Review : LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub

Just a small review about Lush’s Bubble Gum Lip Scrub < note that this is a link to the American Lush as our UK site is still down after the Christmas hacking!

I’ve looked at it since it was launched and always felt it was a bit gimmicky so never bothered. As this was to be my first Lush purchase for myself so I thought I’d give it a twirl.

Oh man, I wish I’d bought this years ago dammit!

The smell and taste of bubblegum is strong but not overpoweringly so and the sugar crystals provide enough gentle exfoliation to turn the flakiest kisser in to a smooth plump pout without it being painful and ‘raw’

I like to apply this morning and night right across my lips and slightly extending in to the skin to make sure the lip line is smooth too. I follow it up with a slather of a thick lip balm to provide further moisturising.

The scrub itself leaves a little deposit of oil on the lips after scrubbing but its no where near enough to rely on as a balm.

For £4.99 this is a perfect little pot to keep in stand by for lip emergencies. The tub will last me a very long time as a little goes a long way. It is very easy to use while it is full but I think I might struggle as it gets near the bottom, without the aid of a long nail or something to fish the grains out of the bottom.

Just a quick one …..

Just a quick one today as I am still struck down with the mystery lurgy – I’d like to declare my love for Method Baby Squeaky Green  Body Lotion!

Originally designed as a green line of baby products I have fallen in love with their lotion. I keep a bottle of it in my desk drawer, one in the car and one by my bed for softening hands and elbows. It keeps my hands nourishes and soft without it feeling claggy or like an oil slick.

I picked my bottles up at Home Bargains, after a tip off, for 98p each and they are the cutest little bottles either, all round and pale. The smell is divine, it reminds me of Kellogs rice crispy squares – YUM. Its not an over powering smell but it does gently linger on the skin.

I can’t comment on the eco-merits of it being a green baby brand but it is amazing as a hand / body lotion! 1 pump dispenses enough to do hands, elbows and a light rub over the fore arms. I mostly just use it on my dry ‘workmans’ hands and wrists to keep my tattoo looking fresh and moisturised.

All in all, a top buy and I’d recommend it to anyone!

Sleek : 2 new palettes!

I’m struck down with sickness at the minute so i’m having to fight the urge to go to bed to write this for all my lovelies!

Both the limited edition Graphite palette and the Primer palette are now both in my possession (it’s love!) and i’m super impressed!

I don’t have the energy to do a full review on them yet as I haven’t tried them out for an EOTD or even swatched every shade but my god….. the pigmentation on the primer palette is beyond amazing! So dense and bright! 

These paints will be the perfect base for an EOTD or even as a beautifully blended shade of their own. I did a quick swatch of the black and blue (between sneezies) and they are so velvety soft, vivid with 1 swipe of a finger and easily blendable with a light finger.

My main delight so far is the PP came in a cardboard sleeve box rather than the usual rigid clear perspex, many times ive given myself a papercut style gash to the finger trying to rescue the palette… hello cardboard – please come again!!

Review : Naked Care Sensitive Shampoo & Naked Shine Hydrating Conditioner

Lets get NAKED!


Ok steady on now, I’m not going to expose my Thrupenny bits to the world, I’m talking about the Naked range of body and hair care.

I have been aware for a very long time that scents and SLS’s in shampoo are aggrevating my scalp making it sore and tight, even weeping and chemically burnt but let’s face it, I’m a sucker for a gimmick!

After some indepth research in to SLS free shampoos Naked kept cropping up at the top of the most wanted lists so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

After reading all the blurbs on the shampoos and conditioners I finally settled on Naked Care Sensitive Shampoo and  Naked Shine Hydrating Conditioner.

The shampoo has a beautiful scent which is almost orangey but it really reminds me of 4711 Cologne my grandad, who is no longer with us, used to wear. This shampoo was a winner before I’d even used it!

I was expecting the shampoo to quite weak and not deal with my greasy roots like most ‘gentle’ shampoos but boy was I wrong! This shampoo still gives me that squeaky clean feeling and the confidence that if my hair is full of spray and gels that it wil remove them straight away.

I need to be a lot lighter handed with this product as I am using more than I should be just to get a lather. I know that’s what SLSs are for so Im trying my best to reign that in – honest!

I cannot fault this shampoo in the slightest. A matching scented conditioner would be great as I find the beautiful smell is lost when I put the Naked conditioner on but its no biggy. In the 4 weeks ive been using the shampoo 3/4 times a week I haven’t experienced any negative scalp reactions what so ever so this is an absolute god send and I can’t recommend it highly enough! I haven’t once had to reach for my T-gel to sort out my ouchy scalp!

I am not quite so impressed with the conditioner. Personally speaking the ends of my hair are like straw, and as im trying to grow out 16yrs of peroxide and abuse I like a thick conditioner to nourish and help the ends fortify and become sleek. Now this conditioner leaves my roots to mids beautifully soft and silky and shiny, boy is my hair shiny… but the ends always feel lacking. It’s not the conditioners fault so I can’t mark it down for that.

I am very tempted to try one of the deeper conditioner pots and the serum before I move on to their showergels (im just about to run out of my current one!) but as my TINY local boots doesn’t stock the range it would be an online purchase direct from Naked.

I’m a bit wary of trying the other products without the all important smell test as I’m not keen on buying a product online and then find the smell is too over powering and sets my allergies off and then having wasted £5+ on a pot of hair gloop.

Has anyone tried the full Naked range? Any stand out products you can recommend me for damaged hair?

I’m dying to try the Coco de Mer body butter too!!

Why isnt it pay day yet, I want more Naked goodies in my life!

Recommendations – Intensive Foot Balm??

Let me set the scene… I wear ballet shoes 7 days a week, without socks or tight, and I walk really heavily on my heels.  As you can well imagine I have skin on my feet harder than trying to work out the VAT increase on the spot while sales shopping!

I have tried Flexitol before when it first came out but for the price, I didn’t rate the results.

I’m tempted to try Cold Cream and a pair of cotton socks over night to see if it softens up any…. But I hate wearing socks to bed – ARGH!

Can anyone recommend a nice thick nourishing product to cover my tootsies in to have them silky smooth again?