Summer Holiday

Planning your summer holiday is so exciting; it really whets your appetite for what’s to come. But being faced with so many options can be daunting: destination, type of accommodation, and whether to lean more towards cultural or sloth-on-the-beach type holiday. Taking two-week breaks can be a big investment, so how can you push the odds in your favour that your trip will be a success? The following travel tips should help you enjoy a holiday that ticks all the boxes.

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USA Road Trip 2017

I am less than 1 week away from this years USA road trip holiday and I am giddy with excitement.  My suitcase is getting closer and closer to the front door as the days go by, I am ready for the break!  Unlike my last trip away, it’s just the Husband and I this time. 2 weeks and the open road ahead.

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Furnace Creek Ranch Death Valley

The heat wave England is currently enduring is nothing compared to our visit to Furnace Creek Ranch. Death Valley is listed as the hottest place on earth and let me tell you, it was.  Our little bit of oasis in the fierce heat was Furnace Creek Ranch and their pool!

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Date Night in Miami

I’m always adding things and places on to my travel bucket list. From must see attractions to cutesy romantic places for dinner.

Miami has been on my bucket list for a good few years now and I solely blame that on TV! Dexter and Burn Notice have a lot to answer for. The cool cocktails on the boardwalk and the art deco pastel shades of the hotels. Lush!

The closest I have been to Miami is a mere 189 miles away. Of course I was in Cuba and couldn’t really pop over for a visit, being so close yet so far has raised it up my list.

Here’s a few tips and tricks for Date Nights in Miami!

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Paris had been on my bucket list for 15yr and the Husband finally whisked me off for a surprise visit for our 10th wedding anniversary back in October and I fell in love. If you have built somewhere up in your head for so long it can sometimes disappoint but not Paris. It has a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to go back.

Here’s 5 top tips for maximising your visit to France!

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