Review : Royal & Langnickel Brushes

I travel a lot for work so I have been trying to find a quality set of brushes that I can travel with, without fear of losing my usual set.

There is masses of choice on the market for lower price brushes but their quality is questionable.

I had half forgotten about my quest until one morning I was standing in a chemist in Leeds I spotted a 15 piece brush roll reduced from £19.99 to £2.50!

Being the eternal bargain hunter I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to discover a new bargain brand!


Lets be honest, the brush roll itself looks cheap and nasty but it is very well made and keeps all the brushes separate, compartmentalised and protected. It does its job so well, who cares what it looks like!

I had honestly never heard of Royal & Langnickel but had a quick Google. They are an art brand specialising in brushes, which is no doubt why their cosmetic brush line is such good quality. The bristles are sooo insanely soft and the brushes feel nicely balanced in the hand which helps with lining, detail work and a light hand for blush! I found myself idly sitting stroking my face with the finishing fan because it was SO soft!

The only slight concern I have is that as they are not a dedicated cosmetic brand, I wonder how much they have investigated the needs of an MA before making the line. For example, I find bristles on the eye shadow and blush brushes could be tighter packed with a tighter ferrule to help with building colour as it takes a lot of work to build colour. Maybe on the higher priced sets it is. Who knows? That’s my only fault for faults sake as I’m a bold and brash colour person rather than soft washes!

I absolutely LOVE my R&L brush set and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a back up / travel set or anyone just wanting to dip their toes in to the make up brush market.

I have found that I have de-bagged the brushes and I’m reaching for them in daily rotation over my MAC/Sigma/Crown brushes!

I am going to investigate the brand further and I’m tempted by the 20 brush MASTER PRO set as I just want more, more, more of this brand! – I want them all!

I can’t recommend Royal & Langnickel brushes highly enough and for them having a pedigree in brush making, their cosmetic brush offerings are well worth a try!

Review : Naked Rescue Repairing Hair Treatment

Since first trying the Naked range of shampoos & conditioners ( I have been coveting these ginormous pots of treatmenty goodness!

I sadly have always been put off by the cost, at £7.99 I think this is quite expensive for a Boots carried range but never the less, I was so impressed by the shampoo I had to give it a try… when I finally bit the bullet and forked out for it.

In Boots the Naked line was on ‘buy 1 get 2nd half price’ so I took it to be a sign! A sign to finally pick up the Rescue Repairing treatment and snaffle a half price bottle of my new favourite shampoo! It would have been rude not to right?

After previously trying the normal tube of conditioner I really wasn’t impressed as I found it did absolutely nothing to quench my dry parched ends, even after applying generously and leaving for 5 minutes. With this in mind, I wasn’t expecting too much from the RRHT.

I first tried the RRHT after washing my hair with the sensitive scalp shampoo. I didn’t leave it on for the full 3-5 minutes it recommends as I wanted to see what it was like as a short conditioner. I often find some of these deep conditioners can work better as short conditioners ( by short conditioner, I mean one you put on, and pretty much rinse off, it requires no ‘resting’ time) but this wasn’t the case. I didn’t really notice much of a difference at all so I was slightly disheartened but never fear readers! I used it again last night and actually followed the instructions and WOW!

Drying my hair in my usual blow dry routine, the difference this has made was clear. My hair was so soft and slinky and the roots felt moisturised and nourished without any snaggy ends. It dried and styled beautifully with mirror shine to the roots / top half.

I think this is very definitely for us frizzy frazzled ladies and it might be a bit too much for the only mildly frizzed amongst us but I have found this to give much better results than the likes of the Aussie 3 minute miracle (which I hate!).

In the jar this has a slight “nanna” smell which is a bit over powering but im pleased to report it doesn’t linger in the hair whatsoever so that’s good if you like to use scented styling aids to give some aroma. The jar is big and robust so easy to get a good grip of whilst wet in the shower and the consistency is nice and thick so it doesn’t gloop all over while trying to apply.

My only fault with the jar is the thin plastic protection layer with the small nub to peel it off. Mine snapped cleanly off as I was gently trying to remove it, it didn’t even leave enough to grip with tweezers so after 10 minutes of prodding the edges and trying to use my teeth and nails to get it off, it finally shot off, taking a good half handful of conditioner with it and covering me and my pyjamas in it, totally wasting the product.

This might seem like quite a negative review but it really isnt meant to be. The product is AMAZING, absolutely no arguments there and the results are some of the best I have had in a long time but I’m just picking up on what I’d consider to be areas of concern…. Mostly the price and the plastic layer.

Despite finding it expensive at £7.99 I will most definitely be repurchasing this product as the results speak for themselves, and the less chemicals I pile on to my hair the better, which is why I like the ethos of the brand. So glad I finally bought it… and now do excuse me I’m off to pose and swish my hair in front of a mirror!

Review : Boots Botanics Cellulose Sponge

Recently I found myself loitering in amongst the flannels and loofahs in Boots in a bit of a daze – lord knows why!

After reading the lovely Fee’s review of the Botanics face brush  on her great blog Makeup Savvy over at I thought I’d have a quick look at it seeing as I was there. I recently tried an old unused face brush I had lurking in my bathroom with my usual Cold Cream cleansing routine (Review found HERE ) but I didn’t see any benefits at all as I think the product was too thick. It was also bloody impossible to wash out of the bristles so I now have a pretty buggered face brush – not something I wanted to try with a brand new £5 one!

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been suffering with a terrible lurg so my skin is dry, grey, ashen, dull and rough – it needed some kind of rejuvanating that didn’t involve a face scrub!

Lurking next to the face brushes were the Botanics Cellulose Sponges. There was a white scrubber looking one which I think will be too harsh for delicate skin and then the more natural looking yellow sponge. I paid £3.16 for box of 2 sponges. The only thing I can possibly liken them too are those old squeedgy mops that everyone’s mother had in the 80s/90s!

I gave it a try with my CC and only applied a light layer as I had no make up on. I soaked the sponge as directed in water before use to make it supple. I chose hot water to replicate my CC hot cloth routine. The sponge didn’t feel abrasive or draggy on my skin, it glided over the skin taking the CC with it. I used 1 side for wiping the majority of the CC off and then the clean side to go back over my face to tidy it up, followed by a splash of icy cold water on the sponge to close the pores and tighten skin.

Whilst washing the sponge off, I was really concerned that the thick greasy CC wasn’t washing off the sponge as well as I was hoping for. I was a bit gutted as I didn’t want to ruin it on its first use! I popped it on the radiator to dry up and on final inspection it looks to be clean enough now its back in its dry hard state. I suppose I could use some make up brush cleaner on it every now and then!

I’ve been saving the best ’til last – THE RESULTS! Dun dun duuuuuuun!

OH MY GOD! I cannot begin to explain how amazed I was that one tiny poxy piece of sponge had such an effect on my skin! The skin on my forehead felt smoother and tighter than usual and the rough skin on the sides of my face have been smoothed over, visible to the eye and definitely to the touch!

My complexion is more balanced and the harsh contrast between red and pale seemed less obvious. The next day my skin still feels super smooth and firm! It didn’t feel quite as moisturised as it usually would with my CC Hot Cloth routine as I think the sponge will remove those last little bits of residue, it still does have a slight post CC feel to it.

I know the Cellulose sponges weren’t labelled as exfoliators but it has gently worked its magic on me. I am so impressed I will be stocking up on these the very next time I go to Boots so I have a supply in the house. I think I will stick to the Hot Cloth method for days when I have a lot of make up on but for light make up / bare face days or times when my skin needs a perk up, I will always reach for this.

In recent times I have felt Boots to have been slipping in terms of quality, pricing and general appeal, with Superdrug rocketing ahead with their hot new cosmetic brands, but I have to say I am firmly back in love with Boots if my last 2 purchases have been anything to go by (Cold Cream and Cellulose Sponges)!

Review : Eyeko Tinted 3-in-1

I’ve had my eye on this tinted bronzer for a while now but have always been put off by the price tag. I finally snaffled some cheaply so I snapped it up.

The jar is a lot smaller than I imagined it to be but it wasn’t an issue as a small amount goes a VERY long way!

I’ve been quite lucky and held on to a decent amount of tan from my holiday to Morocco before Christmas so it didn’t have too much of a hard job to make me in to a bronzed beauty ( ok I’ll skip the beauty bit!)

I was really worried that this would be terrible to work with and streaky as hell but my god, I couldn’t have been any further from the truth!

Initially I scooped far too much out the jar on to the back of my hand but I managed to push some back in to the bowl. I used a flat topped foundation brush to stipple the bronzer all over my face just as I would with foundation. I then went back over my cheeks to build up the colour there.

It was such a beautiful sun kissed colour but the highlighter effect was a bit OTT until it had dried on my skin… it made me look like a sweaty mess…. Which isn’t a good look I think we’ll agree?!

I set the 3-in-1 with a light dusting of a mineral veil on my T-zone just to set it and tone the shimmer down which worked perfectly while still having just the right amount of shimmer on my cheeks.

I think on you porcelain skinned stunners it will be a bit OTT for daily use but if you already have a tan then it will rock. I might use some on my collarbone and shins to add a bit of a shimmer for nights out.

As this is a bronzer I do not think it would be suitable to wear solely as an eye cream whereas the original formula would lend better to this but I did find the formula moisturising and light.  It went on to smoothly and lightly it didn’t have the feeling of it being thick make up and it was very resistant to smudging and what I call ‘Collar colour off’ where you’re scarf / collar / husbands cheek gets accidentally covered in make up!

Scooped straight from tub – this would probably do the whole face!
One finger pass to blend
Blended out to show tone and shimmer

I’ve been so impressed by this I have bought my mother a tub + a brush to apply for mothers day as she is a dark romany-esque complexion with olive skin and dark hair whereas I’m light tan with blonde hair. I will definitely be buying the original formula for the coming winter when I am as white as a pile of snow (not the yellow kind eh!)

I think it is slightly over priced and would be more suited to the £5 mark rather than £8.50 (plus postage) but judging on how much you need to use, then I can see it lasting long enough.

All in all I am so glad I finally got the tinted 3-in-1 and wish I’d bought it sooner!

Eyeko is definitely going to be one of those brands I want to explore further. Their nail varnishes look to die for.

Can I justify buying them all in one go? *someone please say yes!!!*

Bag Lady,,,,

I admit, I am addicted to bags, mostly high end / unique bags with a few Fendi’s and Balenciaga’s tucked away for a rainy day…. well not actually a rainy day as they don’t come out to play in the rain!

My latest bag fad are Pauls Boutique bags, as Mr Tramp is called Paul (genius eh) the bags have a fun touch to those who know that.

I have a huge collection of Tilly Twisters already but my little eyes have never seen anything as awesome as this bad boy…. not only is it a black patent bag…. its a black patent bag with a skull…. its not just a black patent bag with a skull… but a black patent bag with a grey skull…. and it’s not only a black patent bag with a grey skull but a black patent bag with a grey skull with a hat!! and not just any hat… a hat with a pink bow!

It’s love and I neeeeeeed it so god damn much! I was all set to buy it this month but after an unexpected car bill sucked the last of my loose change.. it will have to wait another month! Boo!!

Not to everyones cup of tea, but its perfect for me!

Of course i’ve emailed a copy of this post to Mr Tramp with the subject of HINT HINT HINT [ha ha ha ha]