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30 Nov 2011

Igora Senea Shampoo & Conditioner

I have suffered with a sensitive scalp for most of my life, it can sometimes get so painful it breaks out in to sores if I change my hair spray or shampoo. I have to be very careful and conscious of what I use. I have to ring hairdressers in advance to find out what shampoos and products they use, it gets that bad.

At 28, it's something I deal with and take in my stride. When my scalp flares up I find a couple of washes with T/gel really soothes it and calms it down but I have found that sensivtive scalp shampoos only ever fit that bracket. There's no senistive + colour, sensitive + smoothing etc and I'm yet to find a good sensitive conditioner either. Well, one branded as such anyway.

I was recently offered to try Senea Shampoo and Conditioner and I thought it was worth a try. You can buy Senea at too which is handy!

The shampoo is delightfully scented, it actually reminded me a little bit of mens shower products which pleased me as I'm not keen on floral heavy girly scents. I found myself having to use a bit more of the shampoo than I normally would to wash my hair but it did leave it feeling squeaky clean. I have experienced a lot of 'gentle' and 'sensitive' shampoos don't really give that super clean feeling and when you load your hair with products, it's nice to know it feels super stripped. The scent of the shampoo does linger on wet hair but as soon as you use a different conditioner or styling product once dry the smell disappates so if it's not your cup of tea, you don't need to worry.

I have to admit, I wasn't blown away by the shampoo. I thought it was pretty average. No, my scalp didn't itch, but my £2 Herbal Essence doesn't make my scalp itch either. The only upside for me was the smell and the fact that I felt my blonde hair felt a little more cooler toned and less brassy, and as this is a colour saver shampoo it was nice to know it's good for my colour. It is however worth mentioning that for it to be a combined colour saver AND a sensitive scalp product then it is a great combo to have in your bathroom.

The real gem in this duo is the conditioner. I am in love with it and can't get enough. It not only has the same divine smell as the shampoo, it nourished and conditioned my drier processed tips perfectly.

I recently went away for the weekend and after forgetting to pack my usual leave in sprays / serums / treatments for post wash, the only products I had were the Senea S+C and I can hand on heart say the ends of my hair have never been sleeker, shinier or smoother. It was effortless to straighten my hair and the irons just glided through my lengths. For a normal conditioner, with no kind of heraldic claims I was blown away. Truly. Of course I am not recommending you skip the heat protectant phase but just sharing my experience!

I highly recommend this conditioner for anyone with coloured, over processed ends as it made them so slinky! My only downfall is the size of the tube. I know I'll be using this for every wash so it would have been nicer to see it in a bigger size for the price but hey, you can't put a price on amazing hair right?

I think for the size of the bottles versus the price, I will not purchase the shampoo again as I feel other shampoos work (for me) just as well, but the
conditioner will definitely be a re-purchase…. and a back up purchase too!

You can buy the Igora Senea Shampoo HERE for £7.75 and Conditioner HERE for £8.70

Have you ever tried a sensitive scalp shampoo and conditioner? What would you recommend?

28 Nov 2011

Bare Minerals : Deep Cleansing Foam

I have to be super careful with new skin products due to my hypersensitivity (yeah, thanks mother nature!) and because of this I am always really reluctant to try new products, usually waiting until I have read reviews from similar people.

Since the skin care was launched from Bare Minerals I have been using this cleanser every day. I will admit I have built up from once a week, to every other day to now once a day (after taking my make up off) without any issues at all.

The cleanser comes in a box and a rather large tube for your £15. It looks quite nice in the box on your bathroom counter but also just as nice with the tube alone! It's a great size for a cleanser and I like that it's a tube. Due to the thickness of the product I think you'd get a lot of wastage with a pump dispenser, you can just squeeze out the amount you need from the tube.

This product goes a long way and you only need a small pea sized amount to get a really good amount of foam to cleanse with. On mixing with water you are rewarded with a super duper luxurious foam with a lovely, natural smell.

The foam spreads over the face and makes me feel a bit like I'm a man having an old fashioned shave! Yes, I have totally pretended to just put it on my jaw before - HA! Because the foam is so creamy and luxurious, I have not experienced any drying of my skin, stinging around the eyes or reaction to the product in my most sensitive parts of the face (side of nose and cheeks).

Because you only use a tiny amount, this tube will last you ages which makes it really good value for money. I choose not to do 2 full on cleanses a day so I reserve the good stuff for a night time meaning I'll get longer out of this tube but even using it twice a day, it will still go on and on.

Bare Minerals Deep Cleansing Foam is available online here for £15 or from their own Bare Minerals counters

I'll be keeping an eye out over Christmas to see if I can get any mini tubes of this in gift packs which will be perfect for travelling!

Have you tried Bare Minerals before?

25 Nov 2011

Wahanda has Christmas covered

This Christmas I am hoping to get all my lovely girly friends together and spend a wonderful day together doing something totally relaxing and zen, I certainly know that working full time, running my business AND being a wife and friend is bloody hard work and my friends are no different.

Wahanda has launched a personalised gift finder on their website which might be just up my street! In the one place I can find the best spas and then pick and choose my treatments and gifts to suit my friends.... I could buy a massage for my stressed office worker friend, a heavenly pedicure for my chef friend on their feet all day, an afternoon of hydrotherapy for my water baby friend or the Spa brand gift pack for the friend overseas... the choices are endless!!

‘Tis the season to be pampered
Wahanda Launches Personalised Gift Finder

Need a little Christmas gift inspiration? Look no further. Wahanda, the world’s leading health, beauty and wellbeing website has announced the launch of a NEW personalised gift finder. This year we can finally say goodbye to hours (or days) of trawling the shops searching for the perfect presents and instead, complete our Christmas gift shopping in just minutes.

Wahanda understands that different people indulge in different ways, which makes finding a unique gift in the festive season a tough job. So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present that you can choose in the comfort of your home, with no need to even face the manic high streets or brave the arctic weather, now you can let the experts at Wahanda do the hard work for you.

How does it work? It’s simple: just tell Wahanda’s gift finder who you’re spoiling, pick their personality traits and let their team of experts choose a selection of gifts to enjoy based on the personalities of your friends and loved ones. Whether they’re a beauty addict, fitness fanatic or yoga guru, Wahanda has the perfect gift for everyone.

Gifts include pampering spa days, spa breaks, bootcamps and afternoon teas to name just a few. For more information visit

Voted ‘Best Online Beauty Site’ by ELLE UK, Wahanda is the world’s leading marketplace for health, beauty and wellness. With more spas, salons, treatments and practitioners listed than any other site, Wahanda offers an interactive community allowing customers to voice recommendations, write reviews and connect with industry experts. As well as inspiring content, Wahanda offers savings on spa breaks with real-time booking functionality, thousands of health, beauty and fitness offers, daily MobDeals plus their signature Beauty and Spa Gift Vouchers, which are redeemable at over 900 destinations nationwide. Beauty addict, fitness fanatic or yoga guru? Welcome to your new home.

Personally, I used the gift finder to look for new spa's in our area and I have picked out the Serenity Spa Day at the wonderful Armathwaite Hall. I would take my best friend for this day as she is amazing and really deserves some TLC (who doesn't eh!). I've heard so many good things about this place I know we'd have a wonderful time. That's another thing I like about Wahanda, the sites detailed and I can find reviews on each venue.

The tool was super easy to use and gave me options I probably wouldn't have thought of if I had gone about it myself! Go try it now.

 Will you be buying anyone a lovely spa treat for Christmas?


23 Nov 2011

We have a winner!!!

 We have a winner!

Congratulations to Michelle (@michelle378)!

You have won yourself a tube of Nanoblur! Please either DM me your details via Twitter or email me at the address in the Contact me tab!

And just for some mild entertainment...


Wild! Batiste has animal power!

If there's one thing I can say I love, and my friends will confirm is that I love leopard print... a girl just can't help it! Imagine my excitement when my favourite dry shampoo are bringing out a leopard print can! How can I not go out and buy the entire stock from my local Boots?! I must say, my previous experience with Boots stocking is a bit shoddy (nowhere in Durham has the XXL that I can find yet) so when you see some, by god, STOCK UP!

Go WILD with Batiste Dry Shampoo

Unleash your inner animal with Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild for GRRReat looking hair with a clean, fresh feeling. Launched exclusively in Boots, trend setters in the world of beauty, Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild capitalises on the key fashion trend for glamorous animal prints currently flooding the high street. Purrfect for matching your outfit and accessories to your hair care regime Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild is for girls who want to take a walk on the wild side.

Fragranced with a feminine and daring Oriental aroma with top notes of cocoa, a floral heart and sensual vanilla, musk and wood base notes. Quick and easy to use, Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild refreshes hair between washes, leaving it revived, energised and roaring to go.

Batiste Dry Shampoo banishes oily roots, giving dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs without any water. A quick burst revitalises hair, adds body and texture and leaves it feeling clean and fresh too. No need to worry about skipping a shampoo.

Shake vigorously before use. Keeping nozzle about 30cm from hair, spray into roots. Massage through with fingertips. Brush and style.

See the full range of Batiste products at 

Wild is priced at £2.99 for 200ml and only available in Boots.

What's your favourite Batiste scent?


22 Nov 2011

Ladies! Are your boobs sitting comfortably?

Sorry, I couldn't resist the title! I've been doing my "essentials" shopping online today and stocked up on some new basic colour bras and pants for work, y'know, socks and such like for Mr Tramp and I and as usual I wandered off on to the beautiful Rigby & Peller website (lustful sigh). I have a few items from them but always have room for more, more more!

Recently, Newcastle's Bravissimo branch left town and turned in to a Mexican restaurant, with such a sad departure of a 'specialist' bra shop, I wondered how many women would bother to continue getting their boobs measured and reassessed?

Rigby and Peller (My lusty bra gods, if you hadn't noticed) have carried out research recently about bra fitting and sizing....

  • 43% of UK women have never had their bra fitted
  • 30% of women are not happy with their bust
  • 71% of women in the UK have been up to 5 different bra sizes in their lifetime
  • Men and women agree that the buxom hourglass silhouette of the 50s is most admired (31%) over super-skinny look of the 90s
Research* commissioned by luxury lingerie specialist Rigby & Peller to mark its 50th anniversary, today lifts the lid on the women’s attitudes to their most debated feature – their bust.  With 80% of the UKs women wearing the wrong sized bra, it’s no surprise that the research shows just under half (43%) have never been professionally fitted for a bra.  But what makes that revelation even more interesting is the fact that over two thirds (71%) of women have been up to FIVE bra sizes in their lifetime** – with puberty, yo-yo dieting and pregnancy all part of the cause.  

After five decades of helping women achieve a perfectly fitted bra to improve their health and well being, results showing that a third of all women (30%) are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts don’t come as a surprise to Rigby & Peller.  This coupled with the fact that a third of women clearly avoid the purchase of new bras (34% have not purchased a new bra in the past 12 months) goes a long way to explain the love-hate relationship many women have with this part of their anatomy.  

Encouragingly however, it seems that the fuller figure is still top of the wish list where both men and women are concerned.  With both sexes opting for the hourglass 50’s pin up look (50%) over the super-skinny look of the 90’s (3%) it will come as no surprise that Marylin Monroe (31%) and Kelly Brook (30%) topped the charts as most admired celebrity silhouette.

Having been in the business for over 50 years, fitting women from sight alone and without the use of a tape measure, Rigby & Peller Owner Mrs June Kenton comments: "Breast sizes have increased significantly over the past 50 years with an increase in demand for smaller back sizes, however there is a common misconception that only large breasted ladies need to be concerned about a well fitted bra.  No matter their size or shape we want women to understand how dramatically they can improve their quality of life and general well being by having a bra that is properly fitted and well made – it is staggering how many women stick to one size throughout their lifetime.”  

Rigby & Peller caters for sizes from 30A to 48N, with the average Rigby & Peller bra containing 38+ components compared to just 16 in an average bra.  In addition to lingerie Rigby & Peller also offers swimwear, sports bras and nightwear in addition to a mastectomy range and made-to-measure service.  Visit for more information and store locations.

* Research carried out by Atomik Research 1,001 women and 435 men
** From the age of 18 (the average age a woman’s body stops developing) 

Ladies, we've all seen the dreaded 4 boobs, back boobs, no boobs and busting out the bottom boobs... I urge you to go and get a fitting the next time you buy your over the shoulder boulder holders!

Do you get fitted regularly?


21 Nov 2011

Hair Hero - Clynol Repair Instant Keratin Filler

I am in love with this little bottle of magic.

Not only does the Clynol Repair Instant Keratin Filler smell AMAZING but it leaves my hair feeling fortified, stronger and less prone to breakage on the ends.

From wet, I spray liberally over the mid to ends of my hair and massage it in to the very tips before blow drying. I then give my hair cheeky spritzes whenever I put my hair in a bun or messy top knot. It feels like it gives me hair a bit of added oomph on the ends and when the ends are being held with a band, they could do with all the help they can get to stop being snagged.

I have noticed a definite improvement on the ends of my hair, making it easier to run my fingers through after rough drying and even straightening as I suffer with naturally dry coarse curly hair.. Which gets regularly abused with peroxide and often heat.My hair feels thicker all the way to the tips (which are raggedy and need a cut!) without feeling snaggly and ratty. Fab product for my hair, smells divine and is reasonably priced, it's got to be worth a try hasn't it!

You can buy the Clynol Repair Instant Keratin Filler from for £7.90 with free delivery

Have you tried Clynol. or a Keratin Filler before?

19 Nov 2011

MAC Viva Glam Nicki & Viva Glam Ricky

After the announcement was made about the newest faces of the MAC Viva Glam collection, I, like many others were excited to see pictures and the colours!

David La Chapelle has done the photography honours and brought his usual iconic style to the press images.

Both colours will be pink, I am betting that Viva Glam Nicki is a bright pink (like Pink Friday) and Ricky's will be a more wearable, nudey pink... Or that's what I am hoping for anyway.

Not only are the MAC Viva Glam usually paired with celeb icons, they are also for a bloody good cause. The MAC Aids Fund started in 1994 and the proceeds of the lipsticks go to such a good cause.

Are you excited for the release in February 2012? Will you be snapping them both up?

18 Nov 2011

Fangirl Friday : When Fashion met Friendly...

If someone asked me which brand I think embraces Social Media the most, there's only one answer. Masato.

Not only are Masato's designs simply beautiful but between Masato and Mike, their online Twitter interaction with followers is just exemplory. Their @masatostudio account gives an honest and open insight in to the world of fashion, designers, the trials and tribulations and a little sneak peek at the secret life of a designer. Most of the tweets are done by Mike, Masato's partner, but it really challenges the misconception that all fashion insiders are snooty and aloof (we've all thought that, come on admit it!).

And to top that off, for further awesomeness, Beverly Knight has been dressed by Masato for her current tour and has appeared at events in the designs. Beautiful lady, beautiful voice, BEAUTIFUL dresses.Masato designs for Ghost and has worked with Giles Deacon.. with those credentials who wouldn't be impressed.

So, after so many people complain about brands social interaction with fans and followers, I take my hat off to you @masatostudio. You are a gem.

I highly recommend my lovely followers to check out Masato because if you are looking for a slinky gorgeous outfit for party season, you can't go wrong here.
Here's a few of my favourites from the A/W collection... now... where has my husband hidden my bloody bank card?

 I think this dress has a lovely vintage feel too it, and with the right accessories and make up would make the perfect outfit with a rockabilly / 50s twist.

Look how snuffly this looks! I love that is accentuates the models beautiful curves. You could easily wear this day or night, jeans or with a dress! Versatile pieces can be worn year in and out.

And finally, my very favourite piece is this top. As i'm a huge fan of vintage / retro / rockabilly fashions, I would definitely team this with  mid calf pencil skirt, a natty little pill box hat and a slick of my very favourite Rockalilly London lippy. You'd catch a sneaky peek of the tattoos on the back of my neck tattoos... it would cover the top of my arms (that I hate) and still keep me looking quite modern.. yet so thoroughly vintage.

I guess that's one of my favourite pastimes, interpreting modern, cutting edge fashions to suit either my plus size arse or my addiction to vintage.

What brands do you think have great social interaction?

p.s I am in no way affiliated to the brand, I just truly love the clothes and their lovely friendly tweets.

16 Nov 2011

*Beauty Bargain Alert* - Super Cheap Travalos!

While mooching around in the gifts for £5 section (cheap, I know) I stumbled across a genuine Travalo for £5 in the sleek black colourway. They are usually around the £10 mark so you're saving 50%!
What a bargain right?
I've always wanted one but have been put off by the price as I don't like to try gimmicky things without seeing them in action first but for £5 I'm willing to give it a whirl as everyone else rates them.
For anyone that doesn't know, a Travalo is a modern day version of an old school perfume atomiser. Using modern technology, you fill the canister from the bottom using the white nib on your perfume bottle in the same way you fill up a refillable lighter. Gone are the messy days of trying to pour it in to the tiny atomiser!
At £5, you could even have one for each of your perfumes!!
I have stocked up in the nice black ones (Once a goth…) but they also do a pink colourway for £6.99 which sports the pink cancer ribbon.
Both are a bargain. Will you be stocking up?
Black - £5 -
Pink - £6.99 -

15 Nov 2011

Boots 17 BB Blemish Balm Cream

I was very sceptical the first time I tried BB creams, all the way from Asia but after trying a few different ones, I absolutely fell in love with SKIN79. I use their gold variety and I can't count how many bottles I have gone through. I love the stuff. Perfect coverage, moisturising, non drying and doesn’t affect my sensitive skin. The only downside being you have to be one step ahead and make sure you order enough from Asia to cover the last bit of your current bottle. Oh how I wish I could just wander in to Boots and buy the fabled BB cream……

…. Well now you can! 17 have launched their very own version of the cult status BB cream! 

In a sleek little tube, lives a light, dewy BB cream that glides on so effortlessly and lasts well. The cream itself has a light floral smell to it which is quite pleasant, in comparison to other foundations etc.

I've been wearing it in Medium for about 6 weeks now which is a pretty good colour match for NW/NC20 in MAC, 2 Clair in Chanel or 53 in Bourjois Healthy Mix. It does feel as though it has slight colour adapt properties to it, although they aren't pencilled as a feature so I'm not sure if I could really back that claim up with fact. 

The coverage is a lot lighter than most Asian BB creams so if you have tried them before, the 17 offering will be different but what you do get is a medium coverage light non greasy product. The coverage is buildable, and as such, I found myself using a bit more than I'd have liked to cover my rosy cheeks. If you don't have any problem areas, this will be perfect for you.

It applies well over concealer so no worries about hiding little spots!

I found the best way to apply the BB cream was to apply a little dot, from the tube on to each cheek, forehead and chin and then I buffed in with a flat top kabuki foundation brush which gave a flawless smooth application. I found I needed to use twice as much from the back of my hand. I daresay a different application will suit others but that's just how I use it. 

Swatched on tanned skin

I found this BB cream gives more of a tinted moisturiser cover in comparison to a foundation… but compared to a tinted moisturiser the cover was much better. Does that even make sense? 

On paler skin

For your £6.99 you get 30ml of product. For an average, even, skin tone, you will get a fair bit of use out of this, but if you end up building up the coverage it will run out a lot quicker.

If you are looking for a high coverage BB cream, this isn't necessarily for you, but if you are looking for a medium coverage, light textured dewy finish… this is the boyo for you! Great to see that high street brands are looking further a field for their inspiration and great to see 17 leading the way on the make up concessions take on BB cream (excluding the Garnier one).

Have you tried the 17 BB Cream? Do you use another brand BB? 


14 Nov 2011

Pink... it was love at first sight....

No, i'm not declaring my lady love for the singer but I am about to show you what happens when this blogger gets bored on a Saturday afternoon!

I have been itching to get some colour in to my hair again and couldn't decide between a "grown up" ombre, all over deep red or something a bit saucy.

I opted for something day glo and boy is it day glo!

It is perfectly straight but the shot doesn't look it, does it!

 Sadly the flash has jipped the colours in the picture, the blonde is much paler and the pink is much more of a highliter fluro colour. 

The reason behind just doing the tips was simple, as you can see, I desperately need a trim so in theory I can change my colour every 6-8 weeks and get the last one all cut off! The picture also highlights how poorly my hair was cut the last time I visited a "high quality" salon. It looked raggedy since I left!

Anyways, it will do for now! I'm one of those 'professional' types that can't do the whole hippy hair thing anymore so at least I can took the tips away in a bun or chignon for discretion in meetings.

Here's another shot to show how bright my pink is.

I wish I could go that colour all over.... again 


12 Nov 2011

Shoe lust with Viva La

I have what you would call sturdy calves. Always have, probably always will which makes shopping for boots sometimes frustrating - I'm looking at you, Evans "Wide Fit".

I recently took a hit and tried some boots from the internet, taking a chance on not being able to try them first but the risk paid off.

My Viva La Diva Shearling Biker Boots from Simply Be are absolutely FANTASTIC! They are perfect under work trousers now the weathers turned and because of their cool double zip feature it gives you that little bit of expansion for either even wider calves, tucking jeans in or that cool urban loose floppy boot look people seem to like right now.

I can't find any decent pictures online of the black pair, so I've included a screen shot of the brown boots to show you the double zip effect, with the inner zip fastening the boots and the outer zip altering the calf size -GENIUS!

I got the boots from Simply Be, not entirely realising Viva La Diva had their own site and company. It wasn't until they tweeted me a link to these next AMAZING shoes. Simply Be had tweeted some beautiful party stilettos but as I haven't quite mastered them, I grumbled that I wanted some super glittery wedges and hadn't seen any anywhere... hey presto.. I am now in LOVE. 

Look at them! Just look! I am actually in shoe heaven! I keep hinting at Mr Tramp to buy them for me for Christmas. I would just put them on and sit and look at them for hours, marvelling. Damn my magpie syndrome!!

I'm so impressed with the full Viva La Diva website, I've been trawling round it making some of my top picks for next purchases!

Ugg Kensington

I seem to be on a winter boot kick, a kick with a theme too.. very similar styles!!

I am also presently testing out a few different high street stores 'wide fit' wellies and researching online retails to hopefully bring you lovely ladies some nicer alternatives to wearing none or slouched down regular fit ones! I know I desperately need a new pair so I hope it benefits others too

I had been looking on Simply Be for nice ones for myself but I think I will give Viva La Diva a try too!


P.s I am not affiliated with Viva La Diva, I just love my new black boots so much it made me dig round their site for more goodies!

9 Nov 2011

Dr Bronners - Tired feet need a treat.... this party season

Last week, a friend and I attended a birthday party at a hotel in our very own amazing home city of Durham... Durham being the city of steps, hills and cobbles.

We had to do lots of walking and between me being a novice heel wearer and my friend being crippled in her heels, we both, needless to say, were suffering with sore throbby tootsies! I was wearing these, should it be of relevance! Office's Wham Bam Wedge

Being the weirdo that I am, i'd packed an emergency pair of ballet flats in to my party bag BUT by this time, the old dogs were still barking.

My feet were still knackered the day after and it came to me in a flash (while brushing my teeth i'll have you know) that i'd read about using Dr. Bronners Peppermint  soap as a foot soak for tired toots. 

I dug out my bottle of Peppermint soap (read my review of Dr Bronners HERE) and treat my tender trotters to a lovely warm relaxing soak followed by a lovely relaxing massage with a foot lotion.

I know I have found the scent of Dr B's to be quite overpowering (to my nose) in the past but this totally soothed my senses and set me off for a little disco nap.. which was great as I was suffering with a very rare case of Wine Flu (I don't drink!).

Here is the feature that I had read that prompted me to try it. I bet the other scents would be divine too for all those upcoming post party blisters and aches!

Treat Your Feet This Party Season
with Dr Bronner’s Magic Peppermint

The Christmas party season is finally upon us and festive sparkle is in the air, your favourite little black dress is out the closet and your highest pair of sky high heels have been dusted off and are waiting to dance the night away… but along with the excitement also comes the dreaded fear of those painful party feet.

We’ve all been there, a night of dancing till dawn leaves our tootsies tired, sore and in need of some serious TLC, but rather than letting your feet suffer in silence this year, why not give them a special Christmas treat with Dr Bronner’s Peppermint range


Soothe away any aches and pains by soaking your feet in a tingly Dr Bronner’s Peppermint foot bath; add a small amount of peppermint pure castile liquid soap to a bowl of warm water, and let the key active ingredients of organic olive oil, coconut oil and mentha arvensis work their magic.

Once soft and smooth, dry off with a hand towel before applying a generous amount of Dr Bronner’s magic organic peppermint lotion which contains the perfect blend of organic jojoba oil to moisturise the skin, whilst coconut oil aids absorption. Organic hemp and avocado oils ensure feet are left smooth and supple for ultimate comfort. Only the finest organic essential oils are used for fragrance allowing your feet to not only feel great, but smell great too!

Dr. Bronner’s is the No. 1 selling organic soap brand in the USA. They don’t use any synthetic components in their products, and all major ingredients come from certified Fair Trade sources throughout the world.

You can buy Dr Bronners from

What are your favourite products or treats for tired party feet?


8 Nov 2011

**GIVEAWAY** Nanoblur Enter Here !

Do you fancy winning some Nanoblur?

Since it's launch, Nanoblur has hit the beauty scene hard and with reports of Boots selling one tube of the £19.99 wonder gloop every 10 seconds, a lot of people seem to be struggling to get hold of a tube of the coveted cream!

Well worry not my lovelies, I am giving away a tube of Nanoblur to one lucky follower! 

Perfect time for all those upcoming Christmas and New Year party photos eh!

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is :

> Become a Google Friend Connect follower of my blog and comment with your name below

> For an additional entry Tweet this:

Want to WIN some Nanoblur? Check out the @ladyfromatramp giveaway here to enter! #Ladynanoblur RT & Share

Remember to leave your Twitter username in your comment below.

> For another additional entry, link from your blog to mine with a post all about my competition.

Remember to leave your blog name and a link to the post in your comment below.

This giveaway will run until Tuesday 22nd November. 

Good luck! x

The Fine Print

* This giveaway is only open to Google Friend Connect public followers (I do check!)You don't need a blog to enter, just a recognised GFC account
* ONE entry comment per person please, any more will NOT be counted so make sure you leave all your details in the first comment (name, twitter + blog if you have opted for more chances)
* Not open internationally
* One winner will be selected at random from all valid entries using
* The giveaway closes on Tuesday 22nd November at Midnight (GMT), so that gives you plenty of time! Any entries made after this time will not count
* Winner will be announced on this blog and contacted on Wednesday 23rd November. 
* The winner has 7 working days to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen at random. Winner must be happy to confidentially give me their address for posting the prize out.


7 Nov 2011

Girls Day Out 2 - UPDATE!

Well my lovelies, Kat and I are glad to announce that we have a super shiny fab venue lined up for our 2nd blogger event in Newcastle!

The Grey Street Hotel is playing host for our event so come along from 2pm for drinks, chat, laughter and some very very special goody bags and surprises galore!

If you are wanting to come for lunch and shopping, we will still be meeting up at 10am for a wander and munch before moving on to the venue to rest our shopped feet and drink something rediculously tasty as well as getting to know lots of new bloggers!!

Please confirm via Facebook or this blog so we know how many are coming.


6 Nov 2011

OOTN - Firework Fun

Being the awkward madam that I am, we are going to a bonfire / fireworks night tonight and I thought I'd show you all my outfit of the night.

I will be mostly wrapped up and outside so I will be wearing a nice thick coat, thick socks and my boots!

I must say, the Tesco images for the jacket really aren't so flattering. I like to wear mine open at the neck to make lapels.

I will accessorize the outfit with a beautiful gifted red floral scarf and a matching red leather satchel bag.

Once the coat comes off, I want to look pretty and as I watched Katy Perrys Firework video yesterday, her beautiful delicate dress she wears when the fireworks burst from her chest inspired me to wear something delicate and dainty too. I chose a very sheer floaty black tunic with a thin floral belt around the waist to give it shape.

If you like my outfit, you can buy the individual items from the following places

What would you wear to keep toasty warm yet still look super stylish once the coat comes off?