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31 Jan 2012

Craig Lawrence & Clynol Submission

Hello Lovelies,

I recently entered a bit of a competition over on the Immediate PR blog in order to win backstage passes to Craig Lawrence's LFW show. How exciting is that eh?!

I made it through to the first stage of the comp and for part 2, we had to predict a style that will be trend during A/W 2012.

I took my inspiration from Craig's body of work, along with masses of brainstorming to come up with my completed style board. I decided not to style this one out on myself as I wanted to show lots of variations of the style and what better way to do it than with a style mood board.

When I think of knitwear, which Craig Lawrence is famed for, I think of softly delicate strands intertwined with each other to produce beautifully soft items.

This instantly made me think of curled, soft hair pinned up in a textured bun updo . An elegant, dishevelled ballerina but retaining it's form and shape. Hair coming back from the face with body, bounce and curl rather than slicked back sleek. Perfect for naturally curly ladies or straight haired girls using appliances. 

I'm going to name this trend the Urban Ballerina. Traditional yet edgy and effortless.

With the weather being tricky to predict in A/W a pretty up do can be every womans failsafe go to style. Keeps your hair off your face in those muggy September days and protects your tresses from the window, rain and snow in the depths of winter.

Picture wearing a super soft, snuggly delicate knitted jumper or dress with this hair and I think it would be an easy look to recreate if you're both naturally curly or need to tong.

The key to this look, in my opinion, is super conditioned hair and loose, effortless curls and to achieve this i'd use my number 1 favourite conditioner, which is actually the Rescue Treatment, to make hair super resilient and glossy.

I have naturally curly hair so i'd define my curls by using Twist Curl Cream to prep and groom the hair before drying and styling. For those ladies with enviable straight hair, a heat protectant is a must before tonging, or you could use Curlformers to set hair overnight without heat or stress.

A perfect messy bun comes from lots of volume and to save the hair from back coming damage, I'd use Thicken Elixir in the ends to plump hair up. Root lift around the crown would boost the volume even more so a good dusting of Powder Punch would really give your hair some OOMPH!

Now when the dark mornings arrive this Autumn, you know you can pull of a perfect, quick and easy up do to stay on trend AND save extra time under that lovely duvet!

Hope you all like my submission. I know I have had a lot of fun researching both Craigs work and some beautiful hair styles... as well as playing around with my own hair too!

I can't wait to hear what you think of my style board.

Decleor & Macdonald Hotels bring you.... Paradise!

Hello lovelies,

I was recently invited down to London for the launch of what sounds to be an awesome new spa experience from the Macdonald hotel chain. Sadly the pesky old day job got in the way so I was unable to attend but the lovely people at Decleor sent me a sample of their Relax Intense Fruit Seed Scrub to try... with a review to follow soon!

I've stayed at the Macdonald Holyrood hotel in Edinburgh numerous times and I absolutely love the place and other hotels in their chain certainly do not disappoint. If you get the chance to check out this treatment, I strongly urge you to. 

I know I am ready to experience it, booked up for Pay Day!

  Exclusive Paradise Escape’ with Decléor
Journey from the Sunshine State, home of the Orange Blossom,
to the Avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar

Macdonald Hotels & Resorts, the largest privately owned hotel groupin the UK, has introduced its ‘Paradise Escape’ signature treatment across its Spa Collection nationwide.

Available at the hotel group’s 24 Spa Harmony & Serenity locations (from February 2012), this exotic spa experience is an incredibly decadent and relaxing face and body treatment created to provide the ultimate ‘dayscape’ or overnight ‘spacation’.
Inspiration from Paradise
Developed by Cosmetic Aromatherapy experts, Decléor, the spa journey begins with a full body exfoliation using the seeds from the Madagascan fruit known as a Boabab. This powerful fruit has six times more vitamin C than one orange and is grown from trees that are 80% water and live for over 100 years. When applied topically, its intense properties smooth and rejuvenate tired skin. The journey continues with a beautiful expert massage using warm body balms drizzled over the legs and the back with the aid of Decléor’s unique natural massage tool, the Acacia Massager.  This innovative tool enables the therapist to work deeply across the whole body, hands and feet to effectively relieve muscular aches and tension.
A gentle facial massage follows using an exceptional elixir of Orange Blossom, the national flower of the sunshine state Florida. With numerous benefits, the Orange Blossom helps to restore the skins youthful glow by aiding skin cell regeneration, works to normalise enlarged pores and is an effective sebum balancing remedy for dry and oily skin conditions.
Whilst the warming face mask cocoons and nurtures the skin, the treatment is completed with more massage to the legs, feet, hands, arms and shoulders easing every ounce of tension from the body to leave you feeling like you have escaped to Paradise.
The Macdonald Spa Experience
Guests to Macdonald Hotels Spa Collection can complete the wellbeing encounter with a pampering session in the spas’ wet and dry facilities which include an aroma steam, rock sauna, salt cave, ice fountain, experience shower and heated pool loungers. For the active, visit the state-of-the-art Technogym® to work up an appetite before retreating to a comfortable relaxation area for a gourmet lunch, presented in stylish bento boxes.
All Macdonald Hotels & Resorts within the Spa Collection are located in desirable settings, from the rolling hills of Scotland to the splendour of the South of England. Each hotel has its own charm and character and offer a range of activities, such as a round of golf at the Macdonald Portal Hotel, Golf & Spa, Cheshire or hill walking within the 44 acres green lad at Macdonald Inchyra Hotel & Spa.
Other notable spa hotels include Macdonald Randolph Hotel, Oxford, the leading 5-star hotel in the area, offering first class accommodation, award-winning food and a sensuous spa that was voted among the world’s Top 50.  The Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel, is another hidden haven of beauty and timeless excellence in the heart of historic Bath. Or for a luxury stay in the heart of the city, Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa provides the perfect opportunity to explore Manchester's stylish city centre and spoil yourself at the world-class spa and award-winning restaurant.

‘We have a genuine passion and dedication to making each guest’s experience unique, this is why, together with Decléor we have designed the ‘Paradise Escape’ spa journey. This new treatment, exclusive to the Macdonald Hotels Spa Collection, allows visitors to enjoy an unrivalled spa escape as well as award winning cuisine, a range of activities indigenous to the surrounding environment and first class accommodation should they choose an overnight stay. We pride ourselves on offering the perfect complete break”
Jeanette Jones, Managing Director of Golf, Leisure & Spa, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

The ‘Paradise Escape’ signature treatment costs £110 from Monday to Thursday and £115 from Friday to Sunday.

For a full list of Macdonald Spa Hotels please visit

30 Jan 2012

Philip Kingsley giveaway reminder

Hello Lovelies,

Don't forget, you have just 7 days left to enter my awesome Philip Kingsley giveaway.

Details can be found HERE

Don't forget the check the rules and get tweeting about the giveaway!


Beth Ditto for MAC

Hello Lovelies,

I have some super exciting news to share with you all!

The amazing tour de force that is Beth Ditto, front woman of The Gossip and all round legend is collaborating with MAC for a line due out in the summer... around June time.

Not only is Beth an amazing ambassador for being your self, expressing yourself AND being a totally kick ass plus size role model... she is also pretty damn brave and bold with her make up.

I myself am super excited to see her pieces, if this picture is anything to go by!

I think, if these are colours from the line... I might treat myself to the pink lippie and presumably the blue pencil or shadestick!

In the words of Beth herself... "it's a cruel cruel world... to face on your own"......... so lets wear lipstick and be fabulous.

Are you a fan of Beth Ditto? Will you be checking out her collection?


29 Jan 2012

What Katie Did #3

Hello Lovelies

It's that time again! A weekly round up! I must get more in to the habit of taking pictures again. Admittedly I don't carry my Canon 1ds everywhere with me, that would just be silly so I need to remember to snap away with my phone for quick decent quality pictures!

Hopefully next weeks WKD will be better as I'll have been to London!

Jean Genie

The highlight of my week has probably been me buying new jeans, thanks to my diet they are 2 sizes smaller than the pair I entered the shop in. I was both proud and smug as I treat myself to a cheapo pair of Tesco black skinny jeans.

Bitches be fake

I'm stock piling false eyelashes (It's a secret, I can't tell you!) and I was recommended to buy some Kiss false nails so it would be rude not to buy them too right?

Leopards eat Flamingos

I recently saw this gorgeous coraly peach flamingo slouch shopper bag and it was love at first sight. No lies. I ummed and aahed about going back to buy it but after some gentle persuasion I went back and it now be mine. Took a quick snap at the tills as I felt a bit pattern crazy!

All work and no play makes Katie dull

I spent a large chunk of this weekend working. I have been working with some new clients so I have not stopped beavering away. My filofax flex has turned in to part of me, i'd be lost without it. It runs my life, my business AND Mr T's life!

The USB drive is a little nod to Mr Tramp. I got in a bit of a strop with my laptop on Wednesday night trying to do some basic graphics work and it was just having none of it.... I came home from work & Slimming World at the end of the week to find a brand new, sexy laptop waiting for me to fire up and tackle the world on. I'm using it now and it's awesome. The USB drive was used to transfer files!

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

I bought these on a whim at Christmas from an ebay seller as a slight dupe of the Topshop Allegras. I knew I wouldn't get my wear out of the real Allegras making the outlay a bit silly so I got these for £19.99 including postage, brand new. Can't go wrong at that and i've enjoyed wearing them for work.

When the Moon hits your eye like a big, delicious, cheesy, gooey pizza pie, that's AMORE.

Following Slimming World, we worked out that it was roughly over a weeks Syn points to have a Dominos. This ruined Mr T's world I can tell you that. What you are looking at is a Syn Free pizza. It was filling and tasty. Bit of a taste sensation to get used to, but tasty. I've had such fab feedback from my SW Syn Free recipes so far I think i'm going to introduce a recipes tab up there at the top to hold them all.

Eye Eye, what do I see here then?

Had a bit of a calamity and made my eye bleed, not for the squeamish but I removed a skintag myself (which is perfectly safe to do so) but boy do those little blighters bleed! Blood pooling in my eye was a bit scary but it's all safe and well!

Anniversaries come but once a year

Top L-R : Mr T at the Grand Canyon // View of Havana // Mr T smoking a hand rolled cigar at a tabacco plantation
Bottom L-R : Havana // Berber Village in the Atlas Mountains // Our empty drinks and the Caribbean ocean at Xanadu
Top L- R : Old Havana // Pier 45, San Francisco // Palma //
Middle L - R : Koutoubia Minaret, Marrakech // Captiol Building, Havana // Palma Cathedral
Bottom L - R : Far side of Alcatraz from the water //  Hotel Excalibur, Las Vegas // Alcatraz rec yard at sunset

Mr T and I had our 5th Wedding anniversary in October and 5th is wood. As husband and I are both keen on photography and quite frankly his photos are always AMAZING, I surprised him with a montage of our first 5 year of marriage in the medium of photography... in a wooden frame. It left him speechless and it makes the most fantastic piece of art in our house as it's truly truly personal. Great talking point too.

Anyways, I only just got round to hanging the picture, shame on me!!

So, as you'll see I haven't had that much of a riveting week! I promise you i'll be more exciting from now on!

What have you done this week? Anything exciting? Tell me!


28 Jan 2012

Fit not Fat Update Week 3

Hello Lovelies,

Thought I'd do a little update after Thursdays weigh in (WI). I lost 4lb this week and I'm very pleased.

It brings my total weight loss to 11.5lb in 3 weeks.

Still a bit gutted that wk2 was hampered by mother nature but hey, nowt I can do about that now is there?! I plan on smashing it next week to get my stone (I hope) and I promise you all I'll be very very good while I'm in London on the 4th & 5th.

After getting lots of good feedback from my Faux-rito Dorito recipe HERE I thought I'd share my hummus recipe next as I am a bit of a hummus fiend and they go so perfectly together! Nom Nom Nom.

Syn Free Hummus 


400g chick peas 
Lemon juice (a lot of) 
Garlic (fresh, crushed, granules or lazy garlc but not puree) 
Celery salt 
Fromage Frais 
Cayenne Pepper 

I have left a lot of measurements off this as it is ALL down to your own personal taste. I will tell you exactly how I make it but it's up to you!


Drain your can of chick peas and place in your blender / liquidiser. Add a heaped tablespoon of fromage frais and then blitz until it becomes a lumpy paste. This is where it becomes all up to you! 

I like strong tastes so I add quite a lot of garlic and then blitz again. I usually use 1tbsp of lazy garlic. 2 big garlic cloves should be a good amount if you aren't a garlic fiend like me. I like my hummus to be quite smooth so I blitz until all the chick peas are pulped. 

I then taste it and add the lemon juice. The original recipe called for 2tsp but I personally think this is seriously not enough. I have a bottle of Jif lemon and I just keep adding + blitzing until I get quite a nice slightly sharp taste.

From here, season to taste with salt, pepper and celery salt and if you like it spicy, add cayenne or paprika. You could even add fresh chillis and make it super spicy.

If at this point your hummus is still a bit too thick, you can add a little more fromage frais. Just keep tweaking the consistance and flavourings until you are happy. Always add small amounts… you can add to but not take away!

If you want to add fresh herbs, I strongly suggest chopping them and stirring them in just before serving otherwise it goes a funny mud colour if you add them then blitz.

Next up… how do we feel about battered garlic mushrooms, Katsu Curry, Cannelloni, chicken goujons, rice pudding or onion bhajis recipes? All syn free of course!!
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27 Jan 2012

Japonesque - The perfect concealer brush

Hello Lovelies,

I am a bit of a bugger when it comes to using things for their intended purposes. I like to find new and inventive ways to use things, just to be a bit different and get the very best results. I like to use a thin angled foundation brush to apply setting powder under my eyes and along my brow bones rather than to apply foundation!

With that in mind, I'd like to tell you all about my new find, the perfect concealer brush from Japonesque!

The brush itself is marketed as an eye shadow crease brush, from the shorter handled travel line. 

You can see from the shape of the brush that it is bulleted and not like most other concealer brushes…. That is what I love.

This brush can handle just about any kind of concealer you throw at it, liquid, gel, stick forms, the lot. I find the finer point perfect for really dabbing on small amounts of cover on to small areas and then conversely the angled sides give great application to larger areas.

I find the pointed tip of the brush also gives great reach and application to areas such as around the nostrils and in the inner corner of my eyes. It's the perfect multi fit shape.

The brush is so versatile I always then run the tip in to my MAC MSFN to then set the concealer.

The brush quality itself is also really good. The ferrule is nice and strong and well glued, the bristles are tightly packed and feel lovely against the skin with no shedding. The handle, with it being classed as a short handled travel brush, is nice and thick yet compact. It is perfectly usable on a daily basis, none of that pathetically small useless tiny brush size here!

You can buy the Japonesque travel range in Boots and John Lewis. This brush is £12.75 in Boots and on offer, if you buy 1, you get the 2nd brush half price - brilliant!!

Have you tried Japonesque brushes? Do you use things for a purpose it wasn't intended for? How do you apply concealer?

26 Jan 2012

New! Cherry Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hello Lovelies
Well lookie here, look what I found hiding away in my local Boots. Cherry Batiste! 

I tweeted about it on Tuesday night with glee at finding something so cute in the can and cherry flavoured (looove cherry prints and smells) and it turns out a lot of you lovelies had never heard of it, seen it or knew it was coming!

I thought that was a bit odd as the furore surrounding Batiste Wild was quite widespread. Wonder if my Boots have done a woopsie and stocked it out too soon? Who knows.

The can is a beautiful ditzy cherry print and the smell… well it isn't as cherry-ish as I would have liked, I can't really detect much of a cherry smell to it but it is sweet and fruity and that's good enough for me!

As I've mentioned before, being a bit of an 'alt girl' and rockabilly fan, anything with a cherry print on gets the thumbs up with me so this can will take pride of place in my bathroom along with her new partner in crime… Batiste Wild.

Will you be trying Cherry Batiste? What is your favourite scent?

24 Jan 2012

FashionistA fashion secret gel eyeliner

I love my Maybelline Gel eyeliner but after a little panic in which it vanished (the suitcase stole it!) I finally opened my FashionistA. I'd been saving it until I'd ran out of Maybelline but it's day had come.

I love the packaging. It admittedly does look a little cheap and chatty, BUT, it is cheap and cheerful so I don't mind. It almost has the look of nail varnish doesn't it?!

The lid is absolutely genius. The top pulls off and snaps back in on itself to create a mini, portable eyeliner brush! It's great for keeping in your travel bag or handbag for quick touch ups without having to lug around brushes. I do choose to use my own  liner brushes with the gel liner but I have used the built in brush which works well. It's also handy for ladies without a mammoth brush collection. Good thinking to include one that you aren't likely to lose.

I love the jet black gel inside the pot. I have often said I find the maybelline one a little too gel-y and it needs to be set quickly with black shadow to stop it transferring to my brow bone. The FashionistA liner is a little more solid and substantial which means I get a little longer to line before worrying about transfer and it doesn't need setting as much which is a bonus in my book!
For such a bargain price, I can't fault this liner and now that I have found my Maybelline Liner… I have continued to use this one.

Being honest, I generally only wear eyeliner when I am either doing a heavy black smokey eye or wearing false lashes and in the instance of lashes, this gives a strong inky black line to help hide the band of the lashes. Perfect!

FashionistA is available solely from Superdrug.

Have you tried anything from the FashionistA range? What gel eyeliner do you love?

23 Jan 2012

Slimming World Syn Free Tortilla Doritos!

Hello lovelies,

I did a shout out on Twitter earlier this evening on whether anyone would be interested in a recipe for Syn Free Slimming World Tortilla style Doritos.
I follow the Extra Easy plan so this is totally free.

You can vary this recipe for italian style, indian, mexican or plain.

What you will need :

Dried lasagne sheets (each sheet makes 6 crisps so judge how many you want to use)
Fry Light misting spray
Seasoning of choice.

Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees.

In a large saucepan, boil the full lasagne sheets until they are cooked, soft and floppy.

Drain and rinse with cold water until cool enough to handle. Make sure as much water is removed as possible.

Sprinkle each side of the boiled pasta with salt lightly and then your flavouring of choice. For italian, use garlic salts and herbs, for indian, use curry powder and for a mexican twist I like to use the Nando's Peri Peri. It's about £1.99 for a 90g shaker.

I cut each sheet in to 3, and then turn each of those 3 in to triangle dorito shapes.

Place on a non stick over tray and spray finely and lightly with Fry Light. 

Bake for 10-15 minutes, turning half way through.

Depending on your brand of pasta, you can play around with timings and whether you use Fry Light or not. It's entirely down to you.

I have a recipe for Syn Free garlic battered mushrooms and garlic dip next if anyone is interested in that?

22 Jan 2012

What Katie Did #2

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you have all had a good week and an especially good weekend?

Mr Tramp and I had a lovely weekend and we left the area for the weekend and I thought I'd share a couple of snaps of the highlights.... and when I say highlights it mostly involves me looking like a drowned rat and scared!

1.Toot Toot! All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

Couldn't resist having a quick snap under the sign!! Ive seen the actual train before in Durham but just had to pose with this now didn't I?!

I know my pashmina makes oddly look like a Rabbi but i'd been carrying on with it and slung it back on for the photo... i didn't realise it looks quite so dodgy! Also, cross legs with jeans and boots on is not a good look for me!

2. Friggin' in the metal riggin'

This was terrifying. I'm not usually bothered by heights but we went on a one of those London Eye, millennium wheel jobbies and as Saturday was a horrid day weather wise, it was torrential rain and super strong wind. The pod stopped at the top for 10 mins or so to let people below on or off and i'm not ashamed to admit I cried. Thankfully it was just me and Mr Tramp in the pod. We were being blown all over! 

I think the commentary said we were either 60m or 100m in the air... either way it was a bit too high for my liking on such a windy day!

I oddly felt safer when I was looking out over the mechanisms rather in to thin air! I guess I watched too much Beverly Hills Cop & Final Destination!!

3. Turtle-y scared

You might only get the turtle-y bit if you are aware of the Geordie & Ashington accents. That's how an Ashington person would say totally!

This was on our 3rd revolution. I had shrunk down and retreated in to my pashmina like a little scared turtle! I had started the day with beautifully big bouncy straight hair but of course the dampness and rain brought out dreadful ringlets so i'd thrown it in to a bun and left my fringe to do it's own thing. Note the smudgey mascara from the drama-rama terror!

Genuine Leather biker jacket is from Simply Be!

4. Eye Spy with my big mechanical eye

This is the view from the top. I got brave on the 4th revolution and took pictures while we were at the top.. and the wind had stopped gusting!

5. Don't let the sun go down on meeeee

This was as the sun was finally making an appearance just in time for setting. Mr Tramp looks so, absolutely, gorgeous highlighted by the sun in this way. I was lucky to have caught it before the pod moved again. Also ladies, look at those eyelashes... the jammy sod!!

6. I'm a model, you know what I mean?

Just because my kitten was so intrigued by the Canon strap on my camera he was letting me snap some pictures of him. I think this one is absolutely stunning. He's called Barney after Barney Stinson from How I met your mother... although Dr Oppenheimer and Zazzle from Big Bang Theory were close 2nds!

Not a very varied set of photos but between holding Mr T's hand and weilding my umbrella, I didn't get much snapping done!!

I had fun putting this together. What do we think, more What Katie did? Yay or Nay? Love to know....


Philip Kingsley Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies,

I have a fab giveaway for you all today! A veritable stash of Philip Kingsley goodies!

I'd call this a Philip Kingsley start pack full of his most fabulous products with a value over £25

Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Shampoo
Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Conditioner
Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme x3

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is comment below and make sure you have done the following :

> Become a Google Friend Connect follower of my blog. 

> For an additional entry, Tweet this:

Want to WIN some Philip Kingsley goodies? Check out the giveaway here to enter! RT

> For another additional entry, link from your blog to mine with a post all about my competition.

Remember to leave your name, blog name, twitter name and a link to the post in your comment below.

Good luck everyone!!!

The Fine Print

* This giveaway is only open to Google Friend Connect public followers- New & Old (I do check!). I will remove any accounts created solely for entering competitions promoted via 'freebie' websites.
* ONE entry comment per person please, any more will NOT be counted so make sure you leave all your details in the first comment (name, twitter + blog if you have opted for more chances)
* Not open internationally
* One winner will be selected at random from all valid entries using
* The giveaway closes on Monday 6th February at Midnight (GMT), so that gives you plenty of time! Any entries made after this time will not count
* Winner will be announced on this blog and contacted after dead line. 
* The winner has 7 working days to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen at random. Winner must be happy to confidentially give me their address for posting the prize out.

* This is NOT a sponsored give away. I'm just nice.


20 Jan 2012

Boots Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Cream

Hello Lovelies, 

This is a Holy Grail product for me.

It takes a lot for me to say that but I never leave the house without a tube of this. There's one in each of my cars, handbag, desk at work, desk at home, make up bag, bathroom, bedside table.. You get the picture!

Whilst I don't suffer with your typical spots, I suffer a lot of reaction flare ups. When my facial skin comes in to contact with something it doesn't like such as perfumes, products etc it goes mental and breaks out in to nasty red itchy lumps.

I suffered with this for a long time untreated and then I started to try anything I could think of and nothing worked. It wasn't until I stumbled upon this, and it's non ultra predecessor that I had success in calming down my flare ups.

Using this creamy gel as a spot treatment (geddit?!) you can target the product on to the affect areas for a hit of calming. In about an hour it has reduced the redness, taken the itch out of the area and started to work it's magic on healing it up.

Being a hypersensitive skinned lady this really has been a godsend and has joined the ranks of my arsenal. It does work super well on 'normal' spots as well.

It's best applied under make up but you can lightly dab it on over the top, if you use a bit too much it does go a bit cakey with any powder but a little works wonders.

For less then £5 ( £4.07 for 25ml, currently on 3 for 2) I won't be without this gem and it's quite often on special offer too so stock up!

Have you tried this before? What spot fighting treatments do you recommend?

19 Jan 2012

Retro Rockabilly inspired OOTD

Hello Lovelies,
If there's one thing you probably all didn't know about me is that I am a huge fan of the 50s, americana, hot rods, vintage, pin up fashions, tattoos, rockabilly and the punk scene.

I try to inject a little bit of this in to everything I do. Granted some days it's less appropriate than others but there's always one little twist about me and my outfits, from my hair in victory rolls, retro glasses, jewellery, trademark red 'pin up' lips or my outfit and accessories.

I'm not in it to be a cool kid but for as long as I can remember, it's been my interest so as a goal for 2012, I am trying to bring this out even more. I used to be in a vintage style 24/7 but I felt it wasn't work appropriate at the time but now as I work in a relaxed IT office, I think it's time to rev it up a bit.

This is my OOTD I wore at the weekend.

Black sleevless pencil dress. You can find something moderately similar from Simply Be HERE
Grey and black leopard print cardigan
Thin red belt
Thick black tights
Lady Luck dolly shoes from TUK
I accessorised with a black clip frame leopard print bag, victory rolls in the front of my hair, a tiny red flower in the back fastening my ponytail, Tramp by Illamasqua on the lips and my gorgeous husband acting as arm candy ;-)

Hope you like it. I certainly had fun wearing it! Do you like vintage fashions? 

18 Jan 2012

Avene Tolerance Extreme moisturiser

Hello Lovelies,

I am in love with the Avene Tolerance Extreme moisturiser. Let me just get that out there right now! It's awesome.


Tolerance Extreme is a moisturiser specifically designed for hypersensitive and allergic skin. It contains the purest ingredients without any potentially irritating additives < Sounds good right?!

I use this moisturiser night and day and have not had a reaction to it at all. It soothes and nourishes. It feels quite a thick cream when you apply but it soaks in well and leaves skin feeling moist all day without that clammy feeling you sometimes get.

I let the moisturiser soak in for about 10 minutes before I apply my make up and I have no issues with application.

This is the 2nd item from Avene I have tried and continue to be impressed. The Eau Thermale is still a god send and I've just started to use the cleansing lotion. Been using that for about a month and I'm getting on well with it. Looking forward to trying more of the range seeing as I have had such positive experiences so far… which is rare for me and my H.S skin!

Unscented, unpretentious and readily available in Boots. If you have sensitive or hyper sensitive skin, I really recommend this moisturiser.

Have you tried Avene before? What do you use on your sensitive skin? 


17 Jan 2012

Fit not Fat 2012 Challenge

Hello Lovelies, 
As some of you may remember, I embarked on a healthy living plan last year called Fit not Fat… I even coined that name myself!

Well I did quite well on it, making healthy choices and increasing my activity. Sadly over the winter months my work load drastically increased with both the day job, the business and finding time to write lovely little blog posts for all you lovelies! Add to that the dark nights, cold weather and well you can guess the rest… the care and attention slipped slightly.

As a bit of a back story, I lost over 6 stone when I got married and did it in about 6-10 month (I did some maintaining!) and now I'm back on the diet bandwagon. Previously I had lots of success with Weight Watchers but the plan just doesn't fit with mine and my husbands lifestyle at the moment so we have moved on to something new.

We don't gorge on takeaways and convenience food, we do eat pretty healthy, lots of veg and fruit and make all our meals from scratch but obviously not healthy enough eh!

On Twitter, I was recently speaking to the most beautiful Kellie (@bigfashionista - go check her blog out, it's all kind of awesome) and we were comparing our coping methods for getting through the tough weeks. Kellie said she felt better by chatting about her weight loss journey on her blog and I said I quite felt the opposite. I feel it's easier to deal with those tough days when you NEED to have 2 packets of crisps if no one knows you're dieting to give you crap.

This got me thinking over night and I thought I'd give it a try, talking about my diet journey here on my website.
I am following the Slimming World Extra Easy plan as I find it fits my lifestyle perfectly.
In my first week I have lost 7lb. I realise this isn't going to be attainable every week but I would like to aim for 4lb a week as I have a LOOOOT to lose!

Other than good health I have picked 2 motivation points to spur me on on my journey. I don't have a set weight I want to be as I think it's just figures and numbers but I do have a dress size in mind and I'll stop once I reach it.

Motivation point #1 : Husband has promised to get his first tattoo when I lose 5 stone (a fair target, and a long story)

Motivation point #2 : I'm going to New York in October and I plan on being a lot skinnier so I can fill 2 suitcases with new clothes (Don't tell the husband please ok?)

Motivation point #3 : If I reach my personal goal, I'm going to buy myself a new Mulberry handbag. I could buy one now but it will be more rewarding to challenge myself right?

My weigh in days are Thursdays so I shall try to remember to keep you all posted

Are you following a New Year Diet? Have you done Slimming World before? Want to be motivation buddies to keep each other going?

6 Jan 2012

Beauty is thirsty work with Benefit and Coke

Hello Lovelies,

To my knowledge, this hasn't been that widely promoted but as part of the 'Get Glam' promotion launch, Benefit and Coke have teamed up together to bring us gorgeous new cans AND discounts!

There are 3 themed cans and 3 matching looks available. Romantic, a floral pairing of Hibiscus's and pink lips, Fashionista, a red lipped dog tooth and Rock Chick, a gold lipped animal printed mix

(L-R) Romantic, Fashionista and Rock Chick

For every promotional pack of Diet Coke, you will receive £5 off Benefit when you spend £20. 

Fab eh!

Super exciting and it makes a pleasant change from the usual Nails Inc offers or the more recent Christmas offerings with Models Own.

You can find further details of this off here HERE on the Benefit website or HERE on the Coke website.

Will you be stocking up on Coke to snaffle this offer? I will!