MAC Snowglobe Palette

MAC Snowglobe Palette

Have you ever bought something and thought you’d save it for a special occasion and then down the line you find it and realise you’ve forgotten all about it?

That’s what happened to me and MAC Snowglobe!

As part of the 2011 Holiday Collection, I picked this up back in May 2013 in a Lauder group outlet shop in a Mall in America. It was dirt cheap and an absolute steal as I hadn’t actually seen much buzz in the UK about the palette when it was launched.

MAC Snowglobe Palette

I was rummaging in the back of my eye shadow drawer and found it. It’s a thing of utter beauty so I’m kicking myself for not using it before now. The silver dome is a real snow globe, hence the name, and the shades fall on the warm side of the neutral spectrum.

MAC Snowglobe Palette

You can see my mini Instagram video of the lid HERE

Buttery soft, the dark shades have a hell of a lot more pigmentation than the lighter ones which are a bit wishy washy but pretty nonetheless.

I’m really glad I rediscovered this palette – I’ve been using it a lot!

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