Girls Day Out 2 – UPDATE!

Girls Day Out 2 – UPDATE!

Well my lovelies, Kat and I are glad to announce that we have a super shiny fab venue lined up for our 2nd blogger event in Newcastle!

The Grey Street Hotel is playing host for our event so come along from 2pm for drinks, chat, laughter and some very very special goody bags and surprises galore!

If you are wanting to come for lunch and shopping, we will still be meeting up at 10am for a wander and munch before moving on to the venue to rest our shopped feet and drink something rediculously tasty as well as getting to know lots of new bloggers!!

Please confirm via Facebook or this blog so we know how many are coming.



Follow Me, everything is alright!

Follow Me, everything is alright!

To steal lyrics from the Uncle Kracker song, did you know there’s lots of ways to follow me, my ramblings and my blog?

Not only can you follow me via GFC, but you can also use Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin or RSS feed too.

In fact, there’s a Follow Me tab at the top of every page so that you can find all the tools you need.

As a treat to my lovely loyal followers, I have 2 upcoming give aways! A Philip Kingsley goody pack and a tube of the much talked about Nanoblur!!

Make sure you’re following to be in with a chance once they go live!!



Scented Saturday – Candles

Scented Saturday – Candles
As the nights draw in and I am invariably spending more time in the house, just like every year, we turn our attentions to making our living room even cosier than it already is.

I love nothing more than watching TV in either pitch dark or by candle light so it is really important to me to get really pretty AND great smelling candles. I know I have fallen in to the trap of super pretty candles smelling dreadful, if at all, once lit.

Recent burnings in the Tramp Towers have been the White Chiffon Candle from Boux Avenue (£12)  and the very lovely Myrrh Muske & Cypress candle from Molton Brown (£36) that Mr Tramp very kindly picked and bought for me. It’s a very autumnal, wintery smell that just makes you want to curl on the sofa with a good book and a toasty warm blanket.

I am very particular about my candle scents and swing wildly from clean, fresh smelling aromas like Boux Avenue to quite ‘masculine’ scents. I really don’t like anything floral or anything that resembles the insane amount of ‘hippy’ joss sticks I used to burn when I was a teenage goth. Ick!

Since hearing about the wonderfully sounding Russian Collection from Jonathan Ward , I have been eyeing the website trying to pick and choose what next. As if they could read minds, the lovely powers that be have kicked off a pre-christmas sale with some awesome deals available on their candles. If you follow them on Twitter @j_w_london new deals keep cropping up and I compel you all to go and buy something delightfully decadent for yourself!

Yesterday I treated myself to Kiss in Rio and 3 Kings, both of which sound perfect.

Kiss in Rio

This scent is one of the boldest in the collection. Its complex tangle of aromatic notes is rich, dark and moody.
The ideal gift for modern environments, this seductive aroma is one of the editors favourites.


Blackcurrant, Clove, Licorice, Pepper, Smoky Woods 

 – The smoky wood and pepper really appealed to me! I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Three Kings

An exquisite fragrance carefully designed to be enjoyed seasonally or throughout the year. Pacific Amber, Myrrh and Frankincense meld exquisitely into jasmine, violet, cinnamon and Zanzibar Clove. Starfruit and bergamot add an interesting playful twist.

The Myrrh and cinnamon drew me to this one, I’m really excited to try it when it arrives. I have a sneaking suspicion I might order a few more to keep as back ups!

I’m hoping that some of the in-laws and family read this post… and if so… I’d like to add the following 3 candles on to my christmas wish list please!!
An intoxicatingly masculine scent which on smelling it reminded me of cigar smoke, museums and old leather arm chairs. It was quite an evocative smokey boozey mix. I am probably the worst person to describe scents so here is the official blurb! 

Question everything. Seek out the truth. Provoke your senses with puzzling aromas. Discover the seductive mysteries of birch, cade, leather, tar and amber with our firefly embers medio candle illuminating your way. Intriguing, fearless and enigmatic.

The way we blend it
Top notes: birch oil, cedar wood
Middle notes: cade oil, black leather accord
Base notes: tar accord, amber, warm woods

A mysterious, decadently spiced fragrance inspired by the love songs Russian soldiers would sing to their loved ones when facing wartime.  Including rich notes of Cedarwood, Elemi Cognac, Tonka Bean, Birch Leaf, Organic Black Pepper and Rosemary.

Black Pepper, Cedar Wood, Tonka Bean, Birch-leaf, Cognac, Rosemary

A regal, spiced woody aroma.  Inspired by the capture of the infamous serial killer Darya by Catherine the Great this unique fragrance contains notes of Cashmere Cedarwood, Cumin, Vetiver, Amber, Cinammon and Clove.

Amber, Cedar Wood, Clove, Vetiver, Cinnamon, Cumin

What are your favourite candles to burn? How do you fragrance your home?  I’d love to know

Turbo Thursday – We all can dream…

Turbo Thursday – We all can dream…

The 2nd instalment of my Turbo Thursday set finds me day dreaming.

Now when most people imagine their dream car, it’s invariably a super sports car, a car from a movie or for the girly girls amongst us, something pink and flowery but not me.

I am obsessed.. Yes people OBSESSED with 1930 Ford hot rods. I would actually sell my own grandmother (nay, both of them) to have a 1932 Ford Coupe hot rod. Black with flames or a beautiful deep House of Kolor candy red. Mm beautiful.

In 2006 I had the great pleasure of seeing the awesome SEMA show in Las Vegas. It was here that I first spotted those infamous clear alloy wheels! I will never forget seeing a huge pack of amazing hot rods braying down Las Vegas boulevard in convoy. Have you ever had one of those moments where you can’t actually believe what you are seeing and you just stop and stare with a bit of drool coming out of your mouth? Yeah that was me. Nice huh?

My every day obsession with 1950s Americana has spilled over in to my motoring choices and I just can’t help but be drawn to these bad boys! Look at them.. So pretty!

So… if anyone offered me a million pound limited edition Aston Martin One-77, I’d pass…. I’d take the money of course, book a flight to America, buy a beat down old Ford and commission Rick Dale, owner of the amazing Ricks Restorations to get it back to pristine condition. In fact I think I’d probably spaff my entire million on his restorations. Hmm.. I wonder if he’d want to adopt me or marry me.. Either way it would be win!

To be fair, it’s not just 30s hot rods, it’s vintage cars in general. Not your average 20yr old VW on a ‘classic car’ policy but true vintage.

On our recent trip to Havana, we were in old car heaven!!

Check out their taxi’s!!

This is one girl that isn’t impressed by men in flashy sports cars so low you need to adopt a gym class crab to get in and out of, give me the bench seat of an american vintage classic any day.



Turbo Thursday – A break from my normal posts!!

Turbo Thursday – A break from my normal posts!!
In a departure from my usual type of blog post, I thought I’d share with you what I did on Sunday in a little piece I am going to call Turbo Thursday!

As some of you may know, I am currently working with a local car performance shop / rally team managing their marketing & PR etc via the business I run. It’s been going swimmingly well and we were even filmed as part of a Channel 4 documentary back in August.

As I drive an Impreza myself and am head over heels passionate about the motoring world, it seemed a good fit to work with Eclipse Performance as they needed someone with the enthusiasm and drive that most agencies probably lacked.

Anyway, on Sunday the shop attended the British Drift Championship in Sunderland. We had an amazing stand with both of our rally cars on display with 3 other show cars as well as the big rally wagon. It was by far the best stand there and we certainly drew in the crowds with the Dirt3 rally car and a Subaru powered Peugeot 206!

As the drifting began, we went and watched some smokey goodness, saw some great spin outs and brilliant driving by some of the UK’s best drifters. On a wander round the pits, I got to meet Shane Lynch, ex Boyzone and now professional drifter. I have to say he was the biggest *insert expletive of choice* I have ever met but after meeting the lovely Theo Paphitis, you can’t win ’em all can you! 

It was great to meet some of the lovely folks behind the Total Car magazine series, both Lesley and their photographer Will (who had an awesome t shirt on, I must say!) and it was a bigger highlight when they did a photoshoot of the Dirt3 rally car to feature in the Total Impreza Magazine! How ace is that!!

Very kindly, my husband got on board as our in-house photographer for the day and knocked out some AMAZING photos, some of which I have added below.

All in all, it was a great day and I met a lot of wonderful people all whilst working – How bad can that be eh! With my passion for motorsport and the car world, I hope I have the chance to work with many more clients in this field!

Should you wish to see any others they are over HERE

Hope you enjoyed a little insight in to my world away from beauty blogging, and what my company does for my clients!