What Katie Did #3

What Katie Did #3

Hello Lovelies

It’s that time again! A weekly round up! I must get more in to the habit of taking pictures again. Admittedly I don’t carry my Canon 1ds everywhere with me, that would just be silly so I need to remember to snap away with my phone for quick decent quality pictures!

Hopefully next weeks WKD will be better as I’ll have been to London!

Jean Genie

The highlight of my week has probably been me buying new jeans, thanks to my diet they are 2 sizes smaller than the pair I entered the shop in. I was both proud and smug as I treat myself to a cheapo pair of Tesco black skinny jeans.

Bitches be fake

I’m stock piling false eyelashes (It’s a secret, I can’t tell you!) and I was recommended to buy some Kiss false nails so it would be rude not to buy them too right?

Leopards eat Flamingos

I recently saw this gorgeous coraly peach flamingo slouch shopper bag and it was love at first sight. No lies. I ummed and aahed about going back to buy it but after some gentle persuasion I went back and it now be mine. Took a quick snap at the tills as I felt a bit pattern crazy!

All work and no play makes Katie dull

I spent a large chunk of this weekend working. I have been working with some new clients so I have not stopped beavering away. My filofax flex has turned in to part of me, i’d be lost without it. It runs my life, my business AND Mr T’s life!

The USB drive is a little nod to Mr Tramp. I got in a bit of a strop with my laptop on Wednesday night trying to do some basic graphics work and it was just having none of it…. I came home from work & Slimming World at the end of the week to find a brand new, sexy laptop waiting for me to fire up and tackle the world on. I’m using it now and it’s awesome. The USB drive was used to transfer files!

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

I bought these on a whim at Christmas from an ebay seller as a slight dupe of the Topshop Allegras. I knew I wouldn’t get my wear out of the real Allegras making the outlay a bit silly so I got these for £19.99 including postage, brand new. Can’t go wrong at that and i’ve enjoyed wearing them for work.

When the Moon hits your eye like a big, delicious, cheesy, gooey pizza pie, that’s AMORE.

Following Slimming World, we worked out that it was roughly over a weeks Syn points to have a Dominos. This ruined Mr T’s world I can tell you that. What you are looking at is a Syn Free pizza. It was filling and tasty. Bit of a taste sensation to get used to, but tasty. I’ve had such fab feedback from my SW Syn Free recipes so far I think i’m going to introduce a recipes tab up there at the top to hold them all.

Eye Eye, what do I see here then?

Had a bit of a calamity and made my eye bleed, not for the squeamish but I removed a skintag myself (which is perfectly safe to do so) but boy do those little blighters bleed! Blood pooling in my eye was a bit scary but it’s all safe and well!

Anniversaries come but once a year

Top L-R : Mr T at the Grand Canyon // View of Havana // Mr T smoking a hand rolled cigar at a tabacco plantation
Bottom L-R : Havana // Berber Village in the Atlas Mountains // Our empty drinks and the Caribbean ocean at Xanadu
Top L- R : Old Havana // Pier 45, San Francisco // Palma //
Middle L – R : Koutoubia Minaret, Marrakech // Captiol Building, Havana // Palma Cathedral
Bottom L – R : Far side of Alcatraz from the water //  Hotel Excalibur, Las Vegas // Alcatraz rec yard at sunset

Mr T and I had our 5th Wedding anniversary in October and 5th is wood. As husband and I are both keen on photography and quite frankly his photos are always AMAZING, I surprised him with a montage of our first 5 year of marriage in the medium of photography… in a wooden frame. It left him speechless and it makes the most fantastic piece of art in our house as it’s truly truly personal. Great talking point too.

Anyways, I only just got round to hanging the picture, shame on me!!

So, as you’ll see I haven’t had that much of a riveting week! I promise you i’ll be more exciting from now on!

What have you done this week? Anything exciting? Tell me!



What Katie Did #2

What Katie Did #2
Hello Lovelies,
Hope you have all had a good week and an especially good weekend?

Mr Tramp and I had a lovely weekend and we left the area for the weekend and I thought I’d share a couple of snaps of the highlights…. and when I say highlights it mostly involves me looking like a drowned rat and scared!
1.Toot Toot! All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

Couldn’t resist having a quick snap under the sign!! Ive seen the actual train before in Durham but just had to pose with this now didn’t I?!
I know my pashmina makes oddly look like a Rabbi but i’d been carrying on with it and slung it back on for the photo… i didn’t realise it looks quite so dodgy! Also, cross legs with jeans and boots on is not a good look for me!

2. Friggin’ in the metal riggin’

This was terrifying. I’m not usually bothered by heights but we went on a one of those London Eye, millennium wheel jobbies and as Saturday was a horrid day weather wise, it was torrential rain and super strong wind. The pod stopped at the top for 10 mins or so to let people below on or off and i’m not ashamed to admit I cried. Thankfully it was just me and Mr Tramp in the pod. We were being blown all over! 
I think the commentary said we were either 60m or 100m in the air… either way it was a bit too high for my liking on such a windy day!

I oddly felt safer when I was looking out over the mechanisms rather in to thin air! I guess I watched too much Beverly Hills Cop & Final Destination!!

3. Turtle-y scared

You might only get the turtle-y bit if you are aware of the Geordie & Ashington accents. That’s how an Ashington person would say totally!
This was on our 3rd revolution. I had shrunk down and retreated in to my pashmina like a little scared turtle! I had started the day with beautifully big bouncy straight hair but of course the dampness and rain brought out dreadful ringlets so i’d thrown it in to a bun and left my fringe to do it’s own thing. Note the smudgey mascara from the drama-rama terror!
Genuine Leather biker jacket is from Simply Be!

4. Eye Spy with my big mechanical eye

This is the view from the top. I got brave on the 4th revolution and took pictures while we were at the top.. and the wind had stopped gusting!

5. Don’t let the sun go down on meeeee

This was as the sun was finally making an appearance just in time for setting. Mr Tramp looks so, absolutely, gorgeous highlighted by the sun in this way. I was lucky to have caught it before the pod moved again. Also ladies, look at those eyelashes… the jammy sod!!

6. I’m a model, you know what I mean?

Just because my kitten was so intrigued by the Canon strap on my camera he was letting me snap some pictures of him. I think this one is absolutely stunning. He’s called Barney after Barney Stinson from How I met your mother… although Dr Oppenheimer and Zazzle from Big Bang Theory were close 2nds!

Not a very varied set of photos but between holding Mr T’s hand and weilding my umbrella, I didn’t get much snapping done!!

I had fun putting this together. What do we think, more What Katie did? Yay or Nay? Love to know….


Merry Christmas to all my wonderful followers!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful followers!

I wish all my wonderful, beautiful followers and readers a super merry christmas and I hope each and every one of you gets exactly what you wanted, whether it’s presents or just spending time with loved ones.

I’m going to be having a few days break from the Interwebs to spend time my with my hub and family so I will catch you all very soon.
If you or anyone you know need anyone to chat too or are feeling a bit down over the festive period, I would love it if you took a quick look at Kellie’s blog post HERE about useful and handy people to talk to.

Stay fabulous

Katie xxx

We hit the big 1-0

We hit the big 1-0

I just thought i’d share with you all that today is a very special day in the Tramp house hold. Mr Tramp aka Paul and I have been together for 10yr today.


Ok so I found this on a poker website but I liked it!


We have been through a lot of things together, bad times and good in the last decade and I truly cannot think of anyone I would rather have by my side than him. We have just celebrated recently our 5th wedding anniversary so I can proudly say that I have the most amazing husband and best friend in the world and to have reached these milestones and points in my life, all before 30 is just mind blowing.


We have so much to achieve in the next 10yr and I hope that in 2021 i’m back writing about our 20th anniversary.
I have lots of wonderful things in store for us today so I shall leave it off that and go enjoy my day!


Hope you all have a lovely day too


Girls Day Out 2 – UPDATE!

Girls Day Out 2 – UPDATE!

Well my lovelies, Kat and I are glad to announce that we have a super shiny fab venue lined up for our 2nd blogger event in Newcastle!

The Grey Street Hotel is playing host for our event so come along from 2pm for drinks, chat, laughter and some very very special goody bags and surprises galore!

If you are wanting to come for lunch and shopping, we will still be meeting up at 10am for a wander and munch before moving on to the venue to rest our shopped feet and drink something rediculously tasty as well as getting to know lots of new bloggers!!

Please confirm via Facebook or this blog so we know how many are coming.