Name and shame : Umberto Giannini Big Blow Out Dryer

I don’t like naming and shaming but sometimes a product deserves it right?

I have tried to complain to Umberto Giannini directly about their dangerous product and they just never bother to reply. On googling, it seems a lot of people have had similar issues with this heap of shit hair dryer!

Below are my gripes :
Cuts out excessively (within 30-60 seconds of use) and takes almost 5 minutes to re-start
The end of the hairdryer is melting in on itself making it dangerous to touch the melting plastic
The handle intermittently sparks internally with a blue / green flash when turning it on and off
Receive shocks while turning product on and off

Now forgive me if im being overly critical but I do not expect to receive electric shocks or burns while using something as innocuous as a hairdryer!

I have again wrote to U.G and got all legalised on their ass using the sales of goods act after speaking to Trading Standards. If this doesn’t get me a response I’m partially tempted to take it further as they are selling dangerous items and not bothering to acknowledge complaints.

So… now I need to find me a new salon quality hair dryer!

NOTD : MUA Make Up Academy Shade 1

I was a bit sceptical of how well a £1 nail varnish would work. We’ve all had those shoddy ‘beautiful in the bottle, hideous to use’ buys haven’t we?!

I took a punt for £1, what harm can it do right?

WOW! I was so blown away! What an amazing little bottle of awesomeness!

I picked up Shade 1 which in the bottle is a gorgeous navy blue shot through with cobalt/purple/green glitter flecks that are very fine,

The bottle itself was next to impossible to photograph, on a grey dark snowy day but I tried my best to catch the flecks as in some lights the bottle just looks dull and an unassuming black polish!

On first coat application its streaky and dull and you think you’ll never build it up to a gorgeous colour without 50 coats but come the 2nd coat it has full opacity and it’s shining to full effect!

As you can see, coat 1 barely covered my french mani tips (self done acrylics – no end to my ‘talents’ eh!)

Coat 2 with amazing coverage

Excuse the sloppy mani – I was trying to fight with my cat as he was insistent on ruining the polish – the little shit!

In some lights it does look a dull plain black shade but in others the navy blue tone just comes to life and gives a polished sophisticated alternative to a black / plum /  maroon nail.

The glitter doesn’t pop as much as I expected but it gives an amazing depth and almost ‘hidden gem’ quality when it catches the light or you move your hand a certain way. Like a galaxy of little stars on each finger!

For £1, its phenomonal quality, 2 coats to full opacity with mirror like shine – who can possibly complain about that?!

MUA polishes are a great way to bump up a collection or try out new looks without wasting the usual RRP of OPI etc.

I can’t wait to hotfoot it back to Superdrug as I’m now desperate for shades 9,10, 13 & 15

Watch this space…..

Hello lovelies!

I’m leaving Tramp Towers for a long weekend away! And no, i’m not really going fishing!

I have some posts scheduled for later today and for Sunday but check back next week when i’ll hopefully have lots more shiny things to tell you.

All my love



Coming Soon : Illamasqua Colour Collision Collection

Oh how I wish i was in the states when this launches, looks very interesting!

I think i’ll snaffle the Obey lipstick!

Info direct from Illamasqua…..

Color Collision…Illamasqua’s US exclusive Spring collection!

Featuring boldly clashing intense colour for looks that are fresh, vibrant and daring…we introduce Color Collision…an exclusive US collection for our retail partner Sephora

Warm  tones smash against sky blues and cool lilacs, allowing for audacious colour combinations and textures that provide contrast and defy the status quo. 

This stunning collection consists of three unique colour stories, and includes the world-wide debut of the Nail Varnish in Gamma, an electric neon orange. 

“I love the drama that is created by pairing warm and cool tones,” says Daniel Busuttil, Illamasqua International Make-Up Artist, “Blood red lips with soft peach cheeks, or neon orange nails with cool lilac eyes are modern and striking. It’s so brazen and the mismatch of colors makes this look so arresting.”

     Warm Story

Warm peach and soft pink tones sit against neon oranges, in a color story that is as luscious as it is feminine…

Powder Eye Shadow in Shiver, $20
Powder Eye Shadow in Heroine, $20
Intense Lipgloss in Mistress, $20
Lipstick in Obey, $22

Lipstick in Obey

Cream Blusher in Rude, $24

 Cream Blusher in Rude

False Lashes in #21, $16

Nail Varnish in Gamma, (EXCLUSIVE), $14

Nail Varnish in Gamma – thank you to Edita of Allyoudesire for this beautiful swatch

The Nail Varnish in Gamma has been revealed exclusively for Sephora to feature as part of the Color Collision collection!

Cool Story

From glacial to intense, this color story captures the icy coolness of sky blues and lilacs, touched with a vivid pink …

 Powder Eye Shadow in Anja, $20
Powder Eye Shadow in Creep, $20
Intense Lipgloss in Fierce, $20
Lipstick in Liv, $22
Cream Blusher in Laid,  $24
False Lashes in #13, $16
Nail Varnish in Load, $14

Dangerous Red Story

Intense and seductive, accents of true blood red create a striking counterpoint …

Intense Lipgloss in Succubus, $20

Intense Lipgloss in Succubus

Lipstick in Sangers, $22

Lipstick in Sangers

Nail Varnish in Throb, $14

The Illamasqua Color Collision Spring Collection is available exclusively in the United States at select Sephora locations and on, click here to view

Review : LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub

Just a small review about Lush’s Bubble Gum Lip Scrub < note that this is a link to the American Lush as our UK site is still down after the Christmas hacking!

I’ve looked at it since it was launched and always felt it was a bit gimmicky so never bothered. As this was to be my first Lush purchase for myself so I thought I’d give it a twirl.

Oh man, I wish I’d bought this years ago dammit!

The smell and taste of bubblegum is strong but not overpoweringly so and the sugar crystals provide enough gentle exfoliation to turn the flakiest kisser in to a smooth plump pout without it being painful and ‘raw’

I like to apply this morning and night right across my lips and slightly extending in to the skin to make sure the lip line is smooth too. I follow it up with a slather of a thick lip balm to provide further moisturising.

The scrub itself leaves a little deposit of oil on the lips after scrubbing but its no where near enough to rely on as a balm.

For £4.99 this is a perfect little pot to keep in stand by for lip emergencies. The tub will last me a very long time as a little goes a long way. It is very easy to use while it is full but I think I might struggle as it gets near the bottom, without the aid of a long nail or something to fish the grains out of the bottom.