Chanel Coco Rouge – The start of something beautiful

Chanel Coco Rouge – The start of something beautiful
I’ve always veered away from Chanel as to be quite honest, I’ve always found them a little too ‘safe’ for my tastes when it comes to their lipsticks and eyeshadows. I love their nail polishes but as a habitual nail biter and car tinkering girl, I’ve never justified buying them.

It was on a recent jaunt to a Chanel counter that I realised my tastes had changed away from the brights and bold that MAC and Illamasqua are more famed for and that I had been stocking up on lots of neutrals and ‘sensible’ colours. 

With this, I bought myself my first Chanel lipstick – Rouge Coco in 04 Cashmere. I did actually ask the S.A in Boots whether I’d get a Chanel bag or a poxy boots one (yes, shallow I know!!)

Cashmere is a goldy brown neutral with slight pink undertones to it. It borders between Satin and a mild frost finish in my opinion but I think that’s from the colour being shot through with a fine gold sparkle. 

Application is impeccable, either from the bullet or with a brush. It goes on smoothly, with high pigmentation and a not too shiny finish. The bullet has a very subtle rosie floral scent which isn’t overpowering at all and doesn’t linger.

The lipstick lasts an age without losing that nice moisturing feeling. Minimal transfer from the lips too.

I guess they are right… you get what you pay for… and I’ve already bought a 2nd and got some mascara! Ooops! 


Bourjois Jetsetter Collection – Come fly with me……

Bourjois Jetsetter Collection – Come fly with me……

I picked up this little trio on a recent haul day in TK MAXX for the princely some of £7.99. I think that’s a great bargain for 2 full size Bourjois products and a 95% full size little round pot too don’t you? 

In the set, we have the blue tinged Gloss Menthol to tidy up that morning breath… or that icky post coffee / smoke break whiff we all sometimes get. The blue tint is so super faint on applying it, it’s pretty much a clear gloss. It certainly doesn’t make your lips blue! They say using anything remotely blue toned will whiten the appearance of teeth and counterbalance deep red lips – I’m all for that!! 

As usual with Bourjois lip glosses, the applicator is a very short, synthetic fibre brush on the end of the wand. Whilst the short stubby firm bristles afford you some rigidity for neatly applying a coloured gloss, I found it a bit unweildy for applying a clear gloss that I just wanted to slap on quickly. Just a personal bug bear and nothing to write home about really! The blue gloop has a nice, quite strong minty smell and remains nicely thick and in place on your lips with a super high gloss sheen. It did give a slight tingle effect, but no where near as much as a plumping gloss, just barely noticeable.

Next up in the trio of wonder, is the Brush Concealer which is your usual run of the mill twist-to-use liqiud concealer. The product has a definite pink tone to it which will perfectly counteract all those sallow under eye bags (we all have them at some point!!). It gives an average coverage to spots and blemishes so I probably wouldn’t recommend it for that but as an under eye brightener and then pulled across the brown bone and down in to the bridge of the nose, it really does perk up the eye area without overloading it with product. It’s not something I would seek out to buy alone as I feel there are better products out there, but for the kit, I think it’s a really great item. 

The last piece in this make up menage a trois is the Illuminating Touch which is such a beautiful colour! I’m always a bit dubious of wearing anything shimmery on my cheeks as it can go 1 of 2 ways for me.. Making me look like a lady of the night touting for business or hot sweaty shiny mess. I can’t seem to strike a happy medium. I am pleased to say that with this little round pot I can achieve that stunningly subtle glow to my cheeks that I crave. It looks predominately pink in the pot but on swatching and using, it gives a peachy gold light shimmer that looks so pretty dusted along the top of the cheeks, across the brow bone and down the nose. I feel that it is perking my face up and giving it a bit of a glow as I am not wearing foundation at present due to my tan. 

This kit is obviously designed with a traveller in mind, probably sold on the plane / duty free and I can totally see it’s benefit on a journey. I only wish I had found this 2 weeks earlier before my holiday as I would defintely have included this in my hand luggage. As it stands, these are 3 very very handy pieces to keep in your handbag to give you an instantly refreshed look without carrying a full kit around. Say in a school bag or a gym bag just to perk you up in a hurry with 3 well suited partner pieces.

Bargain buy at £7.99 so I suggest you all dash out to TK MAXX now!

You can also buy it in the following ways : 


Korres Lip Butter

Korres Lip Butter

I have wanted to stock up on these butters for the longest time but I like to buy new brands in person so that I can familiarise myself with them rather than online. I finally found a store in the N.E that stocks the range and jumped in with 2 feet, buying both the Guava and Pomegranate Lip Butters.

Retailing at £6 each, I think they are an acceptable price for the brand. Each pot is 6g and gloriously thick and nourishing and smell delicious.

Each tinted lip butter imparts a gentle wash of colour that is definitely noticeable on my dark lips so will be very pretty and slightly more pigmented on someone with lighter lips. On applying the butter, a little does go a long way and it applies smoothly and without any effort to spread it round due to it’s texture.

The butters themselves have a light fragrance that isn’t overbearing and doesn’t really taste of anything so these are great to use if you are sensitive to scents and flavoured lip products.

I absolutely love the 2 Lip Butters I have by Korres so much so that I have been and bought a further 2 from ASOS.COM (£6 each, free postage) to add to my collection. I am waiting for them arrive but I added Jasmine and Mango to my existing Guava and Pomegranate.

Guava is a light milky white butter which pales out my pink lips but it would be clear on paler pouts. It’s a fantastic smell. I find myself sitting sniffing it idly. Yum. It may sound odd but it has, to me, an almost smokey smell mixed in with pencil shavings! Yes, odd I know. It evokes memories of the drawer in the dresser in my parents house that my parents kept their cigarettes and Dad’s pipe tobacco. To other people it certainly doesn’t smell like that though… don’t worry, I’ve asked them to sniff test!

Pomegranate has a light fruity scent that certainly doesn’t smell forced or overtly synthetic.

A nice natural scent which is great as a lot of scented lip products seem to have that overpowering ‘fake’ smell which I personally find off putting! The Butter is a soft pink with a slight orange understones that could be described as a dark salmon pink. It does look rather potent in the pot but you can easily sheer it out or build it up, which is what I like about these butters. You can apply loads in one go without feeling like your mouth is covered in glue!

I absolutely love these butters and will definitely repurchase now I have finally tried them! They are so yummy and soft with a great longevity. You do get a transfer on to a glass but they still remain very nourishing on the lips.

My only complaint about the product is the packaging. It’s very small and compact but the walls of the pot itself are quite thick and I could see it being an issue trying to scoop the butter out from the bottom of the pot once it starts to drop, and the apperture is a bit tight if you have long nails. It’s fine while the level is still at the top but I envisage it being a bit messy once you get in to using it!

Next on the list…. Wild Rose & Quince!

You can buy the Korres Lip Butters in the following ways :

Have you tried any Korres products? What would you recommend?

Pretty Amazing lips – Bare Minerals

Pretty Amazing lips – Bare Minerals

The name says it all, I don’t even need to do a review really as you get what it says on the tin! 

I am actually obsessing over these lip products at the minute. I wouldn’t say it was a gloss, or a lipstick, or a stain but it’s a lovely hybrid of all three!

On first application, you are given a high intensity, pigmented gloss that feels gorgeous on the lips and gives an incredible shine.

This does transfer off after your first coffee / snack / kiss but what you are left with is a beautiful, velvety colour to the lips. None of the pigmentation or impact is lost. I’d say this is the lipstick phase of the product.

Even some of the best long lasting lip products barely last an hour on me… I must just have one of those gobs, probably because I never shut up, but after 2hrs, I am still left with the colour on my lips in a pretty matte texture.

The 3 stand out colours for me are Savvy which is described as a pink toffee (i’d say rosy nude), Free Will which is my perfect light nude shade, and Strength, a gorgeous, amazingly vibrant red. Now anyone that follows me on twitter will know that red lipsticks are my ‘thing’. This colour is no exception, not only being my new favourite lip romance, it is also the official colour of the Virgin cabin crew, so the next time you hop on a flight and admire their beautiful red pouts… you can buy it for yourself! 

I must warn you though, there certainly is a knack to applying them as the wand isn’t the usual doe foot pad. It is almost spatula like, still covered in the flocking as usual, but it does need mastering. Please don’t let this put you off, but to get the BEST application possible…. SJ Froom, Brand Ambassador for Bare Minerals recommended this her self… wipe the excess of the wand, use the tip as a lip liner to go round the outside of your lips, then the flat part to fill in. You really do get the best application possible if you follow that rather than just slap it on as you perhaps usually would. 

The Pretty Amazing lip colours retail at £15 and for the quality, I think they are thoroughly worth it.

Free Will will be my next purchase… in fact I might just go and do a bit of retail therapy at the weekend just to buy it!

You can buy Bare Minerals products from their website, QVC, concessions in stores and various websites.

Have you tried Bare Minerals before?

Lippie Madam- Burt’s Bees Review

Lippie Madam- Burt’s Bees Review

After watching a Youtube haul video I spotted someone swatching a beautiful tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees and I decided there and then I had to have it! I sadly couldn’t find it anywhere local so after a Twitter shout out to my lovely followers, I soon had in my little mitts a tube of Tiger Lily. The most beautifully delicate coral peach shade.

The packaging is very cute in it’s design and the cardboard texture really does amplify the brands natural approach and let’s face it, it’s pretty fun sliding it apart to find your hidden lip balm! The cardboard has scuffed up pretty quickly along the edges but it’s been slung in my bag since I got it and it’s been lugged everywhere (It’s even travelled round Cuba I’ll have you know!)

The balm has quite a unique smell to it in the tube, it is a bit like sweeties with a waxy back note but it isn’t an unpleasant smell, it’s quite nice! It doesn’t impart much scent and no taste on the lips which is good as it’s not a flavoured balm.

On one swipe over the lips you are left with a beautifully soft, glistening covering of long lasting balm with a very sheer colour. A few swipes gives a buildable colour without you feeling like you have the full tube on. I have quite deep pink lips so it doesn’t give me great colour coverage but you can certainly tell I am wearing it after a couple of swipes.

You can tell by the swatches (one on pale part of arm and one on the tanned back of my hand) that it is more suited to paler lip tones but I have been using it over the top of a long lasting lip stain / lip ink instead of a clear gloss or balm and I LOVE the results.
Swatched over very tanned skin
Swatched on paler skin
You can feel the moisturisation lasting for a very long time and although it does withstand a few drinks, it does leave a tell tale greasy half moon on a glass.
This is one of those tinted lip balms that would be great for the neutral / back to school / work friend looks that gives you a tiny amount of colour to make it noticeable but not WOAH in your face.
Now I know what the pigmentation and formulation is like, I will definitely be buying a few more of the shades online as these will be a god send in the winter when the wind, cold and heating zaps all the moisture out of lips and you want to keep them looking healthy and gorgeous.

I am looking forward to getting the rest of the set, I do go through lip balms at a rate of knots…. although I think I might try the Burts Bees lip gloss next!!

You can buy the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms in the following way :