive skin is the bane of my cosmetic life, I often struggle with mascaras that don’t burn. Strangely I have no problem with lash glue so it’s sometimes easier to just flick a pair of lashes on for some impact instead of going without mascara.

I tried the ones below for just less than £5.

I will post up some before and after shots later once I have done my grey eye look.

I also tried the 2TRUE lashes for £1.99 thinking they might be quite good, trying to be optimistic… 
I was wrong. They were so terrible I took them off and put them straight back in the box never to be used again! No further review or pictures, just terrible! The glue was good though so I paid £1.99 for some spare glue LOL
Off to get ready and do an Eye of the day look (EOTD)


Feeeeed me…..

….. Is what my hair would say if it had a voice. I imagine my hair would have quite a deep northern voice, a bit like Ross Noble.

On the eternal quest for long shiny hair, and a scolding from my lovely hairdresser, I have trawled my bathroom cupboards (where the beauty magic happens) to see just how many suitable goodies I have.

After buying just about every single deep conditioner and repairer both Boots and Superdrug sell, I have hit upon a great ‘deep conditioner’ that I like to use a couple times a week. I use the  Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends conditioner every time I wash my hair and then every other wash I treat it with this Beautiful Ends Intensive Mask. It gaves a great silky finish and doesnt weigh my hair down or leave it with that greasy filmy feel to it.

After washing and conditioning / treating, I always follow up with a great big spray dose of  Elvive Colour Protect Conditioning Spray which is brilliant. It smells like holidays and helps my hair retain moisture and not go quite as frizzy straw like.

I’m a big fan of high street brands but i’ve got to the point where I have not found the perfect conditioner. 

Having super pale blonde hair, not only the conditioning is important, using a good colour enhancer is vital! Again, after trying just about everything the highstreet has to offer (twice just to be sure LOL ) I found this in my local teeny tiny Boots store. I think it’s aimed at little old ladies with grey hair but the Touch of Silver Shampoo  is absolutely amazing at zapping those pesky stray yellow and gold tones and cools hair right down. I would marry this shampoo if possible !!!

So now, my search continues for a colour depositing shampoo with imparts some brown dye, to counterbalance any ashyness that may arise from washing and a new super thick nourishing repairing conditioning mask. I have a couple of recommendations so I will update as soon as I have given them a whirl!!



So long to Sandra Dee …..


I’m a HUGE grease fan and I’m feeling ever so Sandy today as I’m saying bye bye to my mega blonde and toning it down… in fact, maybe I’m going in reverse, from the spandex clad hotty (I wish), to the poodle skirt wearing plain? Now there’s a thought.

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Just as beautiful? Who decides?

Now I’m not normally one, despite being “plus size” myself, to buy in to the hype of size 0 vs 14+ but I have heard about a new magazine focusing solely on curvy ladies, even down to the adverts inside only featuring lovely curvy ladies.

I’m liking the press snippets so far as it seems all the ladies have a retro, 50s ish feel to them which I just love! Curvy AND retro ladies… *swoon*

Seems there has been hell on over this new mag if you take the Daily Mail’s article comments as it promotes obesity and validates an unhealthy lifestyle. Well I think that’s tosh. Being Rubenesque doesn’t mean you live on a diet of liquid pies! No doubt it’s the bigotted elitist folk who think the size 0 culture is fine but anything bigger… you might as well stay in the house and not dare leave.

I think it’s important to, hmm, maybe not encourage people to continue in an unhealthy lifestyle but important to show them that everyone should embrace their looks, size, ethnicity etc. Nowt worst than flicking through Glamour magazine and realising none of the outfits will fit anyone with the breasts of an adult and not a pre pubescent boy. It’s great for giving women exposure to new things and showing them there *IS* alternatives to the crappy shite clothes and features that most magazines think us ‘fat lasses’ want to see !!!

The magazine is called Just as beautiful and I will be buying it just to check it out for interest. If the magazine is rubbish I can always pass it on to my mate..”Retro Boy” he seems to have a pretty strong penchant for curvy ladies !!! I’m sure Radio Man will enjoy the gratuitous boob-age too!