Our 10th Wedding Anniversary


At 3pm today, I’ll have been married for precisely 10 year. Can you believe it, because I certainly can’t!

I feel like 10 year is a big milestone these days, especially for getting married so young. I sometimes can’t get my head around people my age only getting married now!

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Tips & tricks for last minute entertaining

Emergency Entertaining Tips & Tricks

Have you ever had friends descend on you with no notice and you need to pull out some guest-friendly snacks and drinks for entertaining? You are desperately trying to scrabble out of your pyjamas before they arrive yet you need to be the hostess with the most-ess. How about a last minute dinner invite, all the shops are shut and you can’t buy flowers or chocolates for your host? I’ve been there!

If this has happened to you, don’t panic – I have a few tips and tricks for you!

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8 things all country girls know to be true

Country Girl Rules

If you’re a townie, you can probably smell the difference between your local coffee shops or smell the fresh sea air from your front door but when you’re a country girl and you live in the countryside, you learn to differentiate the smells of which manure the local farmers are spreading on their fields (Pig poo is the worst!) and you think going to a country fair is the highlight of your weekend.

If you think a Barbour jacket is a necessity not a fashion accessory, read on. I found myself nodding at quite a lot of these!

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4 years of loss……


They say time is a healer. To an extent, I agree.

Some losses never heal, you just learn to carry the burden and shed a tear every now and then.

It’s been 4 long hard years since my Dad suddenly passed away. This is what I have learnt.

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Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday

It’s my Husband Paul’s birthday today. My top pal, my number 1 buddy and my perpetual man crush Monday.

No post today other than to wish him a very Happy Birthday. He’s an almost ancient 34!