Follow Me, everything is alright!

Follow Me, everything is alright!

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Happy Halloween! In honour of Halloween Hotties!

Happy Halloween! In honour of Halloween Hotties!

I love Halloween, it’s a perfect excuse to let the inner child AND inner goth out to play once a year… as opposed to my early twenties when I was a goth 24/7!

As I’m working a super super long day today I don’t get a chance to play dress up so it seems a bit of waste to dress up the house too. 

We did settle on a little pumpkin that Mr Tramp took over with man duties and carved. He then unleashed the inner David Bailey in him to take some snaps!

When you think of Halloween figures, all the “good” characters are all men. In horror or spooky films, there’s a definite lack of iconic female roles! After spending a week thinking long and hard and grilling everyone I know, we have come up with a list of iconic Halloween hotties.. whether its from a scary horror film, a popular costume choice or just something spooky… here’s in the Ladyfromatramp Halloween Hotlist…

 And finally, the most bad ass female icon I could remember growing up… the fearsome Sarah Connor from Terminator (which I was a little bit frightened of!)

Do you have a favourite iconic Halloween female?

Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream

Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream
As I sit and write this review, I have a huge burn on my right forearm that is smothered in a nice layer of 8hr cream. I never thought I’d see the day that I actually bought this wonder product!

After the recommendations of so many of you, I toddled off to the Elizabeth Arden counter to try the 8hr cream with a view to buy it there and then. On taking a first sniff of the product it set me off dry wretching. The smell was intolerable. I had to go outside and get air as I was gagging. I resigned myself that it wasn’t for me.

A few tweets and weeks later, I understood that the product doesn’t smell quite so strongly once applied and that it was actually a nice medicinal smell to most folk. I still wasn’t convinced.

Whilst sitting on the airplane in a huff that the Duty Free had no Chanel Bronze Universal in stock, I thought stuff it, I’m having some Elizabeth Arden.. I’ll learn to like it!

I picked up the 8hr Cream in the tub rather than the tube, with the pretty Parisian design on the box and the frosted glass tub inside. I have to say the smell is actually a lot less over powering in the tub than it is in the tubeā€¦ I don’t know why but it is!

I thought the 8hr cream would be a fad with me but in 1 week alone it proved worth it’s weight in gold. I burnt my nose chin and forehead on holiday and whilst I was using the Proactiv moisturiser to keep it soft, it wasn’t really helping with the healing and peeling. That’s where the E.A came in! Due to the heat I couldn’t wear it all day but I gave my skin a healthy dose every night before bed and it really did keep that horrible sore tight feeling you get with facial sunburn. It really tamed the flaking skin on my nose too – pretty image huh!

Since I got back I have been using it sparingly on my dry elbows and lips but when I burnt my arm, after the skin cooled down the 8hr cream was the first thing I reached for and it is keeping it supple and pain free!

So, I’m now a convert to Elizabeth Arden and wish I’d bought the lip protectant too!

Have you ever hated a product in one form but loved it in another?

Naked eyes?

Naked eyes?
 I’m a contact lense wearing, sensitive skinned, glitter obsessive, fake lash wearing, black eyeliner loving ex goth.

This is a combination which usually sends eye make up removers running for the hills.. or sending me running to the bathroom to bathe my poorly burning eyes! I just can’t win.

I need a super sensitive yet very hard working product to remove glitter, liner, primer and bits of icky lash glue.

We’ve all looked like this after the end of a mental night out…. haven’t we? Or is it just me?

I’ve been expanding my collection of late trying to find a happy medium. The gorgeous Laura’s post over on her blog HERE about her experience with Klorane has set me off on an even bigger quest to find that perfect remover.

One that popped up on my radar was a product from Jason’s. Jason’s products are animal cruelty free, as natural as possible and pioneering their natural products since 1959.

Their Quick Clean pads are jam packed with active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Cucumber. The cucumber alone will be lovely and cooling / soothing on those tired little peepers at the end of the impending Christmas Party season! The pack also contains 75 pads which is HUGE compared to most alternative offering.

I haven’t yet tried these but they are on the top of my shopping list I have to say!! They sound FAB!


Make Up – Traveling light?

Make Up – Traveling light?
I’ve just come back from a long weekend break away with my husband. I laid all of my make up out in readiness to get dressed and do my make up for our night out. He was amazed that I had brought so much stuff, even though I considered to be traveling quite light!

I tweeted the picture and I had a fair few requests to blog my kit so here it is!

This is the kit I take when I travel in the UK and cooler Europe climates. I refuse to take any of my high end make up as I would actually sit and cry if it got destroyed on a plane or train! C’mon ladies, we all know i’m not the only one eh!

My pink leopard print make up bag is a lovely Betseyville one, as is the skull and rose mini bag. This lives in my handbag with lippies and things in.

In the picture is also a travel can of Batiste, some Umberto Gianini serum for curls, Givenchy’s Ange ou Demon and No 7 false eyelashes in 40.

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation – 53
2. Urban Decay Primer Potion (from Naked palette kit)
3. Benefit Cha Cha Tint
4. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer – 2 Light
5. 17 Falsifye mascara – Black
6. Proactive Green Tea Moisturiser
7. Vivo Lipstick – Coral Flair
8. Sheer Cover duo concealer – medium / tan
9. Specsavers contact lenses (-3.50)

10. FashionistA customisable palette (clockwise from top left – Golden Glow (38), Berry Brown (42), Auburn Glow (40) and Brunette Bombshell (24) )
11. Smooch Bronzer – Bronzed

13. Nars Blush – Deep Throat
14. Sleek i-Divine – Storm
15. Green People pressed powder – Honey

16. Royal & Langnickel Powder Brush
17. Superdrug Foundation Brush 
18. Royal & Langnickel  Blusher Brush
19. Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face Brush (perfect for bronzing)
20. Lydia Flat top Foundation Brush
21. Ruby & Millie slanted brush (eyebrows)
22. Royal & Langnickel eyeshadow brush
23. No 7 Eyeshadow blending brush (crease brush)

Hidden away in the little skully pouch is 2 Chanel lipsticks, 3 Kate Moss for Rimmel, a Collection 2000 pressed powder and a Natural Collection clear mascara for my brows.

I know I could have narrowed it down a little more….. but I think it’s pretty conservative compared to some travel kits I’ve seen.
Do you travel with more or less make up? Do you take your good stuff or have a back up basics kit?