A Spook-tacular night with Red Herring Games & Radisson Blu

Happy Halloween my not-so-gruesome ghouls ,

Last Friday, Mother Tramp and I took ourselves along to our local Radisson Blu hotel for their Halloween themed Murder Mystery night. When I first saw this advertised I was gutted I couldn’t go as I would be in New York but through a cruel twist of fate, I found myself at a free end as a result of a cancelled holiday. What better way to cheer me and Mam up eh?
I have been to a few of these events before but as it was my Mams first time, it was super exciting all over again. It also helped that the excelled Red Herring Games were running the event (@redherringgames).

We were greeted by witches and ghosts and of course, trick or treat sweet goodies, props and of course, a dead body – Poor Seymour! The cast of actors thoroughly immersed themselves in to their characters and I must say, Inspector Dirk N Stormy was rather handsome – He can arrest me any day! Ooo-er!
As the evening progressed around the 3 course meal, we were given 5 scenes to watch to base our suspicions on and then given the chance to interact with the actors to grill them for their motives. Now I must admit, I’ve never got a murderer right yet, I think I have too much of an overactive imagination but this time, BOOM! Mam and I sniffed out the culprit and won! Couldn’t believe it! Super Sleuths, although I think we are more like Monk than Sherlock Holmes!
As a proud winner, we were given a great big huge certificate and a bottle of wine! If I had known this before, I’d have put more effort in to trying to win previous ones!
The function room was set up with 13 large tables seating around 10 people each so it’s a great fun night out if you are looking for something to do with colleagues or a birthday. The organisational skills of the Radisson staff do leave a LOT to be desired but needless to say we managed to rescue our evening and of course… we went on to win! Huzzah! Don’t worry about not being able to hear the action, this is the first event I have been to that I have seen microphones and mic packs used by the actors, a very professional touch and it really helped everyone be involved without missing a single word!

The obligatory Monster Mash end to the evening!
This isn’t the first time I have been to a Red Herring Games night and it certainly wont be the last. The effort and thought that goes in to each of these ‘plays’ is just outstanding and well worth the cost of the evening.
At the Radisson, I paid £29 per person which included a 3 course meal and the entertainment, as well as a disco afterwards. My only slight criticism (other than the lack lustre organisation) was the lack of dialogue with the waiting staff. They didn’t tell us what food they were giving us, whether it was vegetarian or not etc. Now the pea and ham soup was some of the most delicious I have ever had, but the beef, well I think it was beef was just.. blah. The accompaniments were a bit blah too. I would have liked to have been told of a vegetarian offering. Probably just small niggles after working as a chef and expecting high standards from the Radisson.
Of course, the venue was nothing to do with the quality of the event provided by Jo and her players.
If you ever get the chance to go to a Red Herring evening (check their website for events) or any other murder mystery, I whole heartedly recommend you book up. They are a fantastic night of fun!
My only advice is… do your research. Find out who is performing and have a quick squizz for some reviews on them!

Enjoy the rest of your Halloween!


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I’m leaving….. on a jet plane

Hello Lovelies, 

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know how excited I’ve been of late to go on holiday, well it’s today! Huzzah!

Mr Tramp and I are jetting off to Italy, quite literally as I speak (joys of scheduled posts eh!) and then as soon as I am back, I am away for work so I have tried to get as many posts lined up as I can to keep you all entertained!

Luckily the apartment has wifi so I should be able to check in on Twitter so feel free to follow me for hideously cheesey holiday snaps of hubs and I gurning away round Italy!

We are flying out form from Heathrow T5 so I have been ‘allowed’ to shop at the Mulberry shop as long as Mr T can spend some of his birthday pennies in Mappin & Webb, World of Whiskey and the Cigar shop. Boys *rolls eyes*

Anyways, I shall leave you all while I go stuff as much pizza in to my face as I possibly can 😉

Linden Hall Golf & Country Club Hotel Review

Hello Lovelies,

Bit of a different kind of post today but I know I love reading this type on other peoples so I hope you enjoy my review too or even book a stay at this gorgeous hotel!

Recently, I was kindly invited along to the Linden Hall hotel in Morpeth, near where I live, to experience their hotel and the services they offer.

View from the lawn

Linden Hall Golf & Country Club is part of the Macdonald chain of hotels and it’s home to one of our favourite hotels, the Holyrood in Edinburgh. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I worked away from home for almost a year and stayed in some pretty great 4 & 5* hotels so my own personal standards of hotels is pretty high. This was my first visit to Linden Hall but Mr Tramp has been several times before for corporate events.

Located 25 miles outside of the city centre of Newcastle in the countryside, Linden Hall boasts a more than impressive sweeping tree lined entrance brings you right outside of the façade of the hotel, built in 1812 with it’s Doric columns and 450 acre estate behind. Parking doesn’t blight the impressive views as we are guided to the left of the hotel and tucked away behind some trees.

On entering the hotel you are met with a juxtaposition of the modern reception dominating a grand, stone flagged entrace hall with it’s rip roaring fire place, squishy sofas and sweeping central staircase, bathed in natural light from the atrium above.

Glass dome

Check in was simple and we made our way up to our room. We were told were on the 2nd floor so off we trundled to the lift as I had a wheeled case and husband had laptop case and briefcase as he’d come straight from work. As it transpires, our room was actually on the 1st floor and we were just at the top of the grand staircase. The stairs are shallow and sweeping enough to make it easy to get your luggage up the stairs.

Mr Tramp & the sweeping staircase

Our suite was large, luxurious, full of features, and directly above the reception hall in the front of the building looking out on to trees and lawns. The suite had 3 large sash windows which let us soak up the last rays of late afternoon soon as we unwound and unpacked. I had booked myself in at the spa for a treatment so Mr Tramp made full use of the sofa, complimentary chocolates and fruit and enjoyed some peace and quiet while I was away (I talk… a LOT).

What a view to wake up to on a morning

As I made my way down the grand staircase (I felt so posh!) and in to the spa, I was greeted by the leisure receptionist and shown in to the relaxation room. A great mix of drinks and snacks (mm muffins) were on offer as I filled in my forms and chose my treatment and browsed the Decleor point of sale. I must admit, the relaxtion room was very unrelaxing. The chairs, though plentiful, were reminiscent of a teachers staff room and the dimmed, subdued lighting was totally wasted due to the door to reception being propped open allowing the light and clatter to stream in. It didn’t seem to bother the other spa go-ers who were happily taking up residence in their robes with magazines. I was more expecting to see comfortable loungers or day beds for proper relaxtion after treatments. I know other spa facilities in Macdonald hotels are more modern and luxe but when you are working in a historic, period building like this rather than a custom designed spa, you have to work with what you have. I also found the toilet facilities to be a bit dirty & grubby at the time I visited.

Summer, my therapist came to collect me and showed back through the candle lit corridor (would look FANTASTIC in winter when its darker outside!) and in to my treatment room. The rooms are laid out in a very odd paired formation, having to walk through the first room to get in to the 2nd. Summer explained they time treatments and treatment types to minimize any disruption but as I passed the St Tropez tan booth, I’d be a little put off standing in my paper knicks knowing someone could walk through at any point.

Once in the warm, tranquil room, I hopped up on to the comfy, towel laden bed and settled down for a beauty first… my first facial! Yes readers, I have never had a facial before. Summer was a dream and asked me about any skin care concerns and what I was expecting to get out of the facial so this was a great time to discuss my fears about hypersensitivity. With my mind put at ease, Summer began my treatment, a Decleor Aroma Expert Soothe Facial with professionalism and care. Chatting when I wanted to chat, leaving me quiet when I wanted to drift off and enjoy the massage. Decleor products aimed at sensitive skins were used throughout and I’m very pleased to say I had no reactions at all. I shall be back for another!! After my treatment Summer left me to dress in my own time and meet her back at reception. I was given a glass of water to refresh myself and a run down list of products used as well as a few samples of the products so that I can be sure they don’t aggrevate my allergies. I loved this touch as often I’ve had treatments and never really known what massage oil or product that was used.

At this point, I’d have liked to have been in a robe and in a heavenly relaxation room chilling out before dressing but this wasn’t mentioned or offered. As I was staying at the hotel it was no issue. I skipped back up to my room and relaxed on the bed while Mr Tramp treated himself to a pre dinner apperatif (read : half bottle of white wine!)

This is how rock & roll I am, Lemonade!

Our dinner reservation was a highlight for us, as foodies, the food in Macdonald hotels is always fantastic and this was no exception. Exemplory service by the staff soon saw us tucking in to our amuse bouche then 3 courses of delicious, well made, high quality food in sumptuous settings, with a view of the golf course. We both remarked how nice it was that every single server from the wine server to the food waitress, all addressed us by our full names. No sir or madam but Mr & Mrs Tramp. In a full restaurant it was a pleasant and appreciated touch and I think other guests felt the same way.

Butternut squash amuse bouche with curried parsnip foam | Wild mushroom risotto with wilted spinach poached egg and parmesan foam | 12hr stewed shin of beef

The following morning, after a work out in the gym and a swim in the pool, the restaurant was our destination again as we tucked in to a hearty breakfast. All the usual fixings were on offer from fruit salads and cereals, to continental cheeses and meats as well as a more traditional selection of hot food such as a ‘fry up’, kippers or porridge.

After our breakfast we burnt some of those calories off by going on a lovely brisk walk through the hotel grounds on the sign posted walks then indulging in a little golf to finish our stay.

Check out was as effortless as check in as we were sad to leave the luxury of Linden Hall behind. All in all, Mr Tramp and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the hotel and couldn’t fault the service or facilities on offer. We didn’t get a chance to visit the onsite pub, the Linden Tree which serves pub food and alcohol.

If you are looking for a great weekend away with spa time, leisure facilities, exquisite food and some golf to entertain your man, you can’t go wrong with Linden Hall. I also fully recommend booking a treatment with Summer. She was so lovely!

I will definitely be booking up again for a close to home getaway for us. With rooms ranging from £96 per night it is a great alternative to going further afield.

Have you ever stayed in a Macdonald Hotel, visit Linden Hall or had a Decleor Facial? Let me know!

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Day 1 in the Trampy Lady house…..

So, here we go then. My first entry in to my new blog!! Eee how exciting is this!
Let’s give you a bit of background, I am 27, weigh more than I should and I’m slightly neurotic but thanks to the encouragement from “Radio Man”, “Long Suffering Friend” and my husband who will now be known as “The Wife” here I find myself.
I need somewhere to chronicle my journey to being a lady (queue Little Britain sound bites) to keep me on the straight and narrow and hopefully review any products, treatments, brands I find along the way that’s helped me or amazed me as a lot of this will all be new to me, and probably new to quite a few other people out there too. It also means ‘LSF’ no longer needs to listen to me whinge in jealousy at her latest TUKs or pretty going out skirts! *shakes a jealous fist*
I’m a tom boy, buy more leopard print than is healthy and obsessed with all things 1950s. I’m heavily pierced and have a few tattoos. This is not a good combination, trust me. I can’t walk in heels, I am not lady like enough to wear skirts and my handbags scream “circus clown” more than demure grown up chic and none of my bras match my knickers either. I am pretty obsessive over my hair and make up though. I’ve learnt I have to be after years of skin break outs, scalp blisters and straw like hair!

I’m stuck in a rut in my late 20s, No longer able to pull off the baggy jeans, pink mohawk and  clubbing 4 nights a week… not quite ready to let that go in exchange for pearls and twinsets either yet. So as I type, I’m in hippy limbo without a clue on where to go next !!!

The big 3-0 is my lady like deadline. By the time I hit 30 I hope to : 
1) Have beautifully healthy shiny bouncy hair in a natural(ish) colour. REMEDY – stop DIY bleaching my hair to a platinum-esque colour and condition more. Stop home cutting too.
2) Be groomed and have healthy nourished skin. REMEDY – Start actually using something more than water and baby wipes to take care of my super sensitive skin. Stop being a pikey and actually pay some money out for decent brands instead of shite in nice bottles.
3) Be able to spend a full day in high heels. REMEDY – Get practising!
4) Lose tonnes of weight and be a super svelte glamorous 50s pin up. REMEDY – Weight Watchers here I come baby!

5) Stop swearing like a drunk sailor and having more decorum. REMEDY…. not a clue LOL 

I have just over 3 yr and my journey starts here, and boy do I feel like Eliza Doolittle …….

Trampy Lady