Feeeeed me…..

….. Is what my hair would say if it had a voice. I imagine my hair would have quite a deep northern voice, a bit like Ross Noble.

On the eternal quest for long shiny hair, and a scolding from my lovely hairdresser, I have trawled my bathroom cupboards (where the beauty magic happens) to see just how many suitable goodies I have.

After buying just about every single deep conditioner and repairer both Boots and Superdrug sell, I have hit upon a great ‘deep conditioner’ that I like to use a couple times a week. I use the  Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends conditioner every time I wash my hair and then every other wash I treat it with this Beautiful Ends Intensive Mask. It gaves a great silky finish and doesnt weigh my hair down or leave it with that greasy filmy feel to it.

After washing and conditioning / treating, I always follow up with a great big spray dose of  Elvive Colour Protect Conditioning Spray which is brilliant. It smells like holidays and helps my hair retain moisture and not go quite as frizzy straw like.

I’m a big fan of high street brands but i’ve got to the point where I have not found the perfect conditioner. 

Having super pale blonde hair, not only the conditioning is important, using a good colour enhancer is vital! Again, after trying just about everything the highstreet has to offer (twice just to be sure LOL ) I found this in my local teeny tiny Boots store. I think it’s aimed at little old ladies with grey hair but the Touch of Silver Shampoo  is absolutely amazing at zapping those pesky stray yellow and gold tones and cools hair right down. I would marry this shampoo if possible !!!

So now, my search continues for a colour depositing shampoo with imparts some brown dye, to counterbalance any ashyness that may arise from washing and a new super thick nourishing repairing conditioning mask. I have a couple of recommendations so I will update as soon as I have given them a whirl!!



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